Shoe Trends: The Heel Sculpture

The heels have always been synonymous with femininity .Although few seasons the flat is back into fashion (from sneakers, the dancers, the lace), from their origin – some say that was the mysterious Mona Lisa to wear them for the first time – have always been a symbol of sensuality par excellence among the accessories designed for the woman according to
spring is finally here, summer is around the corner, but the attention of the fashion world has already moved ahead, autumn / winter 2017 that will give ample space to heels: from style twenties to the seventies, from the Baroque to the futuristic, high heels and platform will be the protagonists of the next season with new proportions, special texture, vertiginous stiletto.

Here are 4 captive models proposed by as many famous designers in the presentations of the collections for next autumn.

The disc with Casadei

The brand that has made the history of Italian footwear offers immersion in the aesthetics of the Seventies: folk, hippie, punk, these adjectives characterize the shoes for the next season, in an atmosphere entirely genderless from the soul and disco . No coincidence return the wedge and the plateau, symbols of the disco period in combination with flared trousers – even in these extremely.


Christian Louboutin Banana Platform Pumps

Christian Louboutin is a fashion designer loved by titte women, manages to make us more sexy and feminine than ever, its legendary red sole has become an institution and we can not see who put a bit ‘in the shade guru Manolo Blahnik that between now Louboutin, Zanotti, Yves Saint Laurent and Ferragamo no longer the undisputed dominion over the world of footwear. Today we see together a successful Christian Louboutin shoe, the Banana Platform Pumps, which have already been sported by many celebrities.


Retro Style Heels

The Frenchman is a kind of elegant shoes and etiquette, they are fine with either a skirt or with pants or with a few clothes. Find out how to match them perfectly!

or a woman, a shoe is something more than a mere accessory : a shoe can be a means to represent themselves, a whim that passes in front of a shop window, you decide to take off, a way to feel different, more beautiful, more sensual, higher, more comfortable and so on.

Today we are featuring a kind of shoes , perfect if you want to feel elegant and feminine, they are a classic but at the same time represent a choice is not obvious: are the brogues, shoes with laces, with high heel or low heel .

Are shoes from the back of flavor and good taste, which can pair with different outfits, both for the day and for the evening, but those with high heels have a limit: in fact, cut the leg at the ankle, they are more indicated for those with slender legs.


How to Wear High Heels

Admire the girls who would be able to run a marathon on on high heels? If your dream is to be able to wear them with grace and majesty, without swaying like a pink Flamingo, here are some smart tips for success.

  1. Forget the high heelsTip rather on a heel with platform: stability and will help your don’t have to take it off after only 15 minutes. PS: Even the models occasionally fall from wedges, then limited to an increase of a few centimetres if you don’t want to risk a fall.
  1. Make the evidence of poise at home, like in the movies, wearing heels and putting a book on your head. Possibly not pride and prejudice or war and peace. Choose a volume light. Just read ebook? No, do not use the e-reader. Opts if anything for the kitchen cutting board. (more…)

How to Wear Heel Shoes

The high heel is part of the basic line of the guard female clothing. They say that the woman is not even female is never used heels. Because?Because they value their legs, they help to keep the firm and slender body and are a good tip for those who want to be more stylish. There is no party dress without high heels, no formal meeting without lifting the feet.


Healthy High Heels

You’re in love with your stiletto, but they may not return the love.
Walk on his heels all day is never really comfortable, but you we’re used to, right? Not so fast. A new study in the International Journal of Clinical Practice found that you can stand on heels with ease but at the same time you can destroy the physical.

The Korean university researchers Hanseo recruited 40 healthy female students to examine this theory. The girls of the Air Tourism course were called to wear heels to class. (To date, corny right?) The researchers then divided into groups to study the reactions of the body after four years of heels worn every day.

Even if you bring heels initially it strengthens the ankle muscles, ends up weakening them, causing an imbalance in the following year, some sentinel future hassles. The girls who wore shoes with 10 cm heels more than three times a week have developed a strong imbalance in four muscles of the ankle.

If the heels ports, the researchers recommend stretching regularly to strengthen your ankles. Walking on retro heels trying to climb on your toes doing repetitions of “up and down”. And also if sometimes can feel sometimes without heels, wearing flat shoes such as ballet shoes, sandals or sneakers, it’s even better.

