Tips to Start Pedaling!

Palpiteirooos Oiii! How are? Let’s enjoy the Monday to start new habits healthy? Today I will give you tips to start pedaling. A super nice and that exercise can be fun, and still has many health benefits. With the pace you will be able to combat depression and anxiety, lose weight, improve your sleep, enhance immunity, reduce stress and many other benefits. An exercise that makes up for being one of the most complete. It’s worth it! (more…)

Research Indicates That 6% Stop Using Cars in SP

For 45% Of Paulistanos, Traffic Is The Main Reason For Stress In The City

A telephone survey conducted in the city of São Paulo and released this Thursday (09/10) shows that 6% of Paulistas stopped using private cars over other means of transportation in the last two years. According to the survey of the Institute of Social, Political and Economic Research (Ipespe), made between July 3 and 4 with 600 people, most of these former drivers migrated to the bus system. (more…)

How to Choose the Ideal Helmet for Practicing Motocross

Choose a helmet to ride a bike, whether for leisure, commuting or motocross is still a problem for many people, do get confused when choosing the ideal size. Most helmets is accessible, if we look at your importance to the safety of the pilot. However, some can also be very expensive and it would be easy to stop buying that equipment considering your price. You’ll have no problem finding a suitable helmet and in any price range.


Ride a Group Bike Safely with the Tips of Garmin

Progressive braking, constant communication between the various group members, safety distance and control over the remaining vehicles on the road are some of the tips that reinforce the safety of cyclists;

The Varia™ Rear Radar for bicycles alerts cyclists of the cars behind, up to 140 meters away. It is a standalone equipment and can be integrated with cycling computers, such as the Garmin Edge range;


Twelve Amazing Bikes Created by Car Makers

Several Automakers Started Their Lives As Bicycle Manufacturers, Including Mercedes-Benz And Peugeot.

More than a century later, many of these brands still produce and sell two-wheeled vehicles, usually in much smaller numbers than their big motorized stars.

In honor of the Tour de France, which is in full swing, we selected 12 models that have brought memorable moments to fans of cycling and motor racing.


Bicycle World Guide – Discover The World By Bike

Bike I like best through the Sahara, where can I get a bicycle chain in Uganda, what must I observe on the southern Silk Road, what parts should I take to Morocco, where can I get information about the crossing of the Himalayas, what do I need at the border crossing in the Khyber Pass, or how do I prepare best on a world to Radelung? The bicycle world leaderanswered these and many other questions. The 3rd Edition of the “Bible for the cyclists’ offers on more than 700 pages of new information and insights for the big tourthrough the world. (more…)

João Paulo Firmino Faces Test Marathon in the USA

Athlete Scott Will Represent Brazil In Two Competitions In The Coming Days: The First In California And The Second In Arizona

The athlete Scott João Paulo Firmino traveled on Tuesday (13) to the United States, where he will represent the Brazilian cycling in two international level races. The first challenge will be the Sea Otter Classic this weekend in Monterrey, California. Then, between 24 and 26, the cyclist will go to Prescott, Arizona, where he will play Whiskey Off-Road.


7º Challenge Of Mountain Bike Lavras – Carrancas

For many it is the biggest mountain bike event in Minas Gerais. For everyone, it’s the best event.

As in previous years, the date will be on May 1st.

The event, although not competitive, has all the ingredients of a competition, ie  athletes of all levels, a course with a certain degree of difficulty, beautiful landscapes, full support to the participants and the satisfaction of finishing the 75 km between Lavras and Carrancas with the  sense of accomplishment.


Bike At USP: the Culture on two Wheels

Amidst the chaotic traffic and troubled life of São Paulo, there are those who can escape the hours trapped in the congestion and boredom of the closed environment: cyclists.And they are seen more and more through the streets of the city. And at USP, a place conducive to practice, could not be different. Many, however, still question the feasibility of this exercise because of hazards, distances, and many other reasons. So why ride a bike?


Exhibition in SP Highlights Bicycle Use in the Netherlands

Shows At The Museum Of The Brazilian House Goes Until May 10. According To Curator, Bicycles Are An Essential Part Of Dutch Identity.

An exhibition on the use of the bicycle in one of its most traditional redoubts in the world, the Netherlands, takes place until May 10 at the Museu da Casa Brasileira, in São Paulo.

The show “Pedalá e Cá” has an enormous panel with images of the use of the bicycle in the country in the most diverse situations, that include people going to work and pedaling in the snow. Also on display are a bicycle created by Van Moof Design studio and videos on the daily use of this transport in the country.


Isabella Wins in Argentina and Adds Points to the Olympic

Isabella Lacerda, from the LM / Shimano team, won her first title of the year on Sunday (12), finishing the top of the podium at the XCO Open in Argentina, in El Carmen. The day was also a party for the Green/ Piracicaba/Shimano team, who won an international competition for the first time: the mountain prize of the International Cycling Tour of Rio Grande do Sul.


