Kill Your Enemies to Finger with RPG Hit Clicker

Put your thumbs in shape because the time cross finger hit enemy hordes. At least that is what proposes EPIC Pixel, a studio founded by two brothers, with their game RPG Clicker, a clicker disguised as a RPG game Thanks to your skill tree and the fact of being able to improve our team.

RPG Clicker is a game very similar to others which I have already spoken, as for example Tap Titans but Try marking differences using the aesthetic pixelated It takes being in recent years fashionable.

As for the game itself, we will have to go through their maps eliminating all enemies and bosses, using the money they give us to kill him to improve our team, and deciding what skills are that improve whenever we got level.

If you like this type of games almost certainly that you will like RPG Clicker, but if on the contrary you are who don’t see them no grace it is very possible that it will be too much like the rest.
RPG Clickerversion 1.09

Version of Android: 2.3.3 and higher
Developer: EPIC Pixel
Download it in: Google Play
Price: It offers shopping built into the application
Category: Role-playing games

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