6 Tips to Keep Your Tricot Well Kept

Knitwear, dresses, sweaters, coats, vests and so on are comfortable and beautiful pieces, especially for the cooler times, they are usually more expensive because they are difficult to make.Good tricot clothing involves a lot of manual labor in your production, following difficult and often time consuming techniques.However, if you wash the tricot suit incorrectly, it can shrink, bend, stain and end all your beauty and elegance.We made this post with some tips to keep your tricot well taken care of, our goal is to help you take care of your pieces and increase the lifespan of your beloved knitting. (more…)

How to Choose the Right Sweater for Your Body

In this article I will give you a simple guide to choosing the right sweater for your physique. Woman’s wardrobe sweaters can not certainly miss. They come in different types: those lighter, they wear in spring and autumn, and heavy ones that protect us from the severe winter weather. The sweaters are very easy to wear and are suitable for many combinations, the shape is similar to that of a long-sleeved shirt, then with the neck which can be round, in v or boat neckline and of varying lengths. (more…)

Top 10 Gifts for Girlfriend

Between the month of May and the beginning of June, there is always that doubt: what to give of gift on Valentine’s Day? You can not repeat that of last year, and at the same time you have to surprise your love. Mission Impossible? Of course not! To prove to you how easy it is to choose, we have selected 10 gifts for you to give your girlfriend, which are among the best selling Le Lingerie. Check it: (more…)

Sweaters: Impossible Not to Fall in Love


Get to know some of our suggestions:

  1. the sophistication of the crystals and the sensuality of clippings and strips are the big bets of the pieces in this collection. Strong trend, the lingerie sexiest footprint has conquered more and more women. Double straps, crystals, Garter, transparency …  According to businesscarriers,  It’s all part of this universe of seduction where what counts is feeling even more appealing! Click on the piece to access the store.
  2. the animal print is a trend that has won the hearts of the fashionistas. In parts of the night line are a real luxury. That sweater with is all in soft and delicate, voil in Jaguar print. Perfect for very special nights! Click on the piece to access the store.
  3. short sleeve sweater all cute print Microfiber dancers. Super soft and comfortable can be used even as swimwear. Click on the piece to access the store.
  4. With thin handles and delicate ties this sweater is perfect for warm nights. The patch below the breasts offers good support. The pattern of balls is a Cutie Pie! Click on the piece to access the store.
  5. In tulle with print of butterfly, the sweater has romantic, with a slight frown ares in the bilge, ensuring a woman’s touch and delicate to play. Click on the piece to access the store.

Enjoy to buy according to your style. On Specialità you have the freedom to choose pieces that combine more with you according to your preferences.

Pink Knit Cardigan

A soft and light pink cardigan made of cotton yarn and knitted realized using a simple procedure and of easy realization. Required materials: 300g of pink cotton yarn, needles and a button # 5 (diameter = 1 cm).Employees points: shaved straight knitting; decrease fantasy right: 1st row: 2 m. dir., crossed over 1, 1 YO, 1 acc. 2nd iron and irons equal: lav.sts. as they arise. 3 ° row: repeat from 1st row; d iminuzione imagination left: 1st row: 2 m. tog., 1 YO., 2 m. together dir., 1 YO., 2 m.together dir., 2 m. dir. 2nd iron and irons equal: work sts. as they arise. 3 ° row: repeat from 1st row.


Multi Colored Cardigan Sweaters

Here for you a new leader to add to your collection of knitting. It is acardigan worked grilled with multicolor cotton yarn. The end result is much effect as you can see in the photo. Materials needed: 500 grams of multicolor cotton yarn, the needles number 6 and a metal hook closure. Make a sample of 14 mesh and 18 rows in stockinette stitch using the knife number 6 and should risultarvi a portion of 10 cm square.Here is how to work.


Jacquard Sweater Fashion

Antonym of glamour, the Jacquard sweater tries, in the image of the jacket or the zone, a discreet OPA on winter fashion.

Democratized in the 1950s with, in the same time, the winter sports and vacation pay, jacquard sweater is in contemporary fashion that the Nokia 3310 is the millenials: at worst a devalued antiquity, at best a fantasy

whose aesthetics decidedly vintage makes a must-have to show his peers.


The Perfect Sweater Dress

The good basics are the wardrobe of the fashionista that the organic market is the toil: indispensable. Impossible to imagine without the Green brain column that constitute these pi these as indestructible as timeless. On the menu of the day: the perfect sweater dress…

The concept of the sweater dress has beautiful simple tre, succeed  nest a perfect d variation of the said dress remains a daunting task. Must say words sweaters dresses are in trade seem less pens are like dresses part whole as sweaters that we’d happy to add 15 cm. (more…)

Affordable Winter Cardigans

Even after the economic crisis of 2008, with sales that drop by 30% and banks considering the bankruptcy of his workshop, lead clings and hanging. He said his brand thatit is only strengthened.

Besides that, true to his vision of the high-end, his son founded a beautiful hotel on the island, which has only a couple of beds8.

Drawing from the lessons of the dangers of mass tourism (low margins despite the volume), they continue to want to preserve the island in him offering a virtuous, respectful tourism for local culture and the environment.


