Being Attractive Is a Matter of Attitude (And to Change Seven Bad Habits)

Appearances aren’t everything. Our mothers told it from a very small, but many times we strive to ignore them and concern us more than our outward appearance to cultivate our interior. However, be attraction of truth has much more to do with your attitude that with the right haircut look. And with delete these seven habits, real errors in that if you fall just get people you avoid, by very cute wherever you go. (more…)

The Best Announcement of Barbie That You’Ll See in a Long Time

Probably Barbie It is one of the dolls most famous… to say that more. But at the same time is what most criticism has had over the years: your measurements, her makeup as well as that macho touch that has surrounded it ever has made that poor blonde receives adjectives of all kinds. But now Mattel He has been stepping and created the best ad of the history. We’re exaggerating? Look at it with your own eyes and voices. (more…)

5 Truths Not What Are Always (And Believe Us Both Repeat)

We believe all. We are surrounded by charlatans, in the media and in our everyday life. They repeat ideas heard in turn to others, and all we have just making dogma of faith. If not we meditate upon them too, these unwritten rules end up shaping our comfort zone; a huge comfort zone in which our decisions are never questioned because we never took the foot of the pot of political correctness. (more…)

And If You Speak The Voice of Experience?

What you would say to any person less than you if you had to give you advice about becoming mayor? Surely you would have many things what advise, but above all, you try to convince him that not is it agobiase with those small wrinkles because, when it comes to the truth, to become mayor is something very different. As a parting gift for their listeners, the WireTap of CBC Radio One radio program made this video, How to Age Gracefully, where people of different ages advise us on how face get older. The voice of experience in its purest form. (more…)

How Do of Today a Great Day (Although Be The Monday More Sad of The Year)

He says a mathematical formula that is now Blue Monday, saddest day of the year. The variables used are clear: enough time has passed since the Christmas holidays to the good intentions they have been forgotten, memories of “polvorones” have been strong in the load bearing and not be a euro account. Well, and that is Monday, It’s a cold dying and is a world and a half for the next holiday period. (more…)

How to Make a Straw Bag

Renew your summer look is easy, just point to Accessories. This is how you customize a straw bag.

Summer time. There are those who, weather permitting, has already planned weekend at sea, who is mentally praparando wardrobe and luggage because you chose to go on vacation in July. Those who must wait for August or September, but since it’s summer vacation also look for work chooses.


Evangelical Fashion

A fashion that has excelled greatly in recent times, the Evangelical fashion has grown a lot, not only for the great interest of Evangelical women in fashion, designers, interested in this type of consumer. And how much of the Evangelical need to take some care in time to get dressed, in relation to the length of the clothes, colors and modeling, which may not be fair, or bold. However, that doesn’t mean that women should dress so elegant and use pieces that value your body type, so that they are always beautiful and feminine, with discretion. (more…)

The Advertising Man

Whether or not you accompany the Mad Men series, I’ll let you know that the style of the series and the cast are invading the gringo side. I confess that I am extremely fascinated with the series, not only by the writing that to me it seems a novel by Tolstoy, but by the impeccable costumes of all the characters. Set in an agency in the early’60s, Mad Men rescues that climate of politically incorrectof the time … drink, smoke and lots of sex. But if you’re a smart guy, you’ll be able to read between the lines that this show goes far beyond that and brings us the psychological side of each character in a way we’ve never seen on TV. I do not want to talk too much about the show so it does not spoil it for those who have not seen it yet … but I promise you it’s worth it. If that is not enough for you to keep up with here are the biggest influences in fashion that the men of the 1960s propaganda have rocked! (more…)

Best Mini Dishwasher – Opinions and Market Prices

In this guide we provide some useful tips on how to choose the best mini dishwasher for your needs.

Useful little space and perfect for those who live alone or have a tight family unit, mini dishwasher is an appliance by large functionality. If you are intending to buy a mini dishwasher, follow this guide and you’ll have all the information you need to make a purchase correct, having a clear idea on features and price. (more…)

Stepless Dimming Without Dimmer

LED and dimmers had until recently a very tense relationship. As desirable as the connection was, it did not work well with the trampaar for a modern, efficient and brightness-controllable light. Today, there are already a lot of dimmable LED-based lighting fixtures that can cope with the most common dimmers. Also at you will find retrofit products in incandescent lamp form and compatibility lists of dimmers with which the manufacturers have tested their LED.

Your lighting solution is not equipped with a dimmer, but you would like to adjust the brightness individually according to ambient lighting and mood?
 We have good news for you: Dimmen was yesterday, today is clicked.

Carusshines Once Again Through Technical Progress

With the innovative
 CARUS Dim by Click solution, the manufacturer from the Hessian Fronhausen near Marburg proves once again its innovative power and technical performance.