Sports Recommended for Children

What are child-friendly sports? Which physical activity is fine at 3 years 4 or 5? When start doing sport? Your Child’s Doctor, Prof. Giuseppe Ferrari explains the correct way to live and teach the sport to our children and how to navigate between gymnastics, football, dancing, swimming, basketball and many other sports from the first months of life.

Sport is a physical activity and physical activity is innate in human nature. It shall be exercised as from the date on which the child is developing during pregnancy. Ask mothers how to “kick” the kids in their bellies and you will understand! (more…)

Polka Dots Swimming Suit

There are a few things that almost go out of fashion – tiger, leopard patterns (at least in our latitudes), the combination black and white in recent years turned out – points.

Let’s talk more specifically about the points – and this season they will be honored and will enjoy each and every shop window – without any exaggeration. This year you can find points on everything – shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, swimwear, shoes, bags, accessories. The points are simply everywhere according to


Best Swimsuit Open Water Swimming

The famous designer Carla wheel present some of the most beautiful models swimsuit for swimming for summer. Besides practical purposes swimsuit that examined in detail in a previous topic in the new collection also has several models swimsuit for swimming in two parts: retro swimwear with high and low waist; stylish swimwear neck with draperies; sexy bikini triangles with links and more. Explore beautiful swimsuit for swimming Karla Colletto.

The designer showed a very interesting bikini top with a top that resembles a diving suit; draped bathing tie with an attractive decoration starfish; swimsuit style dress and several models goals swimsuit for swimming in sporty style – monochrome, with prints, stripes and more.