How to Choose the Ideal Top for Workout

Do your favorite sport with the wrong sneakers and see what happens. The same is true when you risk practicing your favorite mode with a wrong top. And believe me, most women are wrong in choosing yours. A US-based survey of fitness and physical activity experts found that women tend to buy tops that over-tighten their breasts, but whose breasts (the one that surrounds the base of the breasts and back) are loose.


Larissa Rojas Sneakers

Today is the day to descend the jump on the Hunch of Luxury and plunge into the universe of shoes that conquered dancers and Cinderellas everywhere in the world:the SHOES! Although she never will have the processing power of heels, a sneaker is chic and eternal in itself. Is simple and elegant, and remains as one of the few shoes without heel that the fashion world has adopted and loves. And is comfortable. The Muse Brigitte Bardot sex on flawless Audrey Hepburn, the sneaker has always had a share of famous fans. Before becoming an actress, Muse of sex and fashion icon, Brigitte Bardot was a dancer. He was also a loyal fan of Reppeto shoes with tip. When Bardot signed the contract to participate in the film “and God created woman” (Roger Vadim in 1956) asked Rose Repetto to do a pair of sneakers for her use in the, now legendary, mambo scene. Madame Repetto, working on little shop of the Rue La Paix, created for Bardot a pair of red shoes. The actress immediately fell in love with them. When the film was released, Bardot and sneakers became a sensation overnight. A year later, Audrey Hepburn put on his own pair in the dance scene in the movie “Cinderella in Paris”, and the shoes again flew from the screens to the streets. Today, 50 years later, the same footwear that Bardot and Hepburn loved are still so you want as soon as possible! (more…)

Fashion Sneakers for All Brazil

Everyone knows that I love entrepreneurship, especially the feminine! Today the story is of a woman warrior, fighter, who comes to your company’s growth, is dear Larissa Rojas Sneakers. We women love shoes, of all kinds, round, with buckles, colorful, like one of each color kkkk. Sneakers itself leave our look feminine and delicate, falls very well with any look, after all comfort is tuuudo on life of any woman, regardless of age. As we women love a shoe again, today I will show you the latest from the Larissa Rojas, this post shows the shoes of your new collection. Larissa targets this market already has a few years and each day her success multiplies by this Brazil. She has two points of retail sales here of Campo Grande, just opened a store in Várzea Grande in Mato Grosso, sends mail to every corner of the country and still sells at wholesale! Who has a clothing store or shoe store, you need to know the shoes people! It is also a little tip good for those who want to earn a few bucks extra saw, just resell! (more…)

12 Suggestions for Sneakers to Blockbuster Looks!

The versatility of the sneakers make them the constant companions in various looks, thanks to the amazing designs that have taken care of the Windows, leaving the sneakerheads freaks. Traditional All Star of Converse are a great example of how a shoe can be stylish without being flashy, opening an extensive range of combinations. Here are some examples of models that yield good looks:


Inspire Your Look: Casual with Sneakers

OII us! I’ve missed writing to you! We were on a break here in the blog for personal reasons. But, it’s time to go back and to resume with the posts here on the blog, of course, we “Inspire her Look super beautiful for you! Bora check?
Who join us know who recently spent a few days on vacation in Porto Alegre/RS and there, we pretty much just looks more casual and comfortable! Vacation is vacation right people, look! Hahaha.

4 Tricks to Keep White Sneakers

The white sneakers are one of the strongest trends for winter shoes: it is a legacy of the eighties, who came back into fashion, to the delight of all women who love to flaunt chic casual look slightly ‘retro. There is, however, one small problem with this model of shoes: color. White, you know, it gets dirty more easily if the rule applies to clothes, let alone with the shoes. Did you know that there are some tricks to keep alive the color of our white sneakers? Here are 4 tricks that maybe you did not know!

1. Bleach

For stubborn dirt, you can use bleach, but it’s good degreaser kitchen or aqueous sodium bicarbonate.


Jr Sneakers Me Dreyfuss

Far from don’t be a tendency phmre, the city appears sneaker more as a basic essential. Not surprising sd then as Jr me Dreyfuss, Cantor of cool urban’s, chose of is there interested spr…

Some claws such as Chanel and Marc Jacobs chose to make the basketball their new exp testing ground, other PR f rent betting on more portable creations that conceptual. This is particularly the case of Jr me Dreyfuss, who book us for June 2014 a pair of sneakers of city design certainly without surprise, but nonetheless well enough pens to make us want to make the infid s bed our Nike too color and other tennis canvas immacule. (more…)

New Isabel Marant Sneaker

Strong of a success which not is delie, the famous sneakers offset are Isabel Marrant rempilent for summer 2013, with program the in mod said and a r Edition of the now inevitable “Bekett” and “Betty”…

Cr creative prefer of Parisian women has nice to be recently declar “a little d taste” offset by the avalanche of copies of his sneakers are since their arrival in store in 2010, that not the emp che not for as many continue the decline this season. (more…)

White Sneakers: How to Wear Them?

Coming direct from the ann 80, white sneakers are currently stealing the spotlight from sneakers ultra color are of recent res seasons. Rest know how to wear…

They will be perfectly married to the baggy pants of the moment (see here, here and there). Pants that you will choose black, Khaki or Navy Blue and that it be accompanied by a small grey fine sweater.

