Look of Carnival with Lingerie: Yes You Can

The Carnival is coming, with promise of revelry, fun and lots of samba in the foot. The relaxation of the time allows you to dare in the visual. It is worth passing glitter on the face, show the skin, put on a costume and even wear lingerie on display in broad daylight. Doubt? So check out these inspirations that will convince you that a carnival look with lingerie is cool! (more…)

Pregnant Fashion Renner

Maternity Line-Lojas Renner

The fashion world is increasingly democratic, now in addition to investing in clothes in sizes outside the standards imposed by society, valuing the plus size consumer, pregnant women are also gaining a specific look on your current situation. It’s not always easy to find the right outfit at that stage. The jeans stop serving, the shirts, the dresses are short squeeze because of the volume of the stomach, and more. That’s why the Renner established the Maternity line, especially for you, mother-to-be. (more…)

How Long Uses Your Bra?

In this article we will share with you the ideal period to wear a bra! In addition, learn how time uses this piece can influence your health!

These days, practically every woman wears a bra and know breast comfort and support it provides. It helps you feel better with your outer clothing and safeguards your breasts from exposure and environmental aggressions. More, this prop is also associated with episodes of seduction in your intimate life. (more…)

The Many Lingerie Appearances of: Carrie

Continuing the subject of the end of the week… We talk about the success of Norminha’s novel 8, we saw examples of how to show lingerie without doing perigueti. But I could not stop talking about one of the most iconic characters on TV when it comes to lingerie from the outside: our dear Carrie Bradshaw. Guys, you have no idea how many pictures I found. Apparently, it’s strange for her to leave the lingerie hidden. (more…)

Wearing a Bra can be Detrimental to Your Health

The piece is considered almost a must in the women’s wardrobe, but it can cause from back pain to atrophiation

The vanity and fear of gravity always imposed on women the question of a bra, that if you do not wear it, your breasts will be drooping, shapeless, or your body will not look pretty, with that perfect neckline of push-ups, However, a survey done in France begins to investigate the consequences of not wearing the bra.


The Chiffon Dress and Accessories

Did you enjoy ever feel, to have found the perfect piece of clothing? I fortunately Yes. I have experienced this special moment with this → chiffon dress by Guido Maria Kretschmer by Heine .

How often did I me 5 vor 12 looking after outfits for the curvy. Because I knew that we were a day completely would be accompanied by → ZDF television team , each outfit had to sit, and of course I paid special attention to my outfit for an evening event: I wanted something special, but it should be at the same time simple. (more…)

Running With Heat

1 Plan Your Trips
It activates your body with a workout first thing in the morning, or take advantage of that in the spring and summer we have more daylight hours to run late in the afternoon. Prevents the Central hours of the day and, if it is not possible, look for shaded routes, attempts that your route has some source where you can hydrate yourself and refresh yourself. (more…)

What Bra to Wear with a Plunging Neckline

What bra with a plunging neckline? This question is all we asked.Our advice tested and approved for an effect “wow”.

Bra and cleavage: no small feat

Easy to fall for a neckline, not easy to wear! Besides the dilemma “I may or I may not,” adds the challenge of finding a suitable bra. Bras basket, push-up, push-up plunge bra multiposition or adhesive… there are as many models as a value! After determining yoursize bra, well look at the neckline and the top material. It is they who will determine your choice.