How To Wear Shorts With White Blouse And Ankle Boot

Make A Look Look Comfortable With This Combination Of Jeans With White Shirt And Short Boot

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For a lot of people, the shorts have already replaced the pants, after all it can go almost everywhere. They are always a charming option to compose the look, considering that the short jeans every year gets new clothes. Not to be missed, the sure combination is undoubtedly the white blouse and ankle boot.

Nowadays there are various models of this piece jeans, with tacks, spikes, torn, pockets and lining appearing and customized, so the combination with the boots ankle boots makes the look even more complete and stylish.

At first it may seem incoherent, since short is a short piece and the boot is to warm, but the combination becomes warm with pantyhose with the thinnest yarn and in dark colors in the autumn season and the thicker with yarn 40 or 80 for the winter.

To combine a look that combines the versatility of the boot with the stripped style of jeans shorts, bet on the white blouse, which is the maximum joker of any look.

To complete the look with short jeans, the options are numerous: leather jackets, aviator jacket, blazers, denim jackets, coats, trench coat, long sleeve shirt, plaid shirt, jeans shirt, 4 in vests, in heavy trousers, with scarf and hat and even in knit sweaters.

In fact, shorts and boots can have different productions from the time or place you plan to go, but do not be afraid to wear short jeans in the winter. Knowing how to ride, the combinations look beautiful. Check out these more general tips:

If it is for a casual look, for shopping or casual walking, you can wear shorts without socks and preferably a short heeled boot; White blouse and more colorful accessories for a cheerful look.

For the evening, you can make the same combination and invest in more tidy accessories like a maxi necklace, gilded, scarf and structured coat.

Be careful with the length of the piece, since very short shorts and high heel without sock, do not even think! It will result in an unfavorable look, and look vulgar.

If you want a casual chic look with a shorts, invest in the thicker stockings, preferably without designs to not emphasize the volume of the legs (unless that is the intention) and are always the same color as the boot.

For that has thick leg, the color of the shorts more indicated would be the ones of dark wash combining always with the ankle boots.

Do not mix light sock with dark boot or otherwise light boot or colored with dark sock. This mixture of colors will flatten the look, attract attention and increase what you do not want.

Short jeans look tips

Short black jeans with white t-shirt and ankle fringe boot

Short jeans with white tank top, leather jacket and sports ankle boot

Short jeans with white blouse, plaid shirt, dark pantyhose and black ankle boot

Short jeans with loose white blouse and ankle boots with spikes

Short dark jeans with white shirt, long coat and ankle boot peep toe

Short jeans destroyed with white printed t-shirt and sports ankle boots

Short jeans with pocket appearing with white shirt and light ankle boots

Short jeans boyfriend with white shirt and V neck sweater

Short jeans with white t-shirt, jeans shirt and ankle boot

Short jeans with loose white blouse, blazer and ankle boot peep toe

Short ripped jeans with dark thong pantyhose, white blouse with details and neckerchief

Combine your jeans shorts with white blouse and ankle boot, which will always be fashionable this winter.

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