How to Care for and Keep the Makeup Properly

Tips to care for and store properly their makeups

Nowadays it is increasingly common to find women in love with makeup and keep at home an arsenal worthy of professional makeup artists. Although the techniques to use the products correctly being popularized, many people still do not know how to keep makeup without compromising your life. Here’s how to care for and store your makes the right way: (more…)

Makeup Trends for Winter

Make to use in the cold

No mention of anything else. In times of fashion weeks, attention are all geared for 2012 winter trends. Have already been presented the concepts that will make success in the coldest season of the year, all on clothing, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup. As yet we cannot anticipate the winter shopping, because these parts haven’t arrived in stores, how about we stay inside of sets in question make? These trends can be copied at any time. (more…)

How to Make Lips with Speckled Effect

How to make lips with speckled effect

The winter is still far, but in a few months the climate should already begin to cool in some regions of the country. Thinking about it, you already remember how important it is to keep lips hydrated this time of year, because the cold let them dry. For this reason the gloss will be one of the most used products in the next season, but don’t think I will perfect lips with glow effect, because the fashion now is to mix and creamy lipstick gloss. See what’s the result: (more…)

For Those Who Love Makeup!

Makeup is an issue which every woman likes, there’s no denying, but good is when we go shopping and we can test products before everything! This is the only way we can be sure that you have all the lipstick color and nice texture; tom and dust combines with our skin; etc… For those who lives in questions about news of the beauty market, nothing better than the “tester” to control the quality of the product. (more…)

Release Liquid Matte Lipstick!

If there’s one thing that makes any woman addicted to makeup is that lipstick kkkkkk. Well, I fit in heimmm! I got home the releases of liquid matte lipstick VULT brand and I do a tutorial for you guys, I’m fancy now girls, run there on my You Tube channel to see in full color and see how I’m doing recording videos (aíiii What a shame). We have to evolve in life right, I’ve always been crazy about makeup, since she was a kid, I used to eat those gloss of Strawberry Shortcake my aunts, Oh how I was a pest kkkkkkk then back to our subject here …. (more…)

Red Lipstick

What do you think of red lipstick? I’ve read some disturbing things over the internet, such as, “I’m not ready to use”, “what will they think of me” or worse “is only for independent women”. Seriously, wait. According to the makeup artists, what sets the hue and brightness of the lipstick is the skin tone and size of lips, lips small strong tones and bright, the reverse is true. (more…)

The best summer fragrances for men’s 2015

Balmain Man: The freshness of bergamot blends with smoky notes of Saffron and nutmeg.

With the perfect summer scent, it behaves like with the right outfit: mostly airy and light. Therefore uncomplicated Water of Bathroom are recommended for the day and more intense Water of Colognes for the evening. What new Mr perfumes this summer especially well play the fragrance keyboard, we have found out for you… (more…)

Golden Globes: Makes and Styles!

Separated two styles and two makeups of the celebrity Golden Globes 2013 which I enjoyed quite a bit, actually, neither was going to flip post, but I found it quite interesting this season of parties and graduations, so it was worth showing to you!

I was in love with the beauty of Emily Blunt, even the comfort zone and bet in a sexy dress with cutouts, to complete: make smoky look with nude lipstick and pinkbrincão! I really liked Coke taut finish a cake thin, easy to do. Another girl that stood out was Giuliana Rancic: If your dress was controversial, at least got the hairstyle! This Cavalier Coke with plenty of volume and a slight cowlick was even more amazing live, and to complete, headband with rhinestone details!

Was this fashion red carpet hair wavy hair pulled to the side, many celebrities have chosen this hairstyle-the hint for the next party in case you want to go with the hair down. Two celebs bet not only on the same hair but in makes powerful!

Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Clint Eastwood was Miss Golden Globes 2013, wore a white lace dress leaving any bride jealous. Bet on red lipstick (we just view the manual of how to pass, not blurring and make it last all night!), eyes hazy in Brown and black eye contour pencil-make quick and convenient!

The pop diva J-Lo preferred to emphasize the eyes with shadow blur into gray lead tones and Navy Blue with black eyeliner, not to weigh illuminated the inside corner of eyes with shadow champagne, great trick. Bronzer instead of blush and lip gloss nude lips to be with a sexy and mysterious. If you were still in doubt hairstyle and make-up, are four good options to get to the salon and do the same!

What was the make and favorite hairstyle?

Photos: Reproduction

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