Nails Half Moon: Step by Step of Inverted Francesinha

Who is a fan of the vintage style should have noticed that a new style of nails has been very successful among the famous: Nails Half Moon or Inverted Francesinha. She has appeared in the hands of the girls of the brothel of Maria Machadão, in the novel “Gabriela”, of the network Globo and the burlesque Dita Von Teese does not hide from anyone his preference for the retro model. (more…)

Trend Alert: Almond Shaped Nails Manicure

The almond-shaped nails are the most popular trend in summer 2014 manicure. You’ve never heard of? Then you should definitely take a look at our gallery, you will find lots of ideas to be copied and who knows that you don’t want to try a manicure so angular.

At first glance the reaction can be to ghastliness, especially if they are very long and very dark, but the manicure trends stretched for some months now is the most requested especially by those who have difficulty making elongate your nails. So, but surely you will have already noticed, the manicure summer 2014 is very angular, streamlined and pointed, and his almond-shaped no doubt recalls the typical manicure degli anni ‘ 50. Like it or not the trend is this! (more…)

Impressions and Swatches: Nail Polishes

Today I show you the six nail polish from the Marcel Ostertag Collection of Manhattan, which I received some time ago for testing. The LE moved into the Manhattan bar in the middle of March and is available for a total of six months, ie until mid-September. In addition to the nail polish, there are also four eyeshadow pallets in the LE. Meanwhile, I have tested four of the six paints and would like to share my impressions with you.


China Glaze Christmas 2011

It is shortly to Christmas and China Glaze launches a new collection of enamels Christmas-themed, a special thought to give.

The collection Let it Snow kit includes several glazes signed China Glazerecalling the Christmas and the festive atmosphere of this wonderful day.

In total, the gift boxes are 12 and contain from 2 to 4 enamel. E ‘can also buy the glazes of the line Let it Snow individually, priced at about 6.00 euros each.


Essie Gel Semi Permanent

Interesting news for lovers of semipermanent glaze long life, come the Essie nail gel nails that last for 14 days!

As we know Essie is an American brand that produces high-quality glazes, available for some time in Italy at the Sephora perfume stores and other retailers. The Essie varnishes are famous worldwide for the brilliant range of colors and very special that season after season dictate the law between the nail trends.


Essence Studio Nails Here is The Collection

Essence Launches collection Studio Nails care of our nails!

Who among us has not dreamed of being able to make a perfect manicure like that of ‘beautician, but the comfort of home?

Now you can thanks to Essence and new products in the range Studio Nails.

It is of high quality products, formulated in such a way as not to attack our nails.

We look at the new products Essence of Line Studio Nails:

are the decorations that can be applied directly on the nail or the enamel. Ideal for customizing nails to gel effect.Price: 2.49 €.

Tips for nails French manicure style are great for when we prefer to change your look. They are available in four versions including the pink shades! Price: 3.49 €

For those who love classical french with a little ‘longest fingernails, where the color is further marked. Ideal for a manicure always perfect. You can be removed without damaging the ‘fingernail. Price: 3.49 €

The collection of Essence Studio Nails also consists of a glaze to protect the nails brittle prone to rupture. To be used alone or as a base. Allows for hands-ordered and protected. Price: € 2.29.

One to effect gel polish that strengthens nails, makes them stronger and leaves an extraordinary shine. If applied to seal our normal enamel, significantly increases the gloss. Price: 2.49 €.

A glaze from ultra powerful formula can strengthen and harden our nails. It contains formaldehyde in accordance with the rules, so better to massage with oil or balm cuticles. Do not use more than 3 weeks. Price: 2.49 €

One by-gloss polish: gives shine and at the same time improves the durability of the enamel. Drying rapid and it can be used with any type of enamel. Price: 2.49 €

A glaze that strengthens and protects the nails in 2 steps:
Step One: Apply the base coat with nylon fibers to protect them
Step Two: Ideal for the healthy growth of the nails.
Price: € 2.29

The Two steps from continues with this nail polish Essence fixing the base enamel creating a truly amazing effect! It can also be applied without the base enamel. Price: € 2.29

A glue in the ideal case in which a nail flakes or breaks. It can also be used if you want to apply some decoration. Price: 2.79 €

