iPhone 8 Plus in the Test

Stylish mobile with brute power

Conclusion of the 28.09.2017

In the test that shows iPhone 8 plus not only large dimensions, but also great strengths. The performance is fantastic, the battery life is fine and the dual camera boasts a 2 x magnification. A still better position prevents the only good, but not outstanding photo quality, as well as the extremely long load time. Apple fans who can do anything with the borderless design of iPhone X, are served here very well, but have to accept that they receive not the coolest iPhone 2017. (more…)

Fashion Sunglasses Trend!

If you have an accessory that I love passion is sunglasses! In the same way as have the sets of clothes, also has the fashion for glasses. I love the colored, mirrored, because they give a tcham in look, it changes the mood of our day instantly! The most desired models right now are those of Fendi, Dior, Illesteva and others but, each more fashion and daring than the other! Remember those mirrored lenses that have been considered over? Today they returned in different colors:blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, there are many shades and patterns. (more…)

5 Watch Models for Groom to Wear on Wedding Day

Everything ready for the big day: decoration and buffet closed, suppliers, contractors, of the major players adjusted. But we know the details that will make the difference, doesn’t it? In the case of the bride, the highlights are for the jewelry used, the hair and the bouquet. For men, with all the inherent minimalism genre, is the watch brand, literally the moment. As brides have endless options for accessories, men end up restricted to choosing a good watch for show. So it’s good that the choice is accurate! It is your personality that must be taken into account when deciding by accessory that tends to be the passion of the male ward. It should reflect not only the passing of the hours, but the style of your own. As all the details for the big day, that are chosen with care, the clock is also part of the ceremony, and will be immortalized in photos and in remembrance of the watchful gazes of guests. According to the different types of wedding and grooms personalities, we chose some templates for you take a look. Then check out: (more…)

Exciting Ring Design: the Version with the “Floating Stone”

In the case of rings with a clamp, the stones are held in the metal by tension rather than by curling or frames, so that the entire beauty of the stone can act.The diamond seems to float between the rail and is nevertheless safe.The clamping ring is a classic of modernity and can be configured with us individually to always new, interesting rings.That’s how it’s done: (more…)

Dji Phantom 4: Test/Comparison/Evaluation

Dji now offers an revised variant of dji phantom 4 an. the professional version-the 1.699, -euro expensive  dji phantom 4 professional-completely and completely instead of a 12-megapixel camera about a 20-megapixel camera as well as a power amplifier anti-collision system with new, side-aligned infrared sensors.the d99 phantom 4 pro is a  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9,  (more…)

Li-Fi the Future Technology in Wireless Communication

Gadget where future technology? Researchers believe the commercial horizon at 2018.

After the presentation of the 1st smart phone Lifi at CES in Las Vegas in January 2014, this technology continues to develop. Some experts and industrialists announced 14 LED LIFI billion by 2020 (see article of December 2015 echoes). The potential revenue of the Li – Fi is estimated at 6 billion dollars U.S. research Markets and Markets in 2018 (firm). (more…)

How to Save Electricity? Check Out Our 5 Tips!

In times of increase in light bill think of reducing electricity consumption is a very important task.With constant increases in tariffs and the application of red and yellow flags – with additional fees to be charged according to consumption – it is crucial to think of solutions to save electricity at home.

Some simple attitudes can leave you more prepared to face increases in the light bill.To help you with this task, we separate 5 tips on how to save electricity.Check it: (more…)

Tips to Start Pedaling!

Palpiteirooos Oiii! How are? Let’s enjoy the Monday to start new habits healthy? Today I will give you tips to start pedaling. A super nice and that exercise can be fun, and still has many health benefits. With the pace you will be able to combat depression and anxiety, lose weight, improve your sleep, enhance immunity, reduce stress and many other benefits. An exercise that makes up for being one of the most complete. It’s worth it! (more…)