Nine Tips to Make This Gift for Your Mom

Well, first of all, reading this text, make sure you’re on the right track to delight your mother. I can say this because you have avoided gifts for home, kitchen and the family in General, and have focused on something just for her and that provide self-esteem. And the best option is certainly surprised with a fine semijoia! As the universe of semijoia is very wide and can easily make a mistake in choosing with the gift, here are nine tips for your present be unforgettable! (more…)

By Blog to Blog-Nissi Mendes Wears Jewelry Jewelry Pirates

If you diligently read our blog, then I am almost certain that this is the only one that you regularly read. Of course, blogs are nowadays not more away to think and give much pleasure the bloggers and their readers. We are very proud that we must be present for the first time in a non-blog with our great jewelry. And we wouldn’t want to deprive of course the great photos you: (more…)

Why Necklace is Important

The necklace is a universal jewelry and it has traditionally been used to show status and social class. In modern Sweden as a necklace a highly personal thing and something to wear because you feel like it. Thanks to the beautiful models known jewelry designers are taking up so everyone can choose a necklace that makes you feel a little extra nice. The necklaces can be stylish and designed for festive occasions such as weddings and parties, and they can have a unique character that is almost humorous. That there are so many different styles and models, it can hardly be content with a copy and that it is unnecessary. According to the top or shirt that you wear so you can match correctly with long or short chains and charms that might include a message…


Necklaces for Christmas Gifts

Out of inspiration for your Christmas gifts? 6 nice necklaces to offer a man!

And if for Christmas you dare to give your man a beautiful necklace! Here is a small selection that could well take a thorn from the foot!

1 – Ras neck Teahuppo silver necklace, rubber and Black Pearl

With elegance and exoticism of his Polynesian roots, this ras neck combines everything we love to see in a men’s Necklace: a subtle mix of virility, sophistication and simplicity! Certainly one of the best sellers of this Christmas 2015! (more…)

Designer Choker Necklace

They give women a Carriage and put the face. It does not give way to the torcs.

The parade Louis Vuitton last winter, with its four old style elevators which were the dummies in the look of domineering maid, marked the spirits. Two seasons later, he left a trace in the shop: the collar Lock Me. This col Claudine gold metal is becoming a best-seller and has several variations. He lent the pea of Yayoi Kusama, comes out in a version that is paved with black pearls, this season, or with big multicolored rhinestones for the next cruise collection… “After theparade Fetish of the fall-winter 2011-2012, this piece fully embodies femininity according to Marc Jacobs: graphic lines for the discipline that contrast with the sweetness of the finishes in gold metal”, according to the malletier.


Top 15 Necklaces Statement

For any season the necklaces are basic accessory woman, but this time the necklaces “statement” are here to stay, he knows some proposals and add them to your outfit.

15. Vintage Necklace

The vintage style is here to stay, and accessories are its best. The vintage necklaces are beautiful, feminine, classic and combinable, give some personality to our outfit.

14. Geometric Necklace

This particular necklace is used by the famous, ideal for low – cut dresses, blouses , shirts color or even, dare to look sensational with these geometric necklaces.


Necklaces Trends for 2016

Jewels are the complement to complete the perfect look. A dress with beautiful neckline will not be the same with the perfect necklace to detail trim. Speaking of necklaces, you need to check what comes back out there in the fashion for necklaces 2016.

For fashion 2016 necklaces were thicker and shorter. We are still in trend maxi collars, but less long and thicker chains. And speaking of chains, super popular in the 90s, they are the main focus of the moderninhas brands. Worth as much silver as gold or rosé, but gold is still the most requested for the sales. But no current style bad boy, thin but with very well worked in woven details.

Natural stones are also strong arise between the accessories like earrings and necklaces. The maxi necklaces stones around and pendants are the latest craze in the giant brands like Dolce & Gabbana already part of the chic brand line. The models at are coming on the market popular with stones in glass or well – crafted natural stone and more rustic, great pieces to use on a daily basis and match that basic shirt without grace stored in the closet.


Bracelet and Necklace Clasps

Are you for or plan on buying a necklace or a bracelet? Here are some tips regarding our secure latches.

Definition of closing

In jewelry, the closure is an accessory that is usually composed of gold, silver or platinum.

When buying a necklace or a bracelet, you can choose your favorite clasp between different models available. They are almond shaped, ball or cylindrical, all our closures come with a security system that prevents you from losing the jewel in case you accidentally open.

For this reason, one must take care when manipulated.


Fluorescent Necklaces Signed Stellina Fabbri

Take the now established trend of using skulls as fashion icons, unite us the colors of summer, or the fluorescent colors, and here comes for all passionate about fashion and cute accessories but not prohibitive collection SKULL CHAINS signed by RRRJewerly, a former publisher who decided to reinvent itself and jump into the world of jewelery.

