Wedding Dresses Fashion Trends

Wedding Dresses

No longer reigning absolute, the white wedding dress, in 2017, will yield a bit to place your new colors, which arrive with everything fashionable brides and promise to be one of the largest betting and trends. Views in many international shows, such as Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier, who brought the catwalks beautiful bridal gowns and colorful, the shades as roses, ash, light green, beige, ivory and nudes, dominated the major international parades bridal fashion. (more…)

Mangano New Collection

A women’s clothing and structured, but ironically demystified with rock palette of choices. long dresses and short dresses, maxi skirts or wheel models with a high waist for Summer 2015.

The clothing collection Mangano for the 2015 Summer turns to a woman who wants to enhance their femininity but without forgetting irony. Haute couture silhouette inspired by the ’60s are contaminated with unstructured forms that look to the seventies, and contrast with the characteristic flavor of the rock brand in an urban environment ’90s. Among the recurring themes are the pink / cherry often accompanied to the black, the striped prints, composite figures, large polka dots, macramé, lace, animal prints and the network technique used as if it were an original lace. Denim can be used either as an added value, both as a link between contrasting leaders.


Wedding Dress of the Week: Sophie by Sareh Nouri

When she herself was looking for a wedding gown, the designer Sareh Nouri had great problems finding her dress. The studied graphic designer had experience in arranging fabrics and decided to work briefly: she designed her wedding gown on her own. The native Iranian woman attacked classical Brautkleidtraditionen and combined it in such an elegant way with modern, light design that soon the first own collection should follow. (more…)

Round Sunglasses: Vintage Fashion Is Back!

Sunglasses are more than just accessories, every day they get more space in the wardrobe and has featured guaranteed at look, nowadays we are virtually changing glasses according to the mood, and there are so many models that it is easy to assemble the collection But if you are like me you want to be always in fashion, you’ll A-M-A-R today hints. The years 60 and 70 are dominating fashion, there can be no doubt, so of course it couldn’t be different this time, the glasses of the moment are the bubble, you know that model which is one of the strongest features of John Lennon, Rita Lee, only in a larger size as it is he is with tuuuuuuudo, and the best? Will continue PUMPING in the summer that is almost knocking our door (all love ♥). (more…)

2014 Cocktail Dresses

Already approaching the holidays. And as it is a time of celebration and fun, we want to care for the look that will look at events or parties. And the big question arises what may be starting to look perfect? It’s simple, no doubt any about which style show, you should bet on a traditional one that you’ll always hit, cocktail dress.

It is between glamour and sophistication of the party long dresses and the self-assurance and the jovilidad of very short dresses, cocktail dresses. These dresses are super stylish and elegant outfits that make highlight the figure of all the girls that lead it implementation. If you still don’t know which is which most favors you, I immediately give tips as choose the ideal dress for these events. Surely you be right. (more…)

Ciganinha Dresses Short, Long, Looks to Go Out

Who has not heard of this model of ciganinha dresses? This model that brings references of pieces that have already been very successful in the 70’s, is back and now with everything, pleasing women of different tastes and styles.

The model that is also known as shoulder to shoulder, is perfect to be used in those days of summer, and today we will speak a little of the several possibilities that this piece offers. (more…)

Gorgeous Microfiber Party Dresses

You can bet on beautiful models of microfiber party dresses, as this is one more trend in the market that comes to make it easier for you to be beautiful woman at any occasion.

The models are quite varied and you will see models adjusted to the body, models in the style tubinho, straight, with skirts round and waist marked, style A, princess style, anyway, options in cuts are not lacking. (more…)

Models of Women’s Shoes with Sheat and Dress (Modern Looks)

For you woman the Puma women’s sneaker offers not only beauty and modern design, but also much comfort and convenience for your day to day activities.

A brand that is already known and recognized in many countries around the world, offers everything that women need good shoes to withstand strong impacts, offering models that appeal to different tastes and styles. (more…)

Prom Dress

The big day has arrived!

After years of study, fun, the time has come long-awaited maturation: graduation.

It’s our day, wanting to appear natural and protrude on the other guests. For the students is allowed almost anything and at the moment of choice of prom dress, we can’t stop thinking about anything and choose the one that makes us feel good, that highlight our strengths and leave us with self esteem. (more…)

Trend: Shift Dress

Hi guys, okay? This is Sandy from Girls in fashion, and today I bring you another super retro trend that’s booming, the Shift Dress.
It is impossible to think of a tube dress without come to mind the classic model immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in the film breakfast at Tiffany’s in the years 60. And it is on this model that is back in the closet with some modifications that you will learn more in today’s post.

Navy Blue Evening Dresses

Whenever you invite us to a party at night, this means to choose a right dress it. As we all know, if it’s a party that will be held in the evening, you should choose dresses in dark colors and glitters. If you have been invited to this kind of party do not miss throughout the article. So here i’ll show you several pictures of dresses in navy blue for different parties at night, so you don’t see them.

First of all i want to know the dresses in this shade of blue to combine very well with shoes silver, nude, blue, black, red and gold.


Plus Size Black Dress With Patches Xica Vain

I know that you are feeling a lack of posts and especially the looks. My MBA has just begun, has 1000 work stuff going on and unfortunately there just left pro blog. We ask only that have a little bit of patience in this new phase of adaptation, but it will all enter the shaft! To kill the homesickness of you the looks, today I show one of the releases of Xica Vain: plus size black dress with patches. He is super cute, fun and jovial because it has the tendency of fun patches on it. I don’t need to tell you how much I’m loving this trend, huh? The child who dwells in me is all happy!