Traditional X Slim Fit Suit: Which Is Better?

Some find the classic suit unbeatable, others find the modernity of cut slim fit perfect, but weighing in the balance the qualities and the flaws of the two options of men’s formalwear, which would come out a winner? Below we expose a brief comparison that can help you ponder about it, but it’s always good to remember that everything is a matter of style and need, so even if one is better than the other, at the end of the account that matters is which one fits best in your routine! (more…)

Lady GaGa, Wore Armani Suits in Turin

Lady Gaga wore clothing Giorgio Armani on the occasion of his tour that tonight has made a stop in Turin, there was much anticipation for this event and we want to keep you company by showing you the sketches of the clothes that King George has created especially for the eccentric singer . The tour Monster Ball Lady Gaga led the singer around the world, began in February 2010 and is now also reached the Italian stage.