Apple Could Manufacture Some of Their Products for Internal in United States

After several rumors related to the possibility of Apple to manufacture their products in the United States, the web site Business Insider said that the Apple company could begin to build some computers in the U.S., although it would not just commercial products. In other words, Apple would build teams of internals on the premises of a factory who rented a provider in Arizona (United States). (more…)

Mike Markkula, The Investor Who Gave Him a Chance at Jobs and Ended Up Digesting Apple from 1981 to 1983

Armas Clifford Markkula, known simply as Mike Markkula, is the second CEO who ran Apple for the years 1981 to 1983. But his involvement in the fate of Apple is not reduced to this brief period as managing director of the company from Cupertino. Markkula involvement throughout the history of Apple has much deeper roots.  (more…)

So Spectacular Will Wear The New Apple Offices in London Inside The Legendary Station Battersea

If you mention the Battersea Power Station in London You may not vein you nothing to memory, but if you teach the building of the cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals album things change, right? This building is part of the London Skyline since it was built almost a hundred years ago, which is now poised to turn into a complex of offices and homes of luxury and of which we already knew that Apple has been interested. (more…)

Apple Will Expand Its Program for Developers to Five Universities More in Italy

A few months ago you have that the Apple company officially opened the first Academy of development iOS in Italy, with the support of the University Federico II of Naples. Although the company launched this Center a couple of days ago, everything seems to indicate that the popularity of the project would be driven to Apple to think of a possible expansion. (more…)

Apple Ahead of The Presentation of Its Financial Results Q4 2016

The Apple company changed the date of submission of its financial results Q4 2016. As indicated by 9to5Mac, although initially Apple announced that it would be October 27, 2016, their website was updated revealing that the publication of the results has been moved to Tuesday 25 October. The event will continue taking place at 2 pm local time from California (in Spain 11 pm), and according to the company, the reason for this change is related to conflicts with agendas. (more…)

Michael Scott, The First CEO of Apple from 1977 to 1981, Who Was about to Cancel The Macintosh

When you analyze the history of Apple, you get surprised to see that Steve Jobs wasn’t CEO during the early years of the company. As we will see throughout this special, the seven CEOs of Apple, Jobs ranks sixth in chronological order. The honour of being the first CEO of the company from the bite block is none other than Michael Scott. A real unknown in the history of this company.  (more…)

TapBack and Digital Touch, The Jewels of Messages That Increasingly Use More

Admit it: never say the credit he deserved to messages in its first version. Who needed really an alternative to offered no news to the omnipresent WhatsApp? If we wanted alternatives already, we had the Telegram pujante. However, and with the passage of time, I began to use the application in my immediate environment. You know, comfort. Send a message through this platform is so easy from the iPhone… (more…)

Apple Publishes Its First Report on Artificial Intelligence Recognition-Based Advanced Image

A few days ago Apple announced that it would gradually unveiled What has been learned in the field of Artificial Intelligence the community, something not very common in a company so jealous of its secrets. But the truth is that it has kept its promises and finally the result of one of their reports has been released. And it looks exciting. (more…)

Several Universities The Claim: Siri Is Improving Their Responses to Emergencies

“Alexa, need medical help immediately,” says this user to your Echo Amazon. What is the wizard? “I’ve added medical help to your shopping list.” It’s funny when you try it from your home to make the joke, but surely that it should not be what really are a problem. And It is something that happens more or less in all attendees voice. (more…)

Four Days of Closing 2016, This Is The State of The Apple Campus 2 a View of Dron

Is nearing end of 2016 and to close the year as it should be, because we have available on the YouTube channel of Matthew Roberts a new video that lets us see the progress of the Apple 2 Campus in Cupertino. In this opportunity we can see progress in the installation of solar panels on the roof of the building, as well as some progress on the construction of the building for research and development, and the Auditorium. (more…)

Apple Is ‘Come’ from Nokia Removing The Products Withings Store

Open war between Apple and Nokia. As you may recall, the Finns led to the first court on account of an alleged infringement of patents that requires payment of compensation. Cupertino aren’t for anything based on this demand and in fact referred to the attitude of Nokia as of “extortion”, since according to the firm “they intend to profit unfairly at the expense of Apple and other innovative companies”. (more…)

The Future of Swift: in Spring and Back Focus 3.1 Version in The Version 4

Normally we don’t get major swift developments unless we are in the keynote from WWDC, the annual event for the world most important Apple developers. But the official blog of the project has revealed some of the immediate plans, passing by the launch of Swift 3.1.

Ted Kremenek, responsible of lenguages of programming in Apple, concrete that Swift 3.1 adds some improvements to the core and also improve Swift Package Manager, package manager. The library and the compiler are also tweaking, and the Linux compatibility also lie down more roots After appearing last year. (more…)

Tim Cook Explains Why He Met with Trump

It was certainly an awkward meeting for the CEO of Apple, but which in any case resigned to attend. The President-elect of United States Donald Trump invited the main heads of technology companies in the country to a meeting that It was preceded by the crossing of accusations between the Tycoon and Cook. The first called for the boycott of the Apple for refusing to unlock the iPhone from the FBI, and the second drafted a tough memo to employees that reaffirmed the positions of Apple in some values considered essential. (more…)

Apple Studied Manufacture Their Products in India, But Wants Something in Return

Apple already has a fairly long history in India, country in which Tim Cook has recently been to file rough edges with its Government and seek business opportunities. At the moment we know the opening of a Center for development of applications, negotiations with operators and sales of the iPhone that could go better; but it seems in Cupertino want to go beyond. (more…)

Apple Gives Their Employees for Christmas T-Shirt and a Credo with The Philosophy of The Company

Every December each year, Apple offers its employees around the world a special gift holiday to thank them for their contributions to the company during the rest of the year.

East 2016, Apple is offering to each and every one of them a t-shirt and a printed copy of the credo of the company. The grey t-shirt features two circles created from what appears to be the points of sale around the world. (more…)