Best Mini Dishwasher – Opinions and Market Prices

In this guide we provide some useful tips on how to choose the best mini dishwasher for your needs.

Useful little space and perfect for those who live alone or have a tight family unit, mini dishwasher is an appliance by large functionality. If you are intending to buy a mini dishwasher, follow this guide and you’ll have all the information you need to make a purchase correct, having a clear idea on features and price. (more…)

Alice in Wonderland

Is with the quote from Lewis Carroll, British poet and novelist, author of “Alice in Wonderland”(published in 1865), which we began our journey into the world of fairy tales. Nothing more magical than go back to being a kid, right?! As soon as we felt when we saw the pictures of the anniversary of 1 YEAR of ALICE, daughter of our dear reader Melanie Winckler. The party was held in Ponta Porã (MS), entitled the tuuudo that you can imagine: the ballroom was transformed into a real film scenario;characters scattered all over the place making the joy of the children; Candy and custom souvenirs; and of course, impeccable decor, wonderful, for nobody put defect. We were delighted with the size of the whim, it all worked out in minute detail, so we made a point to bring to you this super guess decorating children’s Party. (more…)

Inspirations for Children’s Party!

Hello friends, today our post is mega special! Do you know why? Because it was made by you, the dear readers of Luxury guess who kindly made the challenge to help us build this matter! A little over a week ago we had a post about the work of photographer Andrea Alves, who has a blog where she put several pictures full of tips for children’s party decorations. (Do you remember? SEE HERE). Anyway, it was a great success! We’ve received several comments and e-mails from moms who loved the idea and asked for more inspirations for children’s parties. It was then that we decided to ask for the collaboration of our palpiteiras, which quickly sent us hundreds of pictures of girls, boys birthdays, baby shower, various suggestions very cute for children’s parties! (more…)

History of Paraplyets

Probably invented the umbrella in China for about 2400 years ago. But then it was rather to protection from the Sun that you used it as a pale skin was the man efterstävade.Afterwards came the invention of Silk roads West to England and France, where they began to appear during the 1600 ‘s, but hardly was used extensively until the 1700 ‘s, and mainly by women. Men still held most of capes to keep the rain away. But around 1700 century decided to suddenly grandeur with the umbrella and popularity quickly spread. (more…)

How to Weave a Garland of Pennants of Point

You like to learn how to weave a Garland of point flags ? I love wreaths and I see them often as decoration of all kinds of parties, but would relegate them only at parties? I think a great idea with a wreath of point flags decorate a child room.

And do not believe that it is a job for skilled weavers, is very easy to make and using wool and thick needles you will have the list in an afternoon. (more…)

Wallpaper Tips for Baby Room

Wallpaper is not new in baby rooms, on the contrary, the colors and graphics printed by this element have already been used and abused by parents when decorating this environment. According to Lilibee creative director Dani Mataresi, what’s new when it comes to baby room wallpaper is an increase in the mix of different prints and colors and the return of some images, such as watercolors. (more…)

Articles for Parties by Boutique Party

We started the week with a party … uhuuulll … and today our guess is especially for moms, grannies, aunties, decorators, owners of buffet … anyway … for all those who, directly or indirectly, find themselves involved in a children’s event. Time to throw a party for the kids is always that crazy and we can’t forget any details. We need to think on the spot, in the guests, food, beverage, in ornaments, decoration, toys that will amuse the kids, in some sort of special attraction, and so many other things more … ufaaa … There is patience and a willingness to run after all this! The fact is that no matter the size of the party, whether it’s a boy or a girl, the highlight is the articles chosen for the event. Plates, cups, napkins, bags, towels, candles, balloons, party favors … nothing can be forgotten. So, thinking of giving aqueeele “help” for those who are in search of party articles with variety and cheap, today we want to introduce you to the BOUTIQUE of the PARTY, a store of Campo Grande (MS) specializes in ARTICLES for PARTIES! (more…)

Black and White Bathroom Design

Decoration, black and white is a timeless classic. More reason to adopt it in the bathroom for a touch resolutely chic. Focus on our most beautiful black and white bathrooms!

A bathroom design, all right. But a black and white design bathroom is even better! And what is this design style? Clean lines, neutral and elegant colors, and a creed: “less is more”. Through these black and white images of inspirations of bathrooms, we prove to you that while this type of bathroom has character, but he can associate the chic and sober.


Charming Decoration for Bathroom!

Hello my fellow Brazilians! Let’s do one more week lit! Here on the blog has always room for one more little tip of what’s filling your eyes and that has your touch of charm. Decoration is always a subject that yields many creative ideas and, if you like, it’s like putting a piece of themselves in that environment. Love give life to every small space our House with that particular touch, isn’t it? And the bathroom, one room which is usually our corner to relax, take a bath very very time consuming, where we take care of the skin and hair, make that make special … In this environment so people could not be different. (more…)

Shoe Rack Ideas for Home

An absolutely must-have accessory in the wardrobe of every woman have her shoes: low, with heels, sports, elegant, racing, ceremonial. A pair of shoes for every outfit, a pair of shoes for every occasion.

This is the dream of all women. For many, fortunately, it is a beautiful reality. A reality with which to reckon.

Dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes to find accommodation, accessories that can certainly not be for home or find a place on the floor because it would occupy an entire room.

The simplest solution, functional and portfolio scope is put a shoe rack in every corner of the house usable.


Closet-Organizing Tips and DIY

A few months ago my sister changed the closet that she had in her room, she drew a that answered to what she needed and ordered, it was beautiful and super her face, it was a lot more organized. So I decided to talk about it here, it doesn’t matter if you have space to create a closet or just a closet as my sister, the organization is very important, and there are many DIY easy that will help you set up your closet and leave everything organized. (more…)

How to Apply Wallpaper And Adhesive Fabric? SEE the Video

Architect explains the differences between the products that embellish the walls

The search for new trends to decorate the house is common in the world of architects and interior designers. In recent years the wallpaper has become a different option to change the face of the painting. And recently, the adhesive fabrics also hit the market to give a special touch to the environments. (more…)

Wallpaper Patterns

Smell of paint, splashes everywhere and countless newspaper sheets. This is the scenario for those who want to change the color of the wall using most types of paints on the market. The problem worsens, when before painting, it has to be scraped to remove the old coloration, wasting time and exposing the house to poor hygiene. To avoid all this mess, a cheaper, practical and efficient solution may be the placement of wallpaper. Let’s get tips on where to find discount wallpaper templates. (more…)

Wall Stickers for Decoration-Where to Buy

Currently decorative are a strong trend in decorating environments, smart and modern, a great option for decorating an environment without spending a lot. They are easy to apply and very versatile, with many different colors, sizes and designs, make possible the renewal of the environments and give a special touch without the dirt and the breaking of the reforms, in addition to being much better than the old wallpaper.