Android Wear: All About the OS to Wearables From Google

After the release of the Android Wear in July 2014 by Google, many updates rolled and the software is functional and more full-bodied. Many of the features that we expected to see at the time of the announcement of the mobile giant’s platform of the searches are only being added now too because of the arrival of Apple’s Apple Watch. Below, you can see how Android Wear matured in ten months and as software for wearables can assist in your daily life. (more…)

What Brazilians Most Searched on Google in 2013

As in previous years, Google released the traditional list of the most searched terms in the search engine during the year. Divided in several countries, the ranking also shows information specifically about Brazil and is well diversified: it has provided quality TV programs to questionable government educational projects.

The term most sought by Brazilians in Google in 2013 was this year’s Big Brother Brazil. The reality show Record, The Farm, ranked sixth. Two Globo soap operas appear in the list: Salve Jorge (3) and Love to Life (8). The pyramid schemes, much cited by the press, were second (Telexfree) and tenth (BBom). Also marked ENEM 2013 presence, Pronatec, PEC 37 and MC Daleste, murdered in July.


Google Docs Goes Through Complete Overhaul

In an announcement on the official blog service, Jonathan Rochelle, product manager Google Docs, said yesterday that the online application suite the company underwent a complete reengineering. According to Rochelle, the decision to rebuild the Google Docsfrom scratch was because many of the Docs features, even being very fast, decreased the possibility of adding others. The new version, scheduled over the past year, have a better performance, flexibility and development platform. (more…)

Google Integrates More Social Networks to Search Real-time System

A few weeks ago, the Google announced that updates Twitter would be integrated into the results pages search, so your users have the option to view real – time information on the search term. Today the search giant announced the integration of the five other social networks, which should further enhance the flow of data available to the search engine user.


Man Questions Trademark “Google” in the American Justice

When you think you saw everything in terms of esdrúxulos lawsuits, an American appears on the news to make us again lose faith in humanity. The webmaster David Elliott processes the Google in justice Arizona claiming that “Google” has ceased to be a brand name to become a verb synonymous with search terms on the Internet – no matter which browser, by the way.


Google Drive Appears in Google Docs, But Only Hack

One of the worst kept secrets of Google was Google Drive that appeared, appeared and reappeared constantly in recent years. In 2011 specifically, the rumors heated up with more and more references to it appearing on Google products and leaking sources from within the company. Now new evidence indicates that it may already be in the testing phase by the employees and is even integrated with Google Docs. (more…)

Rumor of the Day: This Would be the Google Drive?

A few months (maybe years) circulating on the web rumors of the creation of a storage service Google, called Google Drive. They intensified last month when some lines of code referring to an alleged GDrive were added in the project Chromium, among other strong evidence. But according to a leaked slide from a presentation of Google, it can already be tested by Google employees. (more…)

The Two Characters That Break the Google Search

There is a running joke on the web involving Google and it should be as old as moving forward. She says that if you search for “Google” in Google, the internet breaks, the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse appear and / or the world blows up, varying from person to person. But a programmer named Rob Coenen eventually discovered yesterday that there is even a string of characters capable of breaking Google, but does not contain letters. This is the sequence $ {. (more…)

Gmail and Other Google Services out of the Air

On the afternoon of Friday (24), around 17:10 in Brasilia time, the Gmail started showing an error page for users in Brazil and the rest of the world, making it impossible to access the inbox. Other services Google also faced difficulties, such as Google+, which displayed the message “There was an error loading your posts.” Some users have reported problems with Google Drive and YouTube. (more…)