Cctv-How to Install Microphone in Dvr-Audio in Dvr

Talking guys, welcome to my channel, in this video I’m going to talk about Mike, maybe you’ve been on Facebook, or some forum that I answer, or on youtube even right, are looking for your use. And in this video I’ll talk a little bit about microphone, the operation right, what I think about it, okay? A lot of people are looking for, have interest, have the desire to write, not only video but want to record voice, any environment that you want to monitor n. (more…)

Troubleshoot Problems with Hikvision Cameras

Here’s how to solve the main image problems that can occur with Hikvision cameras.

Why Is The Picture Clear During The Day And Out Of Focus In The Late Afternoon/Evening? 
The light is strong/abundant during the day and the iris is small, the depth of field becomes larger when focusing. However, the iris becomes larger during the late afternoon/evening due to the low light and the depth of fields and becomes smaller, which causes the object being monitored to leave the depth of field (to be out of focus).
To solve, please set the camera to electronic shutter mode when you try to focus using the auto iris of the lens (the auto iris would be the largest), then switch back to auto iris mode. Or try focusing under low light conditions.


Fujifilm X-A1 in the Test

The Fujifilm X-A1 is available in blue, black or red leatherette cover, the housing consists completely of plastic. The feel is clouded by a little – take an Edelkompakte such as the Fujifilm X 20 metal housing for less than 500 euros in the hand for comparison. This is by no means detracts from the use-value but, especially since the camera including standard zoom weighs just 516 g-ideal for travel and leisure activities. (more…)

Leica Adds Fully The Rangefinder In The Digital Age

After a M8 mid-tone, Leica offers finally a telemetry device full size and starts to dream.

There’s something on the side of the Germany, and particularly to Solms, where sits the factory of the Leica brand. Also the X1dont we already spoke, the German manufacturer announced indeed a new box of his legendary M series: the M9. After a M8 says jokingly of the fact, among other things, a sensor APS – C, infrared filters problems and a certain limit in low light, the M9 will be widely reviewed and corrected version. With, as a clincher, the presence of a sensor 24 x 36 mm – full size-to take advantage of the origin of the optical lenses. Or how the happy owners of these optics will finally be able to repurpose fully their wide angles.


The New SLR From Sony

Between the 33 Alpha and Alpha 55, the Alpha SLT – A35 offers a trade-off between performance and price.

In the series of SLR cameras at Sony semi-transparent mirror, here is a new entry-level device, the Alpha SLT-35. It builds on its predecessor, the Alpha 33, format and aesthetic, but includes the technical elements of his brother Alpha 55: 16 Mpix sensor and a very powerful image processing CPU burst.


How to Choose DVR Surveillance Camera?

Security is one of the most important concerns in a home. By studying this buying guide for the best DVR surveillance cameras, you will have less difficulty in choosing the type of device you need. You will be able to purchase a camera with adequate performance in line with the new technologies available. We therefore recommend that you pay particular attention to technology that embeds, the possibility to install inside or outside, and finally the ability to access it remotely.


Leica SL Camera Reviews

Leica continues its modernization with the launch of the SL, an amazing imitation reflex at several crossroads.
With the Leica SL, formalized two weeks before the Salon de la Photo, the German manufacturer returns to the camera market with its interchangeable lens format and in Live View. But compared to Leica SLR 1950s, this Typ 601 is a hybrid. It is devoid of mirror and therefore has an electronic viewfinder.