Reebok Sportswear

Nowadays people are more health conscious and also with the sedentary, so seek sport options and specialized clothing for the best use of the sport. For all this there is several options where you can find the best clothes and the best footwear for every sports, aiming to explore a little bit more about this area we the world of let’s talk about the Reebok sports clothing which are an excellent mark for you like to play sports. (more…)

Larissa Rojas Sneakers

Today is the day to descend the jump on the Hunch of Luxury and plunge into the universe of shoes that conquered dancers and Cinderellas everywhere in the world:the SHOES! Although she never will have the processing power of heels, a sneaker is chic and eternal in itself. Is simple and elegant, and remains as one of the few shoes without heel that the fashion world has adopted and loves. And is comfortable. The Muse Brigitte Bardot sex on flawless Audrey Hepburn, the sneaker has always had a share of famous fans. Before becoming an actress, Muse of sex and fashion icon, Brigitte Bardot was a dancer. He was also a loyal fan of Reppeto shoes with tip. When Bardot signed the contract to participate in the film “and God created woman” (Roger Vadim in 1956) asked Rose Repetto to do a pair of sneakers for her use in the, now legendary, mambo scene. Madame Repetto, working on little shop of the Rue La Paix, created for Bardot a pair of red shoes. The actress immediately fell in love with them. When the film was released, Bardot and sneakers became a sensation overnight. A year later, Audrey Hepburn put on his own pair in the dance scene in the movie “Cinderella in Paris”, and the shoes again flew from the screens to the streets. Today, 50 years later, the same footwear that Bardot and Hepburn loved are still so you want as soon as possible! (more…)

Fashion Sneakers for All Brazil

Everyone knows that I love entrepreneurship, especially the feminine! Today the story is of a woman warrior, fighter, who comes to your company’s growth, is dear Larissa Rojas Sneakers. We women love shoes, of all kinds, round, with buckles, colorful, like one of each color kkkk. Sneakers itself leave our look feminine and delicate, falls very well with any look, after all comfort is tuuudo on life of any woman, regardless of age. As we women love a shoe again, today I will show you the latest from the Larissa Rojas, this post shows the shoes of your new collection. Larissa targets this market already has a few years and each day her success multiplies by this Brazil. She has two points of retail sales here of Campo Grande, just opened a store in Várzea Grande in Mato Grosso, sends mail to every corner of the country and still sells at wholesale! Who has a clothing store or shoe store, you need to know the shoes people! It is also a little tip good for those who want to earn a few bucks extra saw, just resell! (more…)

Draw: the Rei Mi Walk & Naturino

Hiiii love! Prepare another lottery mega special, but this time who will win a pampering are the junior Rozan Shakya. Hehehehehe! Our “Palpitinhos” are making the biggest success, moms are crazy with the owls fofurices we show here on the blog for the Cubs. No one can resist! You remember the story we did on the children’s footwear from The REI Mi Walk? LOOK HERE! Our post has had a great impact and, to celebrate the success, the Italian brand Naturino and the footwear store Of REI Mi Foot, of Campo Grande (MS), will give a reader of the Guess luxury, with a beautiful Sandals to let the baby even more fashion! Clarooo that the draw goes for moms, future moms, grannies, aunties, bridesmaids, anyway, everyone that has any (a) small (a) fashionista for gift giving! (more…)

Tennis Shoes

The Fila shoes manufactured by the brand that bears the same name are found in the market in the most varied models, each one manufactured for a specific purpose, with which they are found offering a lot of technology and also varied materials, all to guarantee the practicality and the quality of the footwear, which with this brings a lot of durability to the sneakers. (more…)

Portuguese Shoes:Stiletto, Needle and High Heels

High heels tend to give the illusion of longer and thinner legs

High-heeled shoes (often abbreviated as high heels or just heels) leave the woman’s heel that uses them significantly higher than the toes.When both the heel and the toes are raised equally, as in a platform shoe, it is not considered a “high heel.”High heels tend to give the illusion of longer and finer legs.


12 Suggestions for Sneakers to Blockbuster Looks!

The versatility of the sneakers make them the constant companions in various looks, thanks to the amazing designs that have taken care of the Windows, leaving the sneakerheads freaks. Traditional All Star of Converse are a great example of how a shoe can be stylish without being flashy, opening an extensive range of combinations. Here are some examples of models that yield good looks:


Traditional X Slim Fit Suit: Which Is Better?

Some find the classic suit unbeatable, others find the modernity of cut slim fit perfect, but weighing in the balance the qualities and the flaws of the two options of men’s formalwear, which would come out a winner? Below we expose a brief comparison that can help you ponder about it, but it’s always good to remember that everything is a matter of style and need, so even if one is better than the other, at the end of the account that matters is which one fits best in your routine! (more…)

Learn How To Use Heels

Maturity comes to us all in different ways, but through the wardrobe is the most common, simply becomes a day in which you know that you can not leave the House in Sweatshirt or may be you prefer to buy in the adult section of Zara instead of the TRF, however change your clothes start overwhelming at the beginning , What should I buy?, what styles?, in which color?, would don’t have a synodical indicating me to do?. (more…)

How to Dress in a Heatwave

This summer, do not suffer the disadvantages of heat: we have some tips to help you dress during extreme heat and thus better endure.

If the heat makes you want to live in birthday suit, you are probably less enthusiastic about being arrested in the street for public indecency. Conclusion: you have to wear clothes, even 40 ° C! But history will not be mistaken for reality TV candidate (include wearing a denim shorty, a bikini top and shoes with platform), we give you some tips for dressing in case of heat-and keep your dignity. Types of clothing, materials, colors … here’s what to remember the dresscode summer.


Legging Little Foot

The come and go fashion brought back yet another piece that was forgotten a few years ago. A legging foot or fuseau pants arrived in full force this winter. “The piece made the most success in the 80’s. They are super easy to match and the detail of the foot makes all the difference in style,” comments the visual and merchandising assistant of the Option, Camila França.