Berlin Fashion Week

The first season sets of 2016 is already going on in major capitals of the world and for the first time I am venturing in a European Marathon.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin started Monday and be here during this week is crazy: parades everywhere, all kinds of trade shows, lectures, exhibitions and after show parties-each in a place more beautiful than the other! (more…)

Black, Short and Fairly – My Elected

I’m not a fan of trousers, even more of the skinnytype. Always give preference to the skirts, dresses and jumpsuits free. When I was a kid, had trauma of my skinny legs and teens here, caught the wave of boyfriends and flare, but always ran away from drained. Of both admire the looks always chics of the fashion editor of Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle Alt, and some other productions of street style, I decided to test. (more…)

Free Memory and Make Your Phone Faster with RAM Optimizer

RAM Optimizer is a free memory optimization application that promises to make your Android smartphone faster with just one touch.The app monitors processes that are open in the background, whether third-party programs or system tasks, and can close them as needed.It is also indicated for cases of overheating of the device, or when the battery is running out too quickly. (more…)

Fashion Red Cloth with Trousers, Skirt, Dress or Shorts

One of the strong tendencies for the winter is the red coat, and this can come in the most varied models, shorter or longer, jaqueta style, wider or more sequins, with double or simple buttoning, with differing collars, in short, for all tastes and styles.

Bringing glamor and sophistication all special, these jackets are conquering more and more the taste of the modern and daring woman.For this is a piece every woman should have in her wardrobe.

And in its varied versions these arrive in fabrics like wool with all its warmth and comfort, in sweatshirts, twill, leather, ecological leather, knitting, and other compositions and textures.

Check out some pictures of red coat dresses so you can get inspired

Modern and uncluttered, these allow you to never go unnoticed, and still look attractive and with that touch of sensuality in the right measure.

Then, look more beautiful and elegant by betting on a beautiful red coat, match it with trousers, dresses, skirts and shorts and stay inside the 2018 fashion.

You can rock with different looks this winter, just bet on the right model for the right occasion.

Varying your wardrobe with good taste and boldness can be a good way to highlight your look not only on cold days, but on cooler days as well.

Image 1- The overcoat is an indispensable item in every woman’s wardrobe in winter, red model in beaten wool, a belt giving an extra charm, where it combines with a mini printed skirt and black model over boot.

Image 2- This red overcoat features buttons in black, where it combines choosing a dark dress with plaid print, black pantyhose and a leather boot finishing the look.

Picture 3 – With a black pantyhose, she chooses a look creating a beautiful contrast by choosing a coat mainly red in beaten wool, high heel in the blue ending with much power.

Image 4- In this image you have three more tips of looks where both invest in the red overcoat to compose the look, bringing style, sophistication and value to the look.

Image 5 – Three more looks very well composed in which the model jacket mainly shows in the visual, modern pieces and very warm to protect from cold days with style.

Picture 6 – A look tip for the night, here you have a more loose black leather skirt, white blouse underneath, red coat and a printed high heel finishing with much power and style.

Picture 7 – You already have a black pants with elastic in the bar in the sweater, where it combines with a gray bomber jacket, red leather jacket and a short black short boot finalizing the look.

The overcoat is a modern casual piece and very easy to combine

Picture 8 – And here you have a red overcoat in wool beat on a longer model, details with black buttons, modeling more acinturada, where she invests in the black boot over to combine.

Picture 9 – For parties, this look is a great choice, where it combines with a gold sequined mini skirt, combined with a loose white blouse, red leather short jacket, black pantyhose and high heels to finish the look.

Image 10- This look you can wear at any time of the day, a great work look tip, consisting of a black legging, short barrel boot and a red fleece overcoat .

Picture 11 – With a pair of tight jeans in the body and with shredded details, here she combines the look by choosing a black blouse with polka dots, red jacket, high heel to finish.

With a black flare model jeans, she chooses a white printed blouse, red blazer-style jacket with princess sleeve, a neck scarf gave her an extra charm.

Picture 13 – With jeans in a more modern wash, here you have three tips of looks very well combined where they bet on the red overcoat creating a look more warm and modern at the same time.

To protect yourself from the coldest days, you have here a great look tip, where she picks jeans in a darker wash, basic blouse with a high collar, especially red over the top, gloves and a very stylish boot.

With a black skinny pants, she chooses a softer gray blouse, short red jacket, black short-cropped, casual look to wear at any time of the day.

