Cctv-How to Install Microphone in Dvr-Audio in Dvr

Talking guys, welcome to my channel, in this video I’m going to talk about Mike, maybe you’ve been on Facebook, or some forum that I answer, or on youtube even right, are looking for your use. And in this video I’ll talk a little bit about microphone, the operation right, what I think about it, okay? A lot of people are looking for, have interest, have the desire to write, not only video but want to record voice, any environment that you want to monitor n. (more…)

Troubleshoot Problems with Hikvision Cameras

Here’s how to solve the main image problems that can occur with Hikvision cameras.

Why Is The Picture Clear During The Day And Out Of Focus In The Late Afternoon/Evening? 
The light is strong/abundant during the day and the iris is small, the depth of field becomes larger when focusing. However, the iris becomes larger during the late afternoon/evening due to the low light and the depth of fields and becomes smaller, which causes the object being monitored to leave the depth of field (to be out of focus).
To solve, please set the camera to electronic shutter mode when you try to focus using the auto iris of the lens (the auto iris would be the largest), then switch back to auto iris mode. Or try focusing under low light conditions.


The Best Monitoring System

A monitoring system is a device whose use enables secure a location given that it is a residential area or workplace. This equipment must be chosen carefully if you would like it to play its role exactly according to your expectations and to avoid making a bad deal.Gather including information on your actual needs, the installation of this product and its various components. Assuming you do not have time to see our buying guide and the classification of certain products that we offer, we will briefly describe the models we believe we can satisfy you. Zmodo KHA8-YARUZ4ZP offers up to 4 high resolution cameras that are resistant to weather and have a night vision system. Eltro CS87T is a wireless model, discreet and efficient giving the possibility to view pictures via a mobile device.


How to Choose DVR Surveillance Camera?

Security is one of the most important concerns in a home. By studying this buying guide for the best DVR surveillance cameras, you will have less difficulty in choosing the type of device you need. You will be able to purchase a camera with adequate performance in line with the new technologies available. We therefore recommend that you pay particular attention to technology that embeds, the possibility to install inside or outside, and finally the ability to access it remotely.


Types of Security Cameras

As Security installations are becoming more frequent, it is vital to select security cameras suitable for each application. For this reason, we are presenting the most popular types of security cameras .

Use the following information as a guide of reference for the types of cameras that are available in the market and some of its key features.

Beyond this list, there are many names for the security cameras and different models.

Security cameras

Let’s start with the types of cameras:


Questions about IP and CCTV Cameras

Technicians can install digital CCTV systems in half the time, but the larger systems can take as long as an analogue.

The way in which they are installed security systems is changing, especially in regards to closed-circuit television (CCTV). The proliferation of IP-based devices allows installers simply assign an IP address to a device and connect it to your home network to activate it. In the case of wireless security cameras, it is even easier: there are no cables needed.

But what for installers? Here, in this article, there are some questions about IP and CCTV cameras.

Frequently asked questions about IP and CCTV cameras

What kind of residential security systems now can be based on IP?

(I.e., CCTV, alarms, fire detection anti-theft, access control, etc.)