The Advertising Man

Whether or not you accompany the Mad Men series, I’ll let you know that the style of the series and the cast are invading the gringo side. I confess that I am extremely fascinated with the series, not only by the writing that to me it seems a novel by Tolstoy, but by the impeccable costumes of all the characters. Set in an agency in the early’60s, Mad Men rescues that climate of politically incorrectof the time … drink, smoke and lots of sex. But if you’re a smart guy, you’ll be able to read between the lines that this show goes far beyond that and brings us the psychological side of each character in a way we’ve never seen on TV. I do not want to talk too much about the show so it does not spoil it for those who have not seen it yet … but I promise you it’s worth it. If that is not enough for you to keep up with here are the biggest influences in fashion that the men of the 1960s propaganda have rocked! (more…)

Anglers: How to Make a Movement Sparkle

Finishing The Edges In The Clockwork, Such As Audemars Piguet

The beveling is a particularly complex nature of finissage, which has a large share in the beauty of the movement. The edges of the individual parts of a clockwork are specially worked with the angling, also known as bending, to create beautiful light reflexes, which emphasize the outline of the movement components. The technique is to break the edges between the surface and the flanks and form a chamfer or chamfer, which is subsequently polished. (more…)

Stowa Aviators to Win Classic Sport

Golden Balance 2016: Vote now in the final and win valuable watches

Stowa presents the Aviators Classic sport in the tradition of their military watch from the 1940s. The stainless steel housing, which has grown from 40 to 43 mm in the latest edition, and the extra-thick sapphire crystals increase both the shock resistance and the waterproofness that is now up to 20 bar. The Crown is screwed and provides increased protection against impacts as well as dust and dirt. The automatic plant ETA 2824 is responsible for the drive. As can be seen through the sapphire glass window in the full threaded floor, the rotor manufactured by Stowa carries the typical inscriptions of historic military pilot clocks. (more…)

Calvin Klein Jewelery – Classic and Classy

Calvin Klein is undisputedly one of the most important designers worldwide. His timeless and purist fashion has shaped the style of entire generations. The New Yorker, son of Jewish immigrants from Austria and Hungary, began his career in Manhattan. Already in 1968 he founded his own company in the Big Apple. And while the flower children were traveling around the world with wallemons and bells, Klein set the attributes “clear, discreet and elegant” from the start.

Today, Calvin Klein delights stylish ladies and gentlemen not only with fashion, but also with perfumes, jewelery and watches. Even if the company is now run by a successor: the discreet signature on all pieces still stands for high quality and the distinctive style of Calvin Klein. (more…)

5 Watch Models for Groom to Wear on Wedding Day

Everything ready for the big day: decoration and buffet closed, suppliers, contractors, of the major players adjusted. But we know the details that will make the difference, doesn’t it? In the case of the bride, the highlights are for the jewelry used, the hair and the bouquet. For men, with all the inherent minimalism genre, is the watch brand, literally the moment. As brides have endless options for accessories, men end up restricted to choosing a good watch for show. So it’s good that the choice is accurate! It is your personality that must be taken into account when deciding by accessory that tends to be the passion of the male ward. It should reflect not only the passing of the hours, but the style of your own. As all the details for the big day, that are chosen with care, the clock is also part of the ceremony, and will be immortalized in photos and in remembrance of the watchful gazes of guests. According to the different types of wedding and grooms personalities, we chose some templates for you take a look. Then check out: (more…)

Exciting Ring Design: the Version with the “Floating Stone”

In the case of rings with a clamp, the stones are held in the metal by tension rather than by curling or frames, so that the entire beauty of the stone can act.The diamond seems to float between the rail and is nevertheless safe.The clamping ring is a classic of modernity and can be configured with us individually to always new, interesting rings.That’s how it’s done: (more…)

Pebble Steel: What Can V2 of Kick Starter Watch?

Conclusion: The Pebble Steel is the only Smart watch far and wide, which is compatible with the iPhone. At least the only one that is well available here in Germany. Off the new Pebble indicates that it serves just fine as the second screen of the phone – both iOS and Android. The Pebble Steel costs with leather strap around 200 euros -a fair price given the significantly more expensive competition. (more…)

Handmade Jewelry from the Kettencarosell + Special Birthday Raffle

Hello dear ones!

After my birthday today, I thought, I am also a bit do you participate and have a small, but nice sweepstakes. You can as of today very beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry at my win – of course there’s only one person to fulfill even a small task, but you will certainly like them, because this time is to not necessarily about going to follow me, this special task to speak much more your creative vein… (more…)