Whether cotton or leather, slim Black 7/8 will be one of the best allies of the white sneakers (see here and l). It will associate it either to the duo jean/short black vest, a shirt cama had Navy Blue and slate textures angora sweater neck roll and coat in wool cloth base. (more…)

Slip Sneakers – We

Guest star in the second installment of Kenzox Vans sneakers “slip – we” currently have the wind in its sails. Views as well Zara that at Jimmy Choo, these could well sd this spring steal the show from must-see runnings…

After long chauss skaters and fans of winter sports, the sneaker “slip – we” eimagin in the ann 80s by Paul Van Doren – founder of the Vans brand – today, starting a second life inviting in a fashion sphere which, since the success of the trend “slippers”, no h site more pl bisciter more comfortable than glamour shoes. (more…)

Adidas Stan Smith, the Return

Fans of the famous Stan Smith of Adidas can rest assured: after to have stop marketing in 2012, the German claw has announced return to shop his legendary basketball…

In re of sneakers, he makes not good touch to the pillars of the genre. Present on the market since soon 50 years, Stan Smith poss of indeed of many fans, who did not really enjoy this updated their check mod closet in 2012. It must be said that the latter has long been part of the urban landscape…

Ponyrama Pierre Hardy Sneakers

If the offset sneakers are of Isabel Marant seem to have lead in the wing, it is assur lie the case of sneakers rising con Siu by Pierre Hardy, that attract new this season all covetousness…

Between color-block and design ergonomics street, unisex sneakers of Pierre Hardy clebrent today their 5 years and a sirabilit d intact. It must be said that these avrent well less copi’re than their marantiens counterparts and are subtly repens each season by Pierre Hardy. Not to mention the Edition limit streaming e of such mod, which their fast all botched prmatur. (more…)

Lodge of the Ankle

Long permite by the gent fashion, ankle appears today as the linchpin of vo you good number of looks. It must be said that it has no equal to conf RSP gr silhouette this and gancel…

The ann after you pass are pl bisciter a minit more feds collar and tiny skirts Dipping shots, fashion has in recent seasons with a certain modesty.

Main figurehead of this no-minimalism, Phoebe Philo is reached in a few seasons impose a new code of reduction by introducing a gap of a few centimeters between shoe and pants very: the remains of the sexual liberation mlant miniskirts Mary Quant and revealing blouses, she prefer so the subtle charm of a naked put ole mall. Much more democratic than the ds collar of the Marilyn and others, this last has it is true all of the easy stylistic gimmick live, able to boost ais one held and transferable almost all styles. (more…)

The Tennis Bensimon

If the simple tennis Bensimon seemed far somewhat pass by the wave of sneakers and other sneakers high-grade hype d ferlant currently in the wardrobes, it was not counting on the mind of the Joker of Miuccia Prada who, solving put on mannequins of his last thread of canvas Recalling strongly the bestseller of the claw Bensimon, restored it last a healthy dose of fashion appeal…

When the end of the year are 70, Serge Bensimon decides to dye in different colours 20 annuities 100,000 slippers from a military surplus gym, he does not suspect that he just gave birth a mythical tennis. Quickly, success is indeed at the appointment, so that once the stock coul, Serge Bensimon has choice to launch its own production of tennis. The tennis slightly more fines than the mod the to origin and closed are either with laces or elastic band. (more…)

The Runnings, Always on Top

If the trend “runnings in the city” has somewhat lost in vitality suite d ferlante “brief – it”, said sports shoes still not less s reduce the fashionistas. As if, after taste their off-road comfort, these latest look would now like a pi this essential to their wardrobe…

When in 2012, claws are branch and cool girls made the runnings of their new hobby, rare were those who believed the p durability of this gimmick coming directly from the ann are 90. Almost two years later, the latter is yet still a place in the dress code of trend-setter.

Sneakers – Trends Fall / Winter 2015-2016

Between iconic models, sneakers, shades avalanche disco, carbon monochrome futuristic quickdraw small passage in review of the main trends this season animating the world of sneaker…

The classics

If Stan Smith are still in vogue this season, those wishing to put on an iconic model will nevertheless not hesitate to opt for slightly less views sneakers, like the Gazelles (including the quickdraw seventies seduce “sneakers addicts” fans flare jeans), the New Balance 576 maroon (which will fit perfectly with the colors of the season) and Nike Internationalist (which will confer a dynamic draws to ⅞ cigarette pants and other rights jeans with rolled the ankle). In other words, it is time to abandon the virginal monochrome in favor of a little chromatic audacity. (more…)

Wanted: Nike Sneakers Internationalist

She may now dating a few seasons, the trend “runnings in town” continues none the less to seduce. As if, like the leopard print, the basketball outfits mixed with “no sportswear” had become a generational classic. In this context, difficult not to succumb to the Internationalist model from Nike…

After 30 years in the shadow of his colleagues point, the Nike Internationalist today returns to the front of the stage. Although with its retro looks and draws in light years from that of the age-old Stan Smith, this model fits perfectly with our desire for trainers of the moment.  (more…)

Street-Style Autumn 2016: Trends Sneakers

Whatever anyone says, the approaches to the fashion weeks are a good barometer for trends, and particularly in terms of sneakers. Nothing like and a quick look on the latest street style magazines to get an idea of sneakers that will make us want – or not – in a few weeks…

If one believes the trend-setter, the era of Stan Smith would be well and truly over. After several seasons reigns almost unchallenged, the iconic adidas basketball has indeed grown weary, giving way to other models that have not undergone a marketing hype as intense.  (more…)

Wanted: a Pair of Pink Sneakers

The sneakers are beautiful now have a slight deficit popularity among trend-setter, they remain no less practical, comfortable and ideal for a twister look. In the early autumn, it is still legitimate to splurge on a pair of tennis; provided of course that this is not Stan Smith…

If the tribe of shoes, boots and other shoes has recently gripped the white monochrome (thus making the shoes the same color a bit outdated), the radius sneakers the “all-over color” continues to pull out of the game, and especially when it comes to diving tennis the time in one of the flagship colors of the season, namely pink.  (more…)