How to Keep Bed Linen Always Perfect?

Time to wash:

  • Before you begin, check the labels of the bedding before washing it properly and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Always rinse white parts separated from colored, cotton parts separated from or polyester mixed fabric. Polyester loose balls and these will deposit on natural fibers.
  • Dry the linen in the Sun to make it more. You don’t have to let them dry too so as not to lose the scent.
  • Use vinegar in the rinse to neutralize odors and remove the SOAP more efficiently. Don’t forget the softener.


How to Wash Satin Pillows


Everyone should know how to wash a pillow because they are objects that exist in almost all homes. As for those satin, most of them is carried in the laundry for a dry as this is considered the safest method; However, it is possible to wash the fabric at home: just follow a few simple guidelines and be careful not to use products that may result. For stubborn stains, requiring more thorough cleaning, you must instead a professional cleaning. But now we see how to wash pillows with satin. (more…)

Which Pillow is Best for Side Sleepers

The market offers for side sleepers now a variety of pillows on. One of the most important factors for a good night’s sleep is the anatomically correct position of the spine. With an orthopedic ergonomically preformed cushion this attitude is conveyed automatically, since the head is so embedded that the spine is straight.

The manufacturer Third of Life offers various viscoelastic pillows to choose from. In addition to the ergonomic shape convince the pillow by her good ventilation by ventilation ducts and thermo-regulating remuneration with phase change technology.

GIANFAR is the perfect pillow for side sleepers pure as you continue coming in the pillow by the neck bow with the shoulder and thereby placed the head directly into the pad center to the correct neck shaft.


How to Choose a Towel or Bath Towel?

Can you choose a suitable towels or why not use fabric softener?

The answer to the common question of how to correctly select the appropriate towels, most of us draw up easy answers “towel should be pleasing to the touch, gentle to the skin and must be absorbent.”

But how do we know that the towel, which we hold in store in your hands, or enchants us photos in the catalog or on the internet store will be one that meets our criteria?

Information about weight, which asks the customer to buy, often distort the image of high-quality towel. Decisions by weight has its advantages, but also disadvantages. Weight informs us about how much cotton yarn was used per 1 m2 of terry cloth, but not about what quality cotton was used. Current weights range from 300-600 g / m2.


6 + 3 Useful Tips on How to Keep Towels Soft and Fragrant

How to get rid of unpleasant odors?
Nobody likes a stinky towel, especially after he had just showered. So if your laundered towels still unpleasant “smell” try to be washed in very hot water with 1-2 cups of vinegar. Then wash it once with the usual detergent. And after wiping always make sure that you have your Towels Good hanged in order to dry out completely.

What to do when sick suck?
Believe it or not, this is a common problem with newer towels. If it is to wash and dry the five or more times, you will help increase their absorbency. Repeated washing removes the chemicals which manufacturers use to be in the shop towels soft to the touch, as well as some colorants cause the towel does not absorb moisture.