Pebble Steel: What Can V2 of Kick Starter Watch?

Conclusion: The Pebble Steel is the only Smart watch far and wide, which is compatible with the iPhone. At least the only one that is well available here in Germany. Off the new Pebble indicates that it serves just fine as the second screen of the phone – both iOS and Android. The Pebble Steel costs with leather strap around 200 euros -a fair price given the significantly more expensive competition. (more…)

Smart Watch What They Sense

Wearable electronics that can do a lot of useful features and a charge will last at least a week now sounds like a decent sci-fi. Pebble Time is not exactly the case.Moreover, they are also relatively inexpensive.

Although even in the field of smart watches countless competing models, not deviate from the series as a watch brand Pebble. While other models relies mainly on elegance, fine display and touch capabilities, sign Pebble went his own way, and the final act did not fare badly at all.

First watch of this type is formed with crowdfundingového site Kickstarter, which made history as one of the most successful projects.On the production of watches had chosen 10 million US dollars (about 230 million).It was at that time a record, but his successor chosen sum twice raised. On the development of the model Pebble Time has already passed, people EUR 20 million.And this model we have tested.


Smart Watches from Asus

Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS ( became the latest technology company after Huawei, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and Motorola, which announces special event for journalists in the days around Berlin exhibition IFA (5 to 10 September 2014). Upcoming products that are expected to be revealed at this event of Asus, are proposals refreshed line of smartphones ZenFone, but more interesting for us would be very likely performance of smart clock managed by Android Wear. The device codenamed Robin will probably be the thinnest proposal among devices with the Google platform for wearable electronics. The smart clock Asus to be the cheapest product, because the expected price e somewhere between $ 99 and $ 149.


Will the Apple Watch Work without the iPhone?

According to recent speculation the web, the new version of Apple Watch will be equipped with a more powerful processor and its own module for mobile cellular communication, which will provide the clock independence from the iPhone.

While waiting for the release of the updated “smart” watch Apple Watch 2 June (according to still unconfirmed information) gradually clear image of question wearable device by adding more details. One of the main sources of such technique of Apple, resource MacRumors, the new version of Apple Watch will be equipped with a more powerful processor, but also its own module for mobile cellular communication.