A Garden Perched on Roofs

Hugues Peuvergne landscaper turned a little green paradise ungrateful deck. A terrace perched on the roofs of a dining room, a vegetable garden and a summer cabin for children.

A Terrace Overlooking the Roofs of Paris

When the landscaper Hugues Peuvergne discovers this terrace overlooking Paris from the top of a building in the 16th arrondissement, it was a roof terrace tiled, spiky conduits of chimneys at right angles, where grew a few potted plants.


All About Solar Garden Lighting

Fancy small willing lights here and there to illuminate your garden pleasantly and give him an air of celebration? Discover all options to make the right choice!

Solar Garden Lighting, How Does It Work?

Working at the energy of the Sun, solar lights batteries recharge during the day to illuminate at night. They operate through a system of LED and solar sensors, which store energy under the influence of the Sun and her return when night falls, when lighting automatically thanks to a sensor of darkness. Practices to use and 100% ecological, solar lights can illuminate your garden without the need of connection to electric cables. There are 2 types of solar lights: solar terminals, small size or the floor lamp, more or less 1 meter of height, which the lighting power is stronger than the solar terminals. Choose them according to the light intensity you need.


Guide to Garden Lighting


Place the lights in your garden depends primarily on the area you have available. The light, as we all know, is not only its task, namely to enlighten, but also creates atmosphere. How many times have we heard of hot or cold light. In fact with a dimmer knob you can arrive to the nuances of light best suited. It must be said that, at a time like the present, where economy and ecology are fundamental values, why not consider adoption of led street lights ? The LEDs are a great novelty, with regards to lighting, of these last few years and have been considerably widespread, low consumption. That we are proposing today is a guide to the Garden lights. (more…)

Garden Shopping Guide

Garden: Our Selection of Quality At Low Prices!

To enjoy the beautiful days, discover our selection of garden furniture at low prices. Exotic, tendency or design, garden furniture at low prices comes in all styles.

Garden Design: Our Selection for One Was at the Top

You are looking for a beautiful garden room design for pimper your terrace this summer? Check out our selection right in tune with the times!


Outdoor Garden Benches

In the garden, terrace and balcony, the sessions to accommodate many friends in harmony never enough. In addition to chairs arranged around the table, in a well covered area, guaranteeing an optimal restore, we need to define other useful places to relax and equipping them with the appropriate sessions.

That’s a nice rocking, two armchairs, a nice wide bench, they found the right place in a fairly large open space, making it increasingly large and comfortable.

In particular the garden benches are indispensable in areas that develop in length rather than in width, going to occupy little space and ensuring more seating.


Make Your Own Garden Path

Landscape designer Tina Nyce Washington offers seven tips for creating your own hands a garden path, combining the green carpet of plants and stone slabs. A simple idea for garden decorations and garden courtyard.

1. Plan the track.

First of all, think about how your family, relatives or visitors will react to such a path in the garden. Perhaps they will hesitate to step on the part of the track from the plant, fearing bruise or spoil the appearance. If you have the opportunity, consider completely stone spare side of the main track. See the night lights for garden at this blog – http://www.shoppingpicks.net/garden-night-lights-69/.

2. Caring for plants in the track.