Another product Essence Studio Nails is a gel from mango fragrance, good for softening the protruding cuticle. The tube with the nozzle allows you to push the cuticles. Price: € 2.29

protective oil from apricot scent. Just one drop and a gentle massage to nourish and moisturize your nails. Price € 2.49

A gel can soften cuticles in 15 seconds. The spout allows you to easily push back the cuticles. Price: € 2.29

A balm that moisturizes our nails long thanks to the properties of vitamin B5, beeswax and glycerin. Leave a fruity scent. Price: 2.49 €

Ideal for a perfect manicure. Just push the cuticles with the slanted part and with the other clean. Price: 1.99 €

Gloves Line Studio Nails in essence you can wear all night after, you apply a cream Essence choice. Upon awakening: MAGIC: the hands will be soft and so we can say goodbye to cracking! Price: 2.49 €

What do you think? For me it is a really great line and I will not miss these incredible products Essence ! Which you prefer?

Nail Fashion

Our hands are one of the smallest details that manage to give a picture of us. That’s why today we present the latest trends in textures and finishes for nail design and look so spectacular hands.

Decorating techniques

There are a variety of techniques to decorate our nails, some are simple and some very complicated. Discover the latest decoration techniques and give it a cool touch to your nails!


Galactic Nails

All the magic of the universe will be reflected in your nails with these simple steps. You do not need much time or money to give them a different and original tone.


  • black, bench and blue, pink and purple enamel.
  • A glaze glitter, preferably silver but any color you like could work.
  • transparent glaze
  • A small sponge
  • A stick or a large needle


Nail for Summer

The nails are an important accessory for women as it reflects personality and gives them a very attractive touch our hands. That’s why we give you some ideas for decorating your nails this summer. Do not miss out!

5. Nails Marineras

If these summer vacation you plan on traveling to the beach, you’re nails are ideal for you, you just need:

  •  red enamel
  • blue enamel
  • transparent glaze
  • Thin brush tip
  • white enamel


Decorated with Nails Cintilla

The nails are a very important part for women, we always want to be clean and the perfect opportunity, so today we bring you 8 ways to decorate with cintilla.


If you do not have much time, but want to see your beautiful nails this form of wear nail is right for you, with a simple touch, just paint your nails with enamel transparent and ring finger placed a small stone, that seem to be a ring and will look spectacular.


How to Make Nails Grow

Long nails have become a fixture over our look, there are many nail designs that allow us to decorate and show a little of our personality through your hands, in addition to the strong and beautiful nails are a sign of good health, so here are some tips to look impeccable and long fingernails.

Basic Tips

To make your nails grow fast, strong and healthy addition there are some simple but very effective tips you can follow carswers.


Decorated with Enamel Nails

Look decorated nails has become the complement to any look from the most casual to the most elegant and sophisticated, but not have to spend more to have them, here are some ideas to decorate your nails with enamel.

Polka Dots nails

On Growtheology, this nail design is very easy to do besides going perfect in this summer, all you have to do is choose your favorite glaze that will be the basis of your manicure, once dry using a punch or dotting tool and an enamel differently from the base color, you can play by placing the points in different positions or sizes, if you have a punch you can use a pin or hair pin.


Smalti Corrupted Neon Manicure Ciate

Ciate embraces fashion to the ‘summer 2013 of neon colors and launched in June a new manicure set super trendy: the enamels Corrupted Neon Manicure ciate that glow in the dark.

These new ciate glazes  include a nail polish in neon shades, iridescent glitter powder to be applied over the glaze and a special top coat that allowsciate Corrupted Neon Manicure of light in the dark.

The enamels ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure arrive in stores in Europe and ciate site, famous brand worldwide for its set of enamels with beads to create the super trendy “caviar manicure” very much in vogue in recent months, from June 2013, and we hope hope to see them soon in perfume Italian Sephora, which sell exclusively products of this brand in our country.

As surely you remember, we have already presented several times via the brand ciate, which amazes us every time with very special effects manicure fashionable as ciate Very Colourfoil Manicure, which allows you to create beautiful graffiti effects on the nails, and Sequined Manicure, consisting of micro bright sequins. Also, if you feel like taking a dip in the land of toys with us, do not miss our virtual tour at the booth ciate last Cosmoprof Bologna by clicking here.