Summer is now upon us, and although time is not yet beautiful, it’s time to choose what to wear to go to the beach. The costumes? Well, choose among the many proposals of famous brands like D & G or versions low cost of Zadar, it will not be difficult. The sandals right? Equally, just look at the proposals of the best brands. The beach bags should not forget, this year it seems impazzerà straw!


Forever Necklace Morellato

Sunday will be Mother’s Day 2011 and I imagine that many of our readers are still looking for the right gift to give to his mother. Never fear, we at Fashion Pour Femme, as we always do at the special occasions, we in Serbia still a lot of news for you. As for example the necklace Forever which carries the signature of Morellato: it is a steel jewel decorated by a shape-pendant heart red inside which “beats” another carved heart.


Chanel Necklaces Reviews

The Chanel necklaces are beautiful and fashion, so we offer a roundup of the most fascinating models and glamor of the latest collections. Necklaces we see together are part of the pre-winter 2012 collection, the line autumn winter 2012-2013 but also of equzhou, in short I took the best of the best of the proposals Chanel in recent years. I’ve already seen some of which is impossible to resist … you will see that you too will be tempted not cheap!

Choker necklace Chanel

If you are looking for a stylish and glamorous necklace for that special occasion this is the one for you, is made of metal with woven tweed.

Chanel necklace with butterflies

Necklace metal glamorous decorated with the leaves of ginkgo in metal and hand-glazed, the effect is very charming and these leaves seem elegant butterflies in flight.


Necklace Inspired By The Sea

But how beautiful bags Blumarine? Today I present an original clutch and glamor which is part of the collection spring summer 2011, a really cute purse with a seaside theme! If you love accessories original and glamorous certainly going to love you too this bag, it is a very simple handbag made of green silk water and decorated with marine-themed application jewel made of enamelled metal. If there is not enough the bag, there is also a beautiful necklace coordinated.

Blumarine is a brand very attentive to the trends of the season but it’s never a victim, rather creates and declines in new and spirited, perhaps these themed accessories marine can be considered extensions of the navy style!


Jewelery: it’s Bib-Necklace Craze!

A white shirt, jeans and so on. A casual look, perfect for every day, but also for the evening when paired with cunning maybe a couple of high sandals. However, a look that could happen to often find among your friends, so it is avowedly a master key. How then make a classic look, something unique and amazing? Simple, with a jewel necklace, preferably enormous. Patricia Field docet. We saw it (as you saw it?) Repeated thousands of times on the big screen and I wear our darlings, who in two numbers of Sex and the City adorned every outfit (as if we needed it!) With beautiful and voluminous necklaces, and indeed just a touch of this type, glamourous at the right point to make a simple outfit for any occasion.


Bridal Necklaces

We have selected, among the most beautiful bridal necklace to wear for your wedding. In 3-wire with beads, Swarovski, simple or to wear on their backs with pendant, the choice is varied!

Choose the necklace for your wedding is not easy, far from it, but with these tips and pictures of the most beautiful wedding necklaces there guidance in choosing the most suitable charm at our wedding.

As you cannot tell “ever” which are the most suitable wedding necklaces to each of us, it is better to establish some criteria for choosing the bridal necklace that best suits us. Here at, then, the coordinates for the matching and buy wedding necklace. (more…)

Baroque Necklace: How to Wear?

Baroque, falsely precious and often impressive, necklaces of the moment does the eate nor on the volume of their junk jewels, or the foil of their allure. Trinkets fantasies that you will take care to mix a loose rock and nonchalant attire, Mani re avoid to flatter their d sheath first degree…

More rococo than our nly a linen collars that can be currently found at Zara or J.Crew claim a certain pr ciosit. A pr ciosit who must be s seriously skate, otherwise you may be a bit too kitsch.


Bandana Collar + = Good Mix

Nothing like a stylistic directly from trick of podiums spring / summer 2015 to come shake the inescapable trio sandals / denim shorts / lace blouse of the moment …

His models have beautiful view BMI extremely low and his creations seem straight from a collection H & M “ultra luxury” Hedi Slimane did not influence less regularly with the times. Just weeks after the presentation of the collection Saint Laurent spring / summer 2015, it was able to see many fashionistas seize a show consisting of gimmicks to mix fine necklace and narrow scarf tied around the neck.

The Pearl Necklace – Trends 2016

If for several seasons pearls do not hesitate to venture on paths less conventional than usual strand (thanks to designers who are not afraid to shake their worn chic), this is really only recently the pearl necklace began to reconnect with a DNA mixing excess and extravagance…

Paris, March 8, 2016. On the podium Chanel, few beautiful parading without a pearl necklace. Worn in multiple rows and a diameter more shock than chic, these expensive fire fireworks Gabrielle Chanel then evoke both a mala for chanelophile a digression vermeerienne. Here we are in fantasy excessiveness in the funky-chic gadget in the bauble remastered; revised and corrected by Karl Lagerfeld, the pearl necklace is here to décasualiser seasonal denim toilets and provide eighties dimension version of Madonna with darker looks.  (more…)