Handmade Jewelry from the Kettencarosell + Special Birthday Raffle

Hello dear ones!

After my birthday today, I thought, I am also a bit do you participate and have a small, but nice sweepstakes. You can as of today very beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry at my win – of course there’s only one person to fulfill even a small task, but you will certainly like them, because this time is to not necessarily about going to follow me, this special task to speak much more your creative vein… (more…)

Jewelry Crafts for Mother’s Day

It’s almost mother’s day and an own homegrown gift is the best gift for a mother, of course! In this post you will find three tips to make even Pearl Jewelry for mother’s day.

Tip Use 1: Cultured Pearls for Your Piece of Jewelry

You can be sure, with real Pearl you can do no wrong. I think 99.9% of all freshwater pearl mothers love! And this must be definitely not boring or bland! It’s just a matter of how it’s arranged.
In this post, I have processed the White Pearl for three different pieces of jewelry.

First, this bracelet with Rose Quartz beads. Just a great option for mother’s day. The bracelet is strung on elastic wire (click here for the instructions). It is quite easy to make and fit for any occasion. The heart pendant fits perfectly for mother’s day. (more…)

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Just Haute Couture week here in Paris and I have my bets for the next season. Between large parades and some performances of cruise collections or jewelry store, going to building what I call a Web of trends. The good to follow close is that there is something in the air that makes you have see more clothes. It’s a move that rolls on the behaviour of who wears. And that’s the starting point and interest of a large part of the creators. They wear to a kind of people, who have a lifestyle and who loves to dress in this or that way. Everything is well segmented. (more…)

Beautiful Earrings Will Become Your Grace

Beautiful earrings will become your grace

Accentuate your beauty timeless wearing jewelry made from precious metals modern and decorated with beautiful gemstones. Earrings are among the most popular jewelry at all, perfectly highlights the delicate facial features or vice versa diverting attention from other parts of the body. Earrings can be purchased in a variety of attractive designs. They are produced in various shapes and in a variety of decorating.


How to Style Statement Earrings

The statement jewelry are bigger.

The website brought the maxi fashion necklace.

The maxi earring is also with everything! Who loves to large accessories, really, you’re going to love this trend.

It’s the kind of piece that adorns the look as a whole. When combine with casual clothing, you will create a formal look for party … Everything will depend on the style of play.

Of course, no one needs to use just because it’s “fashion”. The most important thing is to use fashion, with what you identify with what suits your personality.

How about being open to Directoryaah in the construction of your own style? Who knows, right?


Dior Tribal Earrings

Apr s Gaia Repossi (who managed d rid the tribal style of all unnecessary folklore via the creations pure es to the fashion appeal undeniable ind), today it’s the turn of Camille Miceli to inspire the lelegant to punctuate their allure of a subtly exotic note by imagining to Dior earrings as chic as paysantes…

APER Siu to the lobes of many of rdactrices mode (which one of the always inspired Virginie Dhello), earrings designed by Camille Miceli to Pre-Fall 2013-2014 Dior collection to d mark by their aesthetic tick insolent e bathing of classicism. (more…)

The Mono for of Ear

Overview recently as well at Louis Vuitton than at C line, the mono for of ear could itself quickly as the new fad of fancy jewellery…

Between greenhouse-t you invers Balenciaga, tribal beads Dior duo, mono ear Dries Van Noten and hand Coleman K braceletrhinestone jewel, nothing seems currently more fun the gent creative but to rethink the way we wear jewelry. Jewelry that designers consider pr reference in asymmetrical fashion Boner, to give them more strength and subdue the rancid stage of their composition. (more…)

Ear Cuff: the New Earring

If many creators still think the duo earrings, the trend of the moment is not less unmistakably to “ear cuff”, knowledge a unique d leaving the lobe of the ear for the benefit of its lixeh…

PI this Matic embl of Gaia Repossi collections, the unique earring sheathing the top of the ear does not inspire the gent creative. There are more indeed those with succomb punk tribal DNA of this daring jewel of Chanel Jason Wu through Rodarte. A DNA that they don’t is however not prohibit invent depending on their sensitivity. (more…)

The Single Earring

Forgotten luxuriously punk ear jewelry and other trees perl are redrawing the outline of the Pavilion: this season, the single earring stands out as a must have essential…

If the first Nicolas Ghesqui re at Louis Vuitton show was an opportunity for the creator to prove – via a wire to the rac lines are and the mati res insolent -that he had lost nothing of his g denies creative, designer darling of Charlotte Gainsbourg also took the opportunity to deliver a number of gimmicks stylistic s destiny print save the silhouette of the fall/winter 2014-2015. (more…)

Wanted: a Pair of Golden Earrings New

If the ultra-fine earrings jewelry always have right of city on our helix, the trend-setter now prefer their opulent earrings – golden preferences – the arty glam look…

September 2015 fashion week in Paris. The crab claws way metal tear signed Céline oscillate ostensibly the ears of those who decided to make their earrings jewel “statement” (see here and here). Forgotten and tribal piercings reviewed and corrected by the luxury fashion delicate Gaia Repossi: the mood is now the massive pendant earrings, with one side of fantasy creations, joyous (Rosantica) and sometimes openly first degree (Dolce & Gabbana) and the other more minimalist models focusing on shape, volume, reflections.  (more…)

Jewelry, the New Dress Code

After experiencing the most unusual worn by multiplying the ear jewelry hanging on the helix or decorating the distal phalanges, creative gent no longer hesitates to put his jewelry directly on the garment…

If one is more excited by their recent collaboration with Uniqlo by their last parade, Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran does not deliver less this season a stylistic gimmick more interesting.