Exciting Ring Design: the Version with the “Floating Stone”

In the case of rings with a clamp, the stones are held in the metal by tension rather than by curling or frames, so that the entire beauty of the stone can act.The diamond seems to float between the rail and is nevertheless safe.The clamping ring is a classic of modernity and can be configured with us individually to always new, interesting rings.That’s how it’s done: (more…)

Nine Tips to Make This Gift for Your Mom

Well, first of all, reading this text, make sure you’re on the right track to delight your mother. I can say this because you have avoided gifts for home, kitchen and the family in General, and have focused on something just for her and that provide self-esteem. And the best option is certainly surprised with a fine semijoia! As the universe of semijoia is very wide and can easily make a mistake in choosing with the gift, here are nine tips for your present be unforgettable! (more…)

How to Wear Multiple Rings

It is never repeated enough, the rings accumulations are attracting a lot of them lately. Aesthetic and trendy, discrete, solid rings, knuckle rings or other personalized rings stack and blend all styles for fashion assured effect. However, although the trend is still the most beautiful effect on magazine covers, matching her rings every day is not easy. Today Jweel gives you some tips and presents two examples of stacked rings looks.


Wonderful Rings for Every Occasion

Jewellery Buráň are amazing and designer jewelry that will delight anyone who loves stunning jewelry.

Rings are a beautiful gift for any woman in ages. Beautiful fingers perfectly adorn your hand and gives you a charm. Ring, also one of the important days like engagements, weddings.

You find rings, for every occasion. Our rings are made of different materials. We offer rings of gold, silver rings, very desirable and popular bands of surgical steel, titanium rings or original Swarowski rings.


Carolina Kostner Choose the Jewelry Rosato

Carolina Kostner is an athlete with a passion for fashion. The talented star of figure skating combines a tough sport and requires many efforts and sacrifices as that of figure skating fashionable, thanks to dresses chic with which he takes to the track. If the clothes beautiful Carolina Kostner chooses animals born from the collaboration between Iceberg glamor and Swarovski Elements, for pointing refined elegance jewelry brands Rosato.

Icebergs and Swarovski Elements that are now adds Rosato, three claws that dress with pleasure one of the athletes who best represent the Italian sports in the world, the beautiful, and above all good, Carolina Kostner.


The Accumulation of Rings

After having earned bracelets, watches and charms of all kinds on their en wrists, fashionistas are today vary the pleasures d leaving their wristbands for the benefit of a handle of rings…

In preferred giant a more conceptual approach, the retain Aur binds Bidermann, Gaia Repossi and Delfina Delettrez have literally revolutionn “ring code” in recent years are. They could thus see successively the daughter of Silvia Venturini Fendi imagine a skeleton hand wear as a jewel, miss Repossi think the ring mode articulated hauler or still that one has the famous necklaces Copacabana inspired the American am punches to design the trios of welded rings are the ones to the others. (more…)

Rings – Trends 2014

Eager of reduce to beyond the usual customer the place sells me the creators don’t require hcr more upset wearing the jewelry, and including the rings. Small passage in the last review res innovations in the matter…


The American heavy punch am

If this is not the first first time than this weapon-appr above e of the New York mafia henchmen inspired jewellery, its variations were a regrettable first degree, like the mod s Alexander McQueen vanitso far. Taking the opposite of the latter, the new punches am American pr f rent merge l gance and unusual port (see here and there). It is far cry from the usual connotations Gothic or ghoulish… (more…)

Extra Fine Jewelry

If he had not retained one thing this season in re of jewellery, it would be assur’s lying the word “finesse”. More than ever, time is indeed to jewelry deCate, with a sober design and discrete sophistication you…

The ann after you pass are at the top of the “cha only food of the jewel”, EPS these high fantasy sign’re Victoire de Castellane, the accumulations of rhinestones at Shourouk, Delfina Delettrez realistic surr rings and ornaments to Princess under acid of Tom Binns today seem to pass are fashion. (more…)

Wanted: a Set of Very Thin Rings

Ideal to bring a touch of finesse to my navy blue pea coat, my jeans or my rough sweaters too long sleeves, very fine rings recently designed by Isabel Marant seem to have been designed to illuminate my fall…

Long, I stayed away from the jewelry universe. I felt that they were not for me. Indeed, only glimpsed antique jewelry in the drawers of the dresser of my grandmother or in antique shops attracted me. I do not really want to wear them, but simply to observe them fascinated me.