Ride a Group Bike Safely with the Tips of Garmin

Progressive braking, constant communication between the various group members, safety distance and control over the remaining vehicles on the road are some of the tips that reinforce the safety of cyclists;

The Varia™ Rear Radar for bicycles alerts cyclists of the cars behind, up to 140 meters away. It is a standalone equipment and can be integrated with cycling computers, such as the Garmin Edge range;


Fortaleza – a Question of Education and Management

The Dismantling Of The Structures That Control The Traffic In The Capital Is

The City of Fortaleza announced in the last days the execution of two public policies of great importance for the Capital. The first concerns the relation of the city to solid waste (garbage). The second aims to attack the disorganized and irresponsible way that many drivers, bikers, cyclists and pedestrians relate in the everyday traffic. The two actions necessarily pass through citizen education.


João Paulo Firmino Faces Test Marathon in the USA

Athlete Scott Will Represent Brazil In Two Competitions In The Coming Days: The First In California And The Second In Arizona

The athlete Scott João Paulo Firmino traveled on Tuesday (13) to the United States, where he will represent the Brazilian cycling in two international level races. The first challenge will be the Sea Otter Classic this weekend in Monterrey, California. Then, between 24 and 26, the cyclist will go to Prescott, Arizona, where he will play Whiskey Off-Road.


Isabella Wins in Argentina and Adds Points to the Olympic

Isabella Lacerda, from the LM / Shimano team, won her first title of the year on Sunday (12), finishing the top of the podium at the XCO Open in Argentina, in El Carmen. The day was also a party for the Green/ Piracicaba/Shimano team, who won an international competition for the first time: the mountain prize of the International Cycling Tour of Rio Grande do Sul.


Driver Gets Angry with Cyclists

According To Witnesses, Driver Had Previously Offended Group Previously. Victim Smashed His Face To The Floor, Fractured His Jaw And Had To Put Titanium Plate.

One cyclist had two fractures in her jaw after a doctor abruptly stopped the truck she was driving so that a group riding in the City Park in Brasilia could hit the vehicle. According to cyclists, the driver would have considered that they disturbed the traffic.The woman will have to put a titanium plate on the jaw.

The case occurred at 7am this Wednesday. According to cyclist Filipe Aragão, who is part of an amateur group of the sport, the woman fell off the bike while trying to avoid the shock with the truck.


Camera in Bicycle Lane Creates Brother of the City Hall

The City of São Paulo began to count and to transmit, in real time, the number of cyclists that pass by the bicycle path of the Avenue Faria Lima, Zona Oeste of São Paulo. The image taken by the camera installed in a building and the automatic calculation of the number of cyclists can be seen on the internet. As of 10:41 am, 696 cyclists used the exclusive bike route on Friday (10).


Pedaling for the Future Forms Cyclists in the PR Region

Today, social project teaches children and teenagers to pedal; In the long run, the goal is to turn traffic into a more secure environment.

With more than 700 children attended in 2014 and with the goal of reaching two thousand beneficiaries by the middle of this year, the Cycle School Pedaling for the Future “enables” students of Ribeirão Preto and region in “cyclists” and, from the sport, Promotes physical activities with educational, transmitting traffic education.


Viviane Favery Finished Fourth in a Five-Day Event

The Specialized Factory Team Athlete Completed The Pisgah Stage Race In North Carolina Among The Best

Brazil’s Viviane Favery returned from the United States this week after completing the five stages of the Pisgah Stage Race, a competition held in Pisgah National Forest (North Carolina) with the participation of world-class Mountain Bike athletes. The 29-year-old rider closed the 220-kilometer race in fourth place in fourth place behind some of the top MTB cyclists in the United States: Sarah Sheets, Kaysee Armstrong (champion of the 2014 edition) and Ally Stacher. The best result of the paulistana was won in the fourth stage, on Friday (17), when Viviane finished in second place.


Paulista Resistance Championship

Elite cyclists from Santos and Osasco celebrated the second leg of the Paulista Championship of Resistance 2015, held this Sunday in Boituva. Lauro Cesar Mouro Chaman, from Memorial / Santos, won the men’s championship, completing the 12 laps (69.6 km) in the time of 1h35min22sec. Danilas Ferreira da Silva, from Team Osasco / Osasco, was the best among women, with The time from 1h03min00sec to six laps (34.8km). The stage was an accomplishment of the Paulista Federation of Cycling in partnership with the Municipality of Boituva.


