How to Make a Straw Bag

Renew your summer look is easy, just point to Accessories. This is how you customize a straw bag.

Summer time. There are those who, weather permitting, has already planned weekend at sea, who is mentally praparando wardrobe and luggage because you chose to go on vacation in July. Those who must wait for August or September, but since it’s summer vacation also look for work chooses.


Finding the Right Bag

Used in ancient times by the Romans, who called bursa (around 01 century BC) or saddlebag, the scholarship was originally a simple bag, made of leather, worn by men and women to carry food, money or any other object.

The bag could be used at the waist, shoulders or in the saddle of the animals.

Over time, the stock market became an accessory exclusively female, though the fashion industry come investing enough in models of men’s bags.


Marsala – Trend Color

Have you heard? The new year is full of energy, because an earthy Burgundy called Marsala is the trend colour by 2015. Now, to the color of the year, she was named by PANTONE color specialist. The company based in the United States develops color systems, is working with those in the graphics and printing and providing that for example, distinctive corporate colors always look the same, no matter on which paper or surface. Since PANTONE colors are always reproducible by a unique code. Trend forecast and analysis of the color market a luminary PANTONE is not only in the field of printing, also in the area of furnishings and fashion is based on the color specialists. (more…)

Models of Women’s Wallets from Fasolo

The Fasolo is one of the leading brands in leather products in the country, especially when the subject is quality portfolios. Specializing in items for the male audience, now the brand is gaining more prominence with parts for women by investing in modern design and according to the main fashion trends. See in detail the line Carolina Fasolo, prepared only for the creation of women’s wallets: (more…)

Legaspi Summer

High Summer Collection 2011 Legaspi

The Legaspi, women’s handbags and footwear brand, launches your collection to the high summer 2011 in style, complementing with new products the successful summer collection, which is already in stores. Are new models of handbags and shoes with the innovative design that always offers its consumers. (more…)

Models of Sandals with Ankle Bracelet for the Summer

Meet The Models Of Sandals With Ankle Bracelet

The sandals are among the most commonly used footwear models for women this time of year, due to hot weather. And among so many options and different styles, there’s always the trends of the moment, which ends up calling the attention of those who are more connected in the news and releases. Among those bets are the models of sandal with ankle bracelet. Learn more about these sandals and how to use them: (more…)

Capes and Jackets: Winter Trends.

When you think of a superhero, which is the first piece of clothing that comes to mind? Without doubt, the COVER! Batman, Robin, Superman, Magneto, National Kid, Storm and many others … all wore a Cape that, in addition to protecting, was a symbol of power, mystery and even a certain charm! It turns out that the cover is not just a superhero. Today, she is a harsh coat that conceals the arms mysteriously. In antiquity emerged as critical piece of clothing men’s outerwear. In Ancient Greece, men wore on tunics; in the Renaissance the play continued with an important element of men’s clothing, making glamour with various ornamentation and sparkles. In the 19 century, the life of man was another, industrialised. The activities of the time demanded more agility and arms on display. With this the cover fell into disuse, replaced by dinner jackets, tuxedos and, finally, suits. However, from the late 1940, with strong male influence and military clothing, the cover back to the fashion wardrobe, now at version for women. (more…)

Reebok Sportswear

Nowadays people are more health conscious and also with the sedentary, so seek sport options and specialized clothing for the best use of the sport. For all this there is several options where you can find the best clothes and the best footwear for every sports, aiming to explore a little bit more about this area we the world of let’s talk about the Reebok sports clothing which are an excellent mark for you like to play sports. (more…)

How to Choose the Ideal Top for Workout

Do your favorite sport with the wrong sneakers and see what happens. The same is true when you risk practicing your favorite mode with a wrong top. And believe me, most women are wrong in choosing yours. A US-based survey of fitness and physical activity experts found that women tend to buy tops that over-tighten their breasts, but whose breasts (the one that surrounds the base of the breasts and back) are loose.


Larissa Rojas Sneakers

Today is the day to descend the jump on the Hunch of Luxury and plunge into the universe of shoes that conquered dancers and Cinderellas everywhere in the world:the SHOES! Although she never will have the processing power of heels, a sneaker is chic and eternal in itself. Is simple and elegant, and remains as one of the few shoes without heel that the fashion world has adopted and loves. And is comfortable. The Muse Brigitte Bardot sex on flawless Audrey Hepburn, the sneaker has always had a share of famous fans. Before becoming an actress, Muse of sex and fashion icon, Brigitte Bardot was a dancer. He was also a loyal fan of Reppeto shoes with tip. When Bardot signed the contract to participate in the film “and God created woman” (Roger Vadim in 1956) asked Rose Repetto to do a pair of sneakers for her use in the, now legendary, mambo scene. Madame Repetto, working on little shop of the Rue La Paix, created for Bardot a pair of red shoes. The actress immediately fell in love with them. When the film was released, Bardot and sneakers became a sensation overnight. A year later, Audrey Hepburn put on his own pair in the dance scene in the movie “Cinderella in Paris”, and the shoes again flew from the screens to the streets. Today, 50 years later, the same footwear that Bardot and Hepburn loved are still so you want as soon as possible! (more…)