Rock in Rio Bracelet: What You Need to Know

Finally, the biggest festival in Brazil has adopted an accessory that has long been seen in the biggest festivals in the world: the bracelet. As of this edition, access to Rock in Rio will be made using a bracelet with RFID technology, equipped with a chip that allows to carry out transactions through radiofrequency. With the Rock in Rio bracelet you will have your access to the validated Rock City at the entrance of the festival and also participate in actions within the event.

Jewelry by Tiffany: the World-Famous Jeweler

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and then a pair of beautiful Earrings from America’s world famous tradition for fine jewelry. Since 1837, this jewelry store offers not only the world of women. Who puts much emphasis on high-quality, individual, perfectly processed gold and silver ware, is in good hands at Tiffanys. Whether bracelets, necklaces, rings or the like, here dreams come true. (more…)

Jewelry Crafts for Mother’s Day

It’s almost mother’s day and an own homegrown gift is the best gift for a mother, of course! In this post you will find three tips to make even Pearl Jewelry for mother’s day.

Tip Use 1: Cultured Pearls for Your Piece of Jewelry

You can be sure, with real Pearl you can do no wrong. I think 99.9% of all freshwater pearl mothers love! And this must be definitely not boring or bland! It’s just a matter of how it’s arranged.
In this post, I have processed the White Pearl for three different pieces of jewelry.

First, this bracelet with Rose Quartz beads. Just a great option for mother’s day. The bracelet is strung on elastic wire (click here for the instructions). It is quite easy to make and fit for any occasion. The heart pendant fits perfectly for mother’s day. (more…)

What Are The Dangers of Elastic Bracelets

The sets of elastic bracelets is turning into a fever among children and teenagers a bit everywhere and I came to Brazil. With these little rubber bands you can make countless creations, from bracelets of various formats to various figures, such as minions, hearts, strawberries and even penguins. You can make these bracelets with your fingers, forks, clothes pegs, pencils and pens or using a loom for these creations. But much has spoken about the dangers that these rubber bands can cause to the health of children. Check out the following article of a what are the dangers of elastic straps.


Top 8 Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets are women ‘s accessories suitable to wear all the time because they always look good depending on the model and the occasion. That is why it is important to know what fashion options, because depending on the outfit you use, are the accessories that take.

8. Thick Silver Bracelets

The  wide bracelet is an excellent choice for this season, as it is very fashionable and can look good in casual or formal ensembles.


Wedding Accessories: Flower Bracelets

Today we talk about accessories for your wedding with some ideas dedicated to the bride but also to its bridesmaids and friends. And ‘the trend of the moment: for the ceremony or just to the reception, to realize the florist, beautiful bracelets with fresh flowers will wear you and your girlfriends. It ‘a bit’ like the idea of boutunniere for men: a small hallmark for the bride and her closest friends. Of course, the flowers have to be the same decorations and be in tune with the style of your wedding.


The Perfect Cuff Bracelet

Crowned by a mysterious aura, the delicate Pentagram bracelet Pamela Love appeared to me during a trip in a Parisian department store as the perfect jewel to raise the brightness of my white T-shirts, denim shirts and other marcels loose…

To celebrate the beginning of the sales, I decided yesterday afternoon to go take a look at the jewelry department of the Bon Marché (I prefer at this time to avoid ready-to-wear rays, not wanting to face the disappointment of not finding my size, mass hysteria face an ultimate skirt Isabel Marant or the temptation to splurge on a particular proposed piece -70%). (more…)