Picture 16 – Two beautiful models of red winter coats, modern and casual pieces to use anywhere, besides being two models super easy to combine.

Picture 17 – In this image you have a look made up of a jeans with a darker wash and fitter modeling in the body, short red coat with belt on the waist of beaten wool, high heels finishing the look.

Picture 18 – With a white dress with details in lace in a modeling more justinha, where here she invests in a red leather jacket with details in small silver studs, high heels finishing the look.

Picture 19 – With a striped dress in a more casual modeling, with a black belt where it combines with a red coat creating a beautiful contrast, white sneakers finished the look.

Picture 20 – With a skinny black jeans model where she combines with a slacker white blouse, red jacket pulling to an orange tone, details with tacks, look very stylish.

More vivid tones are a great way to create a modern contrast with softer tones

Picture 21 – Here you have a red denim jacket where she combines with a striped little dress where she finishes with a white sneaker model all star.

Picture 22 – In a black lace dress, all lined model, where it combines with a red leather jacket in biker style, black knee-high pantyhose, high heels giving an extra charm.

Picture 23 – This red leather jacket with zipper detail where it combines with a very modern black dress, this jacket enhances all the look, high heels giving value to the look.

Picture 24 – And here you have a perfect look for ballads, wearing a black mini skirt with ruffles in the bar, where it combines with a white printed blouse, red jacket creating a beautiful contrast, botinha finalizing the look.

Picture 25 – With a patterned dress more just model, she combines the look by choosing a red leather blood jacket, and a long caramel boot to close the look.

Image 26- Black skirt in paeê, more loose model, White t-shirt with modern print, short red leather jacket, red heel and a hand bag giving an extra charm.

Picture 27 – A beautiful red wool jacket beat in the style above all, ask very warm and very casual to wear with pants, dresses, skirts, creating looks for various occasions.

Image 28- Black Bermuda with silver spikes detailing, tank top printed in a satin fabric, red leather board jacket, black heel sandal in the gladiator model.

Image 29 – Here you find a pair of jeans, a black tank top, a red leather jacket and a botton finishing the look.

Picture 30- This look is very stylish in which you find two ways to use, visual look where you can use at any time of the day and on many occasions.

Review Philips SHP1900 Phone

There is a problem in the current society faced by all, directly or indirectly: the difficulty of concentrating because of the noise.On the other hand, most people like music.So, how about joining the useful to the pleasant?

There is a problem in the current society faced by all, directly or indirectly: the difficulty of concentrating because of the noise.On the other hand, most people like music.So, how about joining the useful to the pleasant?

With the Philips SHP1900 stereo headset, you’ll not only stop listening to the noise in your work environment but still enjoy listening to your favorite music with the quality you truly deserve.


Whoever is behind earbuds that will protect their ears not only from the noise but also from the cold, will feel the benefit of using this Philips handset.It is made of a hard plastic of black color to not attract attention, has a double handle that besides helping in the support allows to adjust the phone to the size of its head.

The 2m cable along with the 3.5mm connector lets you have more freedom to move and connect the handset on both the TV, as on PCs and cell phones.It is not so functional at the level of simply putting on your head and catching a bus, but it is great to use at home or at work.


The ear cushions that surround the speakers are soft and comfortable, perfectly aligning around your ear, preventing the audio from spreading and increasing the perception of bass sounds.Great for those who work in a cold environment or with air conditioning, as it warms up a bit with use.

Audio quality

The audio quality is very good, with the most pronounced bass and power, you will not even miss your old headphones.With the protection of the ear cushions that cover the entire ear, you do not even have to hear the sound so loud.

Gisele BÜNdchen Voice Loose On Clip With Bob Sinclair!

The Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen (33), let out the voice in a re-recording of the song “Heart of Glass”, the band’s classic Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry, played by in 1979, to a campaign of the brand H & M. The production is made by French DJ Bob Sinclair who has several successful hits along the musical career and was shown exclusively on “Good Morning America” on Monday (20). (more…)

5 Trends Spring-Summer

With the arrival of warm temperatures, what you want is to use lighter colors and gentle as well as fluid parts and low necklines. It’s time to refresh your wardrobe by adding some of this season’s trends. Shoulders, voluminous sleeves, fringe, pastel shades, floral patterned and military style jackets are some of the suggestions for those who like to keep up with the new collections spring-summer 2016. (more…)

2014 Cocktail Dresses

Already approaching the holidays. And as it is a time of celebration and fun, we want to care for the look that will look at events or parties. And the big question arises what may be starting to look perfect? It’s simple, no doubt any about which style show, you should bet on a traditional one that you’ll always hit, cocktail dress.

