Reels, Reels, Windlasses

The fishing reel is a key piece for most fishing techniques.

The purpose of their use is to collect the fishing line with bait and/or fish.Its designation in European Portuguese Carreto encompasses both types with or without moving coil. In Portuguese of Brazil, the term carreto is not used being used the designation of Windlass for reel of movable coil and Reel for reel of fixed coil. (more…)

Danube Salmon and Pike – the Start of the Fishing Year

Hello and happy new year to all close-most fish readers!

The first month of the new year has passed already – high time to introduce a mini project for 2015. Since I wrote last year at this point relatively infrequently, I would like to write a short blog post 2015 monthly no matter how successful I am on the water. The just begun as authentic accompanied fishing year should be so. I wish you read lots of fun and 2015 on the water much success!

Danube salmon and Pike in January

2015 began an absolute highlight for me, I had to be able to follow the good fortune of an invitation for salmon fishing. In the first week of January, I spent three exciting days on the snow-covered banks of various Alpine rivers. A salmon was unfortunately not look – I could still take wonderful impressions home. And I come back, definitely! (more…)

Tips to Start Pedaling!

Palpiteirooos Oiii! How are? Let’s enjoy the Monday to start new habits healthy? Today I will give you tips to start pedaling. A super nice and that exercise can be fun, and still has many health benefits. With the pace you will be able to combat depression and anxiety, lose weight, improve your sleep, enhance immunity, reduce stress and many other benefits. An exercise that makes up for being one of the most complete. It’s worth it! (more…)

Children’s Sportswear

Children’s clothes are becoming more elaborate, that because consumers generally moms have also become more demanding. Today it is possible to find similar to virtually every adult garments especially developed for kids, except that they’re not comfortable. Like fashion Sport Wear broke into the showcases this summer children will not get out meet the children’s sportswear fashion full of charm for the little ones. (more…)

How to Choose the Ideal Top for Workout

Do your favorite sport with the wrong sneakers and see what happens. The same is true when you risk practicing your favorite mode with a wrong top. And believe me, most women are wrong in choosing yours. A US-based survey of fitness and physical activity experts found that women tend to buy tops that over-tighten their breasts, but whose breasts (the one that surrounds the base of the breasts and back) are loose.


How to Choose the Ideal Helmet for Practicing Motocross

Choose a helmet to ride a bike, whether for leisure, commuting or motocross is still a problem for many people, do get confused when choosing the ideal size. Most helmets is accessible, if we look at your importance to the safety of the pilot. However, some can also be very expensive and it would be easy to stop buying that equipment considering your price. You’ll have no problem finding a suitable helmet and in any price range.


Ride a Group Bike Safely with the Tips of Garmin

Progressive braking, constant communication between the various group members, safety distance and control over the remaining vehicles on the road are some of the tips that reinforce the safety of cyclists;

The Varia™ Rear Radar for bicycles alerts cyclists of the cars behind, up to 140 meters away. It is a standalone equipment and can be integrated with cycling computers, such as the Garmin Edge range;


Twelve Amazing Bikes Created by Car Makers

Several Automakers Started Their Lives As Bicycle Manufacturers, Including Mercedes-Benz And Peugeot.

More than a century later, many of these brands still produce and sell two-wheeled vehicles, usually in much smaller numbers than their big motorized stars.

In honor of the Tour de France, which is in full swing, we selected 12 models that have brought memorable moments to fans of cycling and motor racing.


Waterproofness of Quechua Tents

The Quechua is a French brand of adventure equipment that enters Brazil the store Decathlon and has won many fans for the quality and cost-effective products.
The brand has a wide range of stalls and the feature itself to demonstrate how their equipment resist to rain. This procedure, for being different than adopted by most brands, is little understood by the majority of consumers. So, after we publish the article Waterproof Tents: understand before camping in rain,we realized the need to address how the Quechua performs its tests.