How to Wear a Cardigan


God bénissz the person who invented this piece! Every man should have at least 2 or 3 in her wardrobe so that room can be helpful.
You never close the top button of her cardigan! As for a jacket or blazer.
This vest that is predominantly found in wool also available in silk, linen, cotton, alpaca, cashmere, mohair and is often subject to material mixtures (including those mentioned above)


Casual Sweater Tops for the Weekend

This week is going to be short and weekend – long enough to choose a flight out of town. The weather over the weekend will be pleasant, sunny and with typical spring temperatures. It made me pick some wonderful ideas to inspire you how to bring your feather or other favorite vest during vacation.

If you decide to spend it in the mountains I recommend you combine it with some nice sweater, plaid or denim jacket, comfortable shoes or classic mountain boots with low heels. If you’ve decided to embark on urban adventures, then the combinations are quite a bit more. Do not hesitate to combine it with a comfortable dress of thin knitting, blazer, denim jacket, sweater, jeans or wide flared trousers.


Printed Camouflage, a New Classic?

Overview recent res seasons on a number of podiums, the camouflage print could well – now like essential graphics l Leopard – leave soon the rank of the trendy reasons to join one of the timeless…

like the stripes of the re marini, the camouflage boasts many advantages likely to open the doors of the intemporalit, namely:

a background anything but mode, which allows it to display a certain authenticity and to bring a twist roots any look

a strong and easily recognizable graphic identity (more…)

Oversize Sweater: How to Wear?

Cozy, wide and reassuring, the oversize sweater took this season instead of the grey sweatshirt in the heart of the fashionistas. IP this apparently easy live which must nonetheless to see line e in mode “sharper” than “cocooning”, lose instantly lying in fashion appeal…

Overview on the fall of the Julia Sarr-Jackson and other “it” girls street-style looks, the oversize sweater has all the must have of the season. Careful however not to take this last too lgre opting for a mod the uneventful… (more…)

Skirt Midi Plus Long Sweater Is the Right Mix?

If the injunction was from an obscure English claw, the fashionista certainly could go his way without blinking. Yes, but here, the idea to combine midi and skirt long sweater coming straight from the inescapable Phoebe Philo, difficult to not at least study the issue…

Known for his ability reshuffle the cards in mati re of “do and don’t”, artistic director at C line is reached recently get the duo pull longuissime/skirt shy of the status of hrsie stylistic Association “must have”.

Yes, but here, if said duo works very well on the catwalk (the skirts and sweaters highly split to avoid falling into a body rilest jans), it is not be it m me once down in the street. Outside the fashion microcosm, difficult indeed to display IP these is cracking as high on the thigh. For esperer to thrive within the wardrobe of the trends etteuses, the midi/sweater skirt duo XXL must find a sensual alternative the immodest slot.  (more…)

Angora Sweater, H & M

If the 100 opus Martin Margiela for H & M has finally aver a bit disappointing, the sue sign d Swedish remains not less the place ideal for d nest IP these in the air from the time of the price very reasonable, this mustard angora sweater like melang…

Since it is known that simply place our angora sweaters in the frig operator one r or two hours before you wear them to avoid that these don’t s their coat at the gr to the wind, nothing don’t we emp che succumb their effect cocoon trend beard papa… except maybe their price (often enough lev) as well as their cup (which sometimes lack of modernity).


Mesh Nodes – Trends-2014/2015

Queen of the season, the mesh is decline in the collections fall/winter 2014-2015 in numerous variations cosy/warmy. We think any particularly to the consistent stylistic gimmick tie extr mit charpes and sleeves of sweaters in soft knots…

Between long bags knitting nous on the shoulder at Stella McCartney and pullovers nous in charpes at Christophe Lemaire, it is clear that the mood of the moment is the intersection of soft textures.  (more…)

Collections Resort 2015, Highlights

Between cama them shades, fluid gancel, printed s twist and influence sportswear, Resort 2015 collections if av rent especially particularly inspiring. Passing in review the different strengths of this locker room mid-season having acquired over the years a genuine legitimacy fashion…

The graphic patchworks fd operators of Stella McCartney

The re super heroes minaudi

Him cama had raspberry/bordeaux/rose layette seen at Lanvin

Chlo oversize sweater who, with long sleeves and its generous size, ask what come r heat skirt pencil and skinny jeans

Suspenders jewelry Chlo (mix are sober coquetry of a sky blue dress, they make up as reducing telscopage of genres)

The body of Jason Wu polos (more…)

The High Bun of Kate Bosworth

If the actress and series Kate Bosworth has a knack for consist of the enlant looks perfection, capsule that comes from achieve a collection for our site is also not equal to making hairstyles as simple as f Affairs, like this falsely classic high bun…

While there are more young women who have recently adopted the “Karlie Kloss Cup” ( Lauren Bastide (she) Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) through Marion Cotillard), some pr f rent as they keep their length, in order to be able to continue tie their hair in “small rat of the Opera” mode. We think special slightly Kate Bosworth, d pit to be known to track trends at the foot of the letter, has for the moment not succomb to the call of the vague carr. (more…)