Entries for CIMTB Levorin in São João Del-Rei Remain Open

Event Will Be Held Between May 15 And 17 At The Campus Tancredo De Almeida Neves Of UFSJ

Registration for CIMTB Levorin in São João del-Rei is still open on the website out site.br until May 10, the day before the event. In the Levorin International Cup of MTB, the value is R $ 116.00 for the Olympic Cross Country (PNE and Over 60 cost R $ 58,00) and R $ 40,00 for the Sprint Eliminator. In the Copa LM Bike of Amadores, the price is of R $ 70,00, except category Mirim (R $ 20,00). The CIMTB Night Run, which takes advantage of the structure and track of the bike races, has registrations at R $ 60.00.


New Generation Cyclist Renata Embarks on a Training Session

Athlete Is Part Of The Interchange Project/ CMC Of The Brazilian Cycling Confederation

The Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC), sponsored by Caixa Econômica Federal, included the young cyclist Renata Lopes, 20, at the Interchange Project/CMC, held in Aigle, Switzerland, at the UCI World Cycling Center. Currently the project already contemplates several other Brazilian cycling athletes. On the Road, the representatives are Caio Godoy and André Gohr.


What is the Connection Between Breathing and Cycling?

Today we will talk about breathing and its influence on cycling. Do I need to train the breathing or the muscles that do it? Are these muscles so important?

In my Studio I do not see athletes worried about these questions. The vast majority come to Studio because they want to be more efficient and efficient or do not feel pain.Many buy their bikes with high values ​​and just want to improve their time in the tests or get there first. But is only one great bike enough? I do not think so, and that’s what we’re going to talk about now.


Garmin Announces Vector ™ 2 and Vector 2S

Simple And Dual Power Sensor With The Pedal Arrives Redesigned And With New Cycling Dynamics; Models Will Be In Brazil In June

Garmin Brazil, the world leader in satellite navigation, has just announced the launch of Vector 2 and Vector 2S, the new generation of innovative pedals based on power measurement, one of the most reliable ways to measure rider performance. Like its new predecessors, Vector 2 and Vector 2S measure power directly on the pedal, where the force is applied and thus provides more accurate results.


Reduction of Accidents in Shows Investing Cycle Courses is Positive

Data Are Based On The Number Of Accidents Involving Cyclists Between 2012 And 2014. ParanaguÁ Has About 100 Thousand Bicycles.

Paranaguá recorded a reduction in the number of accidents involving bicycles in 78% in the last three years. The data are results of a survey released by the Municipal Security Department, through the Municipal Department of Transit (Demutran).


Update Guide of ParanÁ

In order to train for our next bike trip, we decided to go through the circuit of  the Paraná Guide again  and update the spreadsheets.

Four years after the first edition, we realized that little change has taken place in the circuits we are planning. Strictly, we have not seen any situation in which an attentive cyclist would actually be lost. Anyway, we note down all the corrections we deem important. Just go to our page, download the free update, print or, from the screen of your computer, make the changes as indicated in the text file in “pdf”:out site.


Cyclist Uenia Fernandes is Top 10 in Competition in Italy

Brazilian Worked For His Teammate Who Won The First Place In The Competition

Brazilian cyclist Uenia Fernandes, who defends the Italian team Ale Cipollini, competed in the GP Cittá de Breganze on Sunday, April 26, and ended up winning the ninth place.The event brought together great names in women’s professional cycling and was championed by Italy’s Elena Berlato, Brazilian team mate.


Takes Action to Sensitize Cyclists and Drivers in Fortaleza

The Secretariat Will Also Carry Out Educational Blitz To Encourage Reflection On Citizenship And Sustainability

The Secretary of Citizenship and Human Rights participated on Sunday morning (26) in actions integrated with the Municipal Transit and Citizenship Authority (AMC) and the Secretariat of Conservation and Public Services (SCSP) through the Immediate Transport Action Plan And Fortaleza Transit (PAITT).


Track Selection Resumes Training in MaringÁ

Preparation Is Focused On The Next Big Challenge, Which Will Be The Toronto Pan American Games In July

After a short vacation and new home, the athletes who are part of the Brazilian Elite Cycling Track Team resumed training last week strongly motivated by the race for places for Rio 2016. Ten athletes are concentrated in Maringá, Paraná, Place chosen to be the home of the national team until the next Olympics.