How to Wash Satin Pillows


Everyone should know how to wash a pillow because they are objects that exist in almost all homes. As for those satin, most of them is carried in the laundry for a dry as this is considered the safest method; However, it is possible to wash the fabric at home: just follow a few simple guidelines and be careful not to use products that may result. For stubborn stains, requiring more thorough cleaning, you must instead a professional cleaning. But now we see how to wash pillows with satin. (more…)

Different Types of Chairs

Piece of furniture that knows kindly welcoming us. The Chair is a good alternative to the couch when lack us of space. Large or small size, wide or narrow: the Chair definitely knows to meet all of our expectations.

The invincible sofa has a strong competitor when space is limited. It has the same functions, has a smaller size and its design is often breathtaking… It is indeed the Chair!


BoCklip or How To Customise Your Ikea Furniture

You have enough that your IKEA furniture is not more colorful? BoCklip offers a solution for the portfolios of Madam and Mister world with his boards available in dozens of colors.

Remember the IKEA Hacking! This activity to distract your IKEA furniture by offering them a makeover by painting, adding wallpaper or pieces of wood, or combining them with other furniture of the Swedish brand.


Pouf Folding Bed

The poufs convertible into bed are very useful space saving solutions to the problem of hospitality of friends and relatives for the night. When in a house there is no room for guests for obvious problems of space, the only viable solution is to equip themselves with occasional beds and cots, to pull off and fix if necessary.

Not always the solutions adopted for night hospitality are aesthetically pleasing, much is that these structures for the rest often are folded and lying in the cellar or attic, to be pulled out only in case of need.


Outdoor Garden Benches

In the garden, terrace and balcony, the sessions to accommodate many friends in harmony never enough. In addition to chairs arranged around the table, in a well covered area, guaranteeing an optimal restore, we need to define other useful places to relax and equipping them with the appropriate sessions.

That’s a nice rocking, two armchairs, a nice wide bench, they found the right place in a fairly large open space, making it increasingly large and comfortable.

In particular the garden benches are indispensable in areas that develop in length rather than in width, going to occupy little space and ensuring more seating.


Luxury Modern Bedroom Furniture Sets

Thoughts of exquisite design bedroom? We would be useful as offer you some beautiful and stylish ideas for the luxury of the most secluded room in the home. You’ll find a variety of colors applied in poli type styles and solutions.

To sleep like a king or queen is not a bad idea. Nowadays, it is completely feasible task. Here are a few examples:

The combination of turquoise and silver is an excellent solution for luxurious bedroom furniture. Elegance and romance exhale and model with walnut, gilt ornaments and coatings ivory. The processing of this valuable wood and refined details carved into the structure describe actual perfection.


How to Choose the Best Sofa for Your Home

The sofa is one of the furniture that draws the most attention in a home. To find the best model for you, many factors must be taken into account: number of seats, fabric, price, frequency of use, room size, ease of cleaning.

To facilitate this task, our site separated for you which are the best types and tissues. Combining these two factors to your needs, it is hard to go wrong in choosing your sofa.

Two Places

For those who live alone is the best bet. If your home is the meeting place of friends, it is interesting to add puffs to the site, or even chairs. If you find it necessary a three-seater sofa can also be considered.

Sofa Bed

It receives people who usually stay and spend the night? A sofa bed is the best option for you. Leave the comfortable visits in the room when you do not have a guest room is always careful on your part. Also, if you prefer to stay in the same room sometimes, instead of walking to the room, we found a great companion through this blog.