Dji Phantom 4: Test/Comparison/Evaluation

Dji now offers an revised variant of dji phantom 4 an. the professional version-the 1.699, -euro expensive  dji phantom 4 professional-completely and completely instead of a 12-megapixel camera about a 20-megapixel camera as well as a power amplifier anti-collision system with new, side-aligned infrared sensors.the d99 phantom 4 pro is a  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9,  (more…)

Consumerism and Children

With the charges of advertising and television advertisements as well as colorful products exposed in the showcases and store shelves, the desire and the will to have are easily introjetados the unconscious children, causing them to take a stance of always wanting everything that stands out before your eyes. An article published on advertisements that influence child consumerism identifies many advertisements encourage early children to vanity, the stranger was sleek, poor diet and selfishness, even with laws and regulatory agencies.

Games and Toys

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I rarely show the little girls playing with some expensive toy, electronic or full of technology.

Not that I’m against, far from it. But I think the Ipads already realize occupy much of the attention of our children. Even I’ve positioned on the moderate use on children’s routine. I think it’s important to find a balance as we cannot deprive our children of a technology that does and will be part of their lives, but we cannot condition their routine to these devices.

Cardboard Toys

Whenever I discover a new toy for girls and you find that really worth buying I put here for you. I asked for the E-Mini, partner of the Blog, choose something really creative for me to test with children.
The cottage was a success?! (see here). And now in this line of educational toys on cardboard, will show two more items that have made the greatest success at home.

Best Toys for ADHD Child

Can be difficult to choose just the right toys for each child. But the biggest problem, you should look for the right gift to give one of many four. four million young people affected by attention deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD) condition. Young people with ADHD may have unique wants to play, so my parents encouraged patients to purchase toys for kids to support their children to focus, acquire self-confidence and discover that relate and interact appropriately with other children. The following suggestions may help:

LEGO/building blocks: children with ADHD often have trouble completing tasks along because they feel frustrated and impatient. Lego blocks and building toys by hand is simple to use and has only a few paragraphs, so that the children can create a single structure in a relatively short period of time, which can help to build up your confidence.  (more…)

Educational Toys List

Learning easy and fun of robotics.

Fun that’s one thing, but if it is possible to learn while having fun, why Miss out on? That’s why today Best of robots offers a selection of robots-toys with an educational provision for children.

Creativity, construction and programming.

Meccanoid Meccano G15

This humanoid robot age 10 is fully programmable. It has incredible features: a smart learning of the movements, a control system controlled through an application, the motion capture (capture and instant reproduction of the movements and speech recognition!


Good Toy Robots

I can not really believe that we are really made at a time when robots are really part of our lives. They build our cars for quite a while but they make their way into our homes. Last week, I presented the robots that help keep our own house. This time, I rather like talking about these robots that entertain the whole family. If like me you like the robots, come see all the amazing things that these little wonders can do.


Safety Toys for Babies

Toys coming into the child’s life already from the first infancy. Children explore their surroundings through nibbling and sucking on things. Because children’s bodies are not fully developed, they are more sensitive to chemicals than adults. When exposed to the same amount of a substance as an adult, they may in themselves more in proportion to its weight. The immune system and the brain are particularly vulnerable because they continue to develop after birth. Children breathe faster and eat and drink more in relation to their weight compared to adults. And because children cannot differentiate between hazardous and non-hazardous, it is important to protect children better. (more…)

How to Identify Counterfeit Toys


In this article we will discuss a topic of utmost importance, which concerns what there probably are closest to his heart: the safety of our children.
In particular, we will address the issue of counterfeit toys, and give advice of on how to buy safe products, which do not entail any risk to children for which they are intended. The toy sector expects a long series of rigid controls necessary to ensure safety and avoid any type of danger; This concerns not only the aspects more easily identifiable, but also those less immediate, like construction materials, paints or solidity; It is also taken into consideration the hypothesis that the child use the toy with modes other than those for which it was designed, and that could make possibly dangerous. Comply with all regulations, often leads to an inevitable rise in the price of the products, which favours the vile toy manufacturing counterfeit, sold at prices significantly lower, but made with no regard for the regulations from a manufacturer that doesn’t gain much more attentive to the health and safety of children.


Toys for 1 Year Old

The choice of toys for children, among the millions available commercially, can be difficult according to BehealthybyTomorrow. This short list of fun toys for kids will help you choose the most appropriate gift for her first birthday.

The children a year are always on the go and are preparing to move from infants to children themselves. The following toys allow them to release part of the extra energy that ferments or develop some new skills, such as imaginative play. These toys make learning fun!

  1. Moving balls and interlocking blocks

This kind of toys seem simple and maybe even fools in the eyes of an adult, but are based on position and fit of cubes or blocks in space suited to their form and often also possess a slide with balls. If swiped, these coloured balls roll down and then toward the center of a container, where the little one can pick them up and start all over again. This kind of toy attracts the child to repeat, fun and lively that creates noise, making it aware of forms, actions and sounds that he creates and combines.


Tips for Buying Educational Toys


The game helps children to express themselves. It increases their manual skills and also develops their memory. So, the game is not only fun but also learning. However, in choosing educational toys, you’ll have to consider the age and the inclination of the child. Let’s find out how to choose educational toys!

Before choosing educational toys, consider the degree of cognitive development and psychomotor of the child. Know that in the first 3 years of life, the brain of a child learns at incredible speed. The game can be a great stimulus. So, already in its first weeks of life from cradle give him toys. Choose them possibly of bright colors, they have the delicate sounds and maybe even with movement. The movement will attract his attention and also exert his eye.


How to Choose Toys for Kid During Growth


Choose the right toys during the growth of your children is a very important thing. You must evaluate the game suitable for all ages and the quality of the product. In so doing, stimulate their mental and physical growth and it will be a very pleasant way to spend time with your children. The following guide will provide you with exactly the precious advice on choosing the most suitable toys during the growth of your children.


The Little Monsters Fashion Christian Lacroix

Recently in the press read: “Christian Lacroix creates for the famous sign of decoration and furnishing Habitat:” Fashion Monsters “(trendy monsters). The man says about them: “I have loved drawing these gentle monsters who are given all the sorrows, pains and secrets they turn into smile.” Half angels, half-demon, he prénomment: Belly, Smoothy and Sweety… You can bet that these little monsters will make fun of adults before the children!

Yes, remember there is a little more than a year, this same Christian Lacroix had exposed his “monsters”, kinds of figurines made with fabric scraps, small trivial things created on the corner of a table, sort of fad of fashion designer … This was the favorite for all fans of fashion, the press reserved her beautiful pages where her little monsters were nicely highlighted. (more…)