How to Walk in High Heels

May be a ridiculous question but believe it is one of the most made by women. It’s amazing how one type of shoe can make all the difference and I could walk with him too.Many women have difficulty when walking, because we will match the pet is hard, and gets that question in the air, how to walk in high heels? Sounds easy and simple and there are some tips that can help you face that fear. The tips that I’ll give you my beautiful readers is nothing more than the master of heels, our dear Louboutin. Yes, those who never dreamed of a red sole shoes? I dream to this day and he gives several tips for those who want to learn how to walk in heels.


The Heeled Patent Leather Prada

They are colorful, super chic and they immediately think to summer. Are the amazing heeled patent leather Prada has proposed in the 2012 Cruise collection, which will make sparks our feet as fashion victim! After the oddities of the spring summer 2012 collection shoes, with Cruise collection Miuccia Prada seems to be back to focus on the classic models and definitely evergreen that amaze us in brilliant tones and extremely glamorous. The really amazing pumps that will be perfect in any look, even in the most casual but very soul chic!


The Square Heels – Summer 2014 Trend

More stable than stilettos, more the gers are the offset and less Spartan than the flat soles, heels square may well this t steal the spotlight from other forms of on rise shoesesques…

Cr creators and the seasons were beautiful to success der, nobody has yet found more flattering than a pair of shoes high perch to sublimate the curve of the leg. However, walk 10 good centimeters very of the ground can quickly is avrer p rilleux, both for the balance for the look. Difficult indeed for the rest of the deadly to tame with l gance stilettos or take over the drying trend f have the offset soles are burdening the d market and the calf…  (more…)

Pumps + Oversize Coat = the Right Mix

In terms of looks, it’s all about volume and proportions. Well balanced, some duets and assure us a remarkable and dramatically elegant silhouette, like the oversize coat mix / high heels perched …

Collections of lighthouse room Max Mara (and more recently brands such as Celine, Balmain, Jil Sander or Stella McCartney), along oversize coat has all the essential basic. It is true that his presence in a style often guarantees a look subtly in the air time to those that nestle there.  (more…)

Flat Sandals, Operating Instructions

Judging by the edge of the recent fashion week Milan, fashion flat Sandals – aper EU successively on the catwalks of t 2013 then within the Resort 2014 collections – has indeed managed s reduce the professional style. Careful however not to commit odd, this kind of shoes not forgiving any stylistic approximation…

If the latitude zero now part an integral part of the DNA of the ‘it’ sandal, it remains no less p rilleuse. Indeed just marry her IP this slightly m m risante to meet up with a look cheesy, old-fashioned, or even frankly unflattering. (more…)

Pumps: Trends 2013

While many of season shoes appear almost conceptual originality, the classic stiletto op re as him a genuine comeback. Gem offering to foot an insolent arch, this is d cline now on all the tones, the more sober style the sharper looks indeed…

  1. black pumps


like the little black dress, shoes r sliding part of the indispensable a wardrobe worthy of the name. Yes but now, if thought in totally pure mode, the latter displays a deniable ind charm is combined of a hint of madness that it appears today the more desirabled. (more…)

Pumps + Socks, Operating Instructions

After a few seasons of absence, the gimmick of the sock e gliss in shoes is recently back in force on the catwalks of Chanel and Saint Laurent. Between effect “Clueless” and “editorial look”, however it is not certain that this modus operandi for Frisky fashionistas reaches itself on the urban spav…

If those having followed closely the last wire d be certainly in the mix “pumps + socks” a duo highly trendy, others may as they fort remain banned before this association ch re Miuccia Prada.


Debrief Fashion # 15

Mix between Calvin Klein, Italian white underpants, emoji designer, post-pregnancy body, burn-out fashion, shoes and detox Instagram arty / MS, passing in review the fashion news in recent days…

Calvin Klein mixed parade

For his first show at Calvin Klein, Raf Simons has decided to embrace the trend of mixed presentation. A bias that in equating the feminine and masculine wardrobe plan offers claws that are experimenting a clearer readability and a more coherent overall image. Do we expect to see this kind of initiative to multiply in the coming seasons.