Half the Population of Amsterdam is Cycling

After Policies To Discourage The Use Of Cars, Mobility In The Dutch Capital Became A World Reference

When it comes to urban mobility, the capital of the Netherlands can be considered one of the most promising examples in the world. The main means of locomotion in Amsterdam is the bicycle. For a population of 800 thousand inhabitants, there are 800 thousand bikes counted in the city. And, of this number, 50% of the population makes the totality of their displacements using only the non-motorized vehicle.


Driver Gets Angry with Cyclists

According To Witnesses, Driver Had Previously Offended Group Previously. Victim Smashed His Face To The Floor, Fractured His Jaw And Had To Put Titanium Plate.

One cyclist had two fractures in her jaw after a doctor abruptly stopped the truck she was driving so that a group riding in the City Park in Brasilia could hit the vehicle. According to cyclists, the driver would have considered that they disturbed the traffic.The woman will have to put a titanium plate on the jaw.

The case occurred at 7am this Wednesday. According to cyclist Filipe Aragão, who is part of an amateur group of the sport, the woman fell off the bike while trying to avoid the shock with the truck.


Big Names of National Cycling Compete Rio Copa in Angra

Next Sunday, the cities of Angra dos Reis and Mangaratiba will host a beautiful and well-attended cycling event: second leg of the Rio de Janeiro Cup.

With four new categories (Male/Female, Junior Female and Female Master) that strengthen the inclusive spirit of the World Cup, hundreds of athletes are expected in two starts: Anil Beach for the 89 km course and Rio Claro for 28 km. Everyone arrives in Mangaratiba.


Opening of the Brazilian Paragliding Championship is a Success

This past weekend, between April 10 and 12, the first stage of the Brazilian Cup of Road Parachuting – João Schwindt Trophy was held in the city of Brasilia. The opening of the event, which is also recognized by the Brazilian Cycling Confederation as the Brazilian Championship of this discipline, brought together the main names of the sport in two days of disputes.


Pedaling for the Future Forms Cyclists in the PR Region

Today, social project teaches children and teenagers to pedal; In the long run, the goal is to turn traffic into a more secure environment.

With more than 700 children attended in 2014 and with the goal of reaching two thousand beneficiaries by the middle of this year, the Cycle School Pedaling for the Future “enables” students of Ribeirão Preto and region in “cyclists” and, from the sport, Promotes physical activities with educational, transmitting traffic education.


Maluka Bike Race: Different but Always Fun

The Change Of Means Of Transport, From The Automobile To The Bicycle, Marked The 18th Accomplishment Of The Caiense Gymkhana

The 18th Race Maluka did not have the bearing and the repercussion that this brilliant gymkhana had in its early years. There were only 15 teams participating and this was mainly due to the fact that the test, this time, be performed with bicycles, instead of cars, as it always was.


Against the Crisis, Shimano Increases Distribution in Brazil

New Company, Blue Cycle, Will Be Formed To Centralize The Logistics And Commercial Operation Of Shimano Products And Brands In The Country

While Brazil is growing close to zero, the heated Brazilian market for bicycles and components for cycling has just won a new company. Blue Cycle, a joint venture formed by Shimano, LM Bike and Isapa, will be the exclusive distributor in Brazil of Shimano, Pearl Izumi, PRO, and partner brands from December 2015.


By Bicycle, Brazilian Couple Conquer the Himalayas

Three continents, at least 15 countries and 35 thousand kilometers to be covered on two wheels. Nothing, not the lack of money to spend the whole trip, nor the most disappointing comments of some people close, made the businessman Alexandre Garibaldi, 31, give up the dream. Next to his girlfriend, physical trainer Luciane Derrico, 28, the adventure became reality four months ago, when the couple left Sao Paulo (SP) towards Ushuaia, Argentina, the city known as the ‘end of the world’.


Park Tool School Confirms Partnership with International Brand

Among The Benefits, Joint Action Ensures The Institution’s Students The Opportunity To Use Lubricants Not Yet Launched In The Market

The Park Tool School and Muc-Off, an international manufacturer of lubricants, confirmed last week the partnership that will reinforce-even more-training courses for professionals in the bicycle market. Together, the marks will make available to the students of the school theoretical and practical courses with the best materials available in the market.


Pedaling is Great Activity to Lose Weight

When Practiced Outdoors, Activity Has Higher Caloric Expenditure

Cycling is a powerful aerobic exercise, which leads to an average loss of 700 calories per hour, a greater amount than that achieved with walking, swimming and dancing.Therefore, it is a good option of physical activity for those who want to lose weight. Even because at the same time that it eliminates pounds, it tones the muscles of the legs and the abdomen. In addition, it can be practiced in the street or in the gym. The differences between outdoor and indoor modalities start with energy expenditure, 50% higher in the open air, according to a survey by the State University of Santa Catarina.