It is between glamour and sophistication of the party long dresses and the self-assurance and the jovilidad of very short dresses, cocktail dresses. These dresses are super stylish and elegant outfits that make highlight the figure of all the girls that lead it implementation. If you still don’t know which is which most favors you, I immediately give tips as choose the ideal dress for these events. Surely you be right. (more…)

Closet-Organizing Tips and DIY

A few months ago my sister changed the closet that she had in her room, she drew a that answered to what she needed and ordered, it was beautiful and super her face, it was a lot more organized. So I decided to talk about it here, it doesn’t matter if you have space to create a closet or just a closet as my sister, the organization is very important, and there are many DIY easy that will help you set up your closet and leave everything organized. (more…)

Sweaters: Impossible Not to Fall in Love


Get to know some of our suggestions:

  1. the sophistication of the crystals and the sensuality of clippings and strips are the big bets of the pieces in this collection. Strong trend, the lingerie sexiest footprint has conquered more and more women. Double straps, crystals, Garter, transparency …  According to businesscarriers,  It’s all part of this universe of seduction where what counts is feeling even more appealing! Click on the piece to access the store.
  2. the animal print is a trend that has won the hearts of the fashionistas. In parts of the night line are a real luxury. That sweater with is all in soft and delicate, voil in Jaguar print. Perfect for very special nights! Click on the piece to access the store.
  3. short sleeve sweater all cute print Microfiber dancers. Super soft and comfortable can be used even as swimwear. Click on the piece to access the store.
  4. With thin handles and delicate ties this sweater is perfect for warm nights. The patch below the breasts offers good support. The pattern of balls is a Cutie Pie! Click on the piece to access the store.
  5. In tulle with print of butterfly, the sweater has romantic, with a slight frown ares in the bilge, ensuring a woman’s touch and delicate to play. Click on the piece to access the store.

Enjoy to buy according to your style. On Specialità you have the freedom to choose pieces that combine more with you according to your preferences.

How to Apply Wallpaper And Adhesive Fabric? SEE the Video

Architect explains the differences between the products that embellish the walls

The search for new trends to decorate the house is common in the world of architects and interior designers. In recent years the wallpaper has become a different option to change the face of the painting. And recently, the adhesive fabrics also hit the market to give a special touch to the environments. (more…)

Men’s Underwear: Men Invest More in Undergarment than Women

Men boxers. When we had access to the newsletter of trends of Sebrae painted that doubt: is it really that men invest more in private parts than women?

Yes, male vanity really is increasingly present in the life of modern man. In fact, the study shows that men, by buying their men boxers, are judicious in choosing, either in template or in quality and aesthetic beauty of the play, it doesn’t matter if it’s boxer, slip, lace thong or Boxer shorts. (more…)

The 7 Best Mobile Apps For You To Organize Your Wedding

The applications mobile is already a hit among all people and the whole world already surrendered to them. And it’s understandable because they really make it easier for people to live, right?

Now try to imagine all the features of these 100% wedding-oriented applications, helping you to organize the whole ceremony and party more easily. Sounds like a dream right? But it’s real! And I’ll show you. Here are seven mobile apps for you to organize your wedding! (more…)

Research Indicates That 6% Stop Using Cars in SP

For 45% Of Paulistanos, Traffic Is The Main Reason For Stress In The City

A telephone survey conducted in the city of São Paulo and released this Thursday (09/10) shows that 6% of Paulistas stopped using private cars over other means of transportation in the last two years. According to the survey of the Institute of Social, Political and Economic Research (Ipespe), made between July 3 and 4 with 600 people, most of these former drivers migrated to the bus system. (more…)

Ciganinha Dresses Short, Long, Looks to Go Out

Who has not heard of this model of ciganinha dresses? This model that brings references of pieces that have already been very successful in the 70’s, is back and now with everything, pleasing women of different tastes and styles.

The model that is also known as shoulder to shoulder, is perfect to be used in those days of summer, and today we will speak a little of the several possibilities that this piece offers. (more…)