4 Zenonia Now Available on Android Market

A few days ago we did echo a few rumors that talked about the imminent launch of Zenonia 4. A franchise of role-playing games has settled on mobile devices in their own right. Rumors, finally, were on the right track and this new installment of the saga of Gamevil is now available in the Android Market.

The main novelty of Zenonia 4 found in its graphics. Continues to maintain the aesthetic pixel as holy and you password, but this time its creators have decided to give a facelift to offer us sprites with higher quality and also larger. The result is visually, frankly good. (more…)

Team Meat Drops Traces The Arrival of Super Meat Boy to Android

If seguisteais panorama d elos independent video game back in the year 2010, at the end of the year a game platform with one of the higher difficulties and therefore a challenge to all who fly to complete the game. The game also featured numerous cameos from various games on the independent scene as characters with abilities extra. Surely you have guessed it, it is of Super Meat Boy. (more…)

Saving Yello, The Art’s Return to a Fish to Your Aquarium Launching through The Air

Angry Birds, although it was not the first, has helped to consolidate a genre in itself in the world of video games. Many have been trying to imitate him, some in a poor attempt to attract users. Others have instead chosen to innovate and bring new ideas to the concept of throwing animals to give objective, for example Wolf Toss.

In the wake of titles that seek to contribute new ideas to the subgenus ourselves with Saving Yello. A game where we need to throw a fish along the room until you get to your tank. A simple approach to appearance and rather trivial, but level to level is getting more interesting. (more…)

Anomaly: Graphics in a Game of Turrets Where You Are The Intruder

Lately it seems many quality games are coming to Android. We saw a couple of weeks ago the graphic excellence of Osmos. Today we are going to speak of Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, another set of high graphical quality that we can squeeze many hours of addiction.

It’s a game of turrets, which we are sure that almost all of you have played the game, with a different approach: you are the intruder in area enemy. The game is set in a Baghdad of 2018, in which an alien ship crashes and plague the entire city of turrets. You are the Commander of a military convoy and searched for Choose the correct path to meet your objective by destroying everything you can in your path. (more…)

Three Types of Fishing Baits

Crab Bait:

Although it is true that gilthead fish is a demanding fish with its food, it is also that among its best food are crustaceans such as crab, is a bait that is used enough among fishermen and is quite economical, its great Consistency in the hardness of the shell allows the dorada to tie well with this bait and can be caught with better support allowing the best grip on the hook, the so-called green crabs are very appropriate for fishing of the golden, although it is advisable to select according to Which area you want to fish so your bait type would be.

These crab baits as well as other hard consistency baits are very suitable for fishing large pieces among which stand out those that can weigh up to 6 kilos of goldfish. Possibly with this bait and a piece of that size feel a considerable pull and as the reed doubles but of course is the appropriate if we speak of golden so large. (more…)

Cartoon Wars, Fighting for The Freedom of The Dolls in This Nice Game

Gamevil It has found in role-playing games, a perfect niche to position itself as on mobile devices. From his trilogy to Destinia Zenonia has left us very entertaining adventure. However, since a few months ago has been experimenting with other genres as we saw in his day with Air Penguin.

Are now ready to try your luck and get a similar success with Cartoon Wars. A mix of real-time strategy and the gender of defend the tower. All this by a series of dolls, which all have drawn small and not so small, seeking to fight for their freedom. (more…)

About Bike Wheels

Bike culture: Wheel issue is hotter than in a long time – what is really the best?

I count to fifty received emails recently involving questions about tires, wheels and new standards on the hub and quick couplers. Questions that excites and engages, but also upsets. Wheel issue is hotter than in a long time and it’s not surprising — few things on a bike is so important that the wheels. And few things are as easy to modify, adjust or replace. It is not easy to answer the question of what is best. The boring default answer is: it depends.

Plus format, i.e. mountain bikes with extra wide rims and tires, come briskly straight into the bike people home. There is actually a trend that also applies to road bikes, though there is a trend, but a separate heading.  (more…)

Wolf Toss, a Brilliant Adaptation of The Formula of Angry Birds

Like more or less, is no doubt the relevance of Angry Birds within the world of video games for mobile. Whenever they release a new update, it is a success. Encouraged by the success of the Rovio title many have been launched to achieve the same thing, with original ideas or with similar proposals in some cases do not end Jell.

At a glance Wolf Toss It would enter that category of cheap clones of Angry Birds. But appearances are deceptive. Zipline Games is based on the idea of Rovio to bring us a game very fun and with a return of thread well posed to a well known formula. (more…)

Grabatron, The Invasion of The Earth Never Had Both Hook

The alien invasions they have been, and remain, a recurring theme in Western audiovisual culture. Through many manifestations, we have seen how humans have defended the land of an external threat, either these, aliens, have managed to wipe out everything on the blue planet.

Video games are no exception, beginning with the original Space Invaders, and now the guys at Future Games of London us challenge to take the controls of an alien ship and we smash everything which is put at our disposal. This as well Grabatron It seems one game but his proposal is quite interesting. (more…)

LED White Lights

Reminder of the different ways to get a white light with an led.

-1: combine an LED emitting a short wavelength (in blue) with a yellow phosphor, phosphorus generally.

-2: combine an LED emitting in the ultraviolet close coupled to one or more phosphors.

-3: combining at least three LEDs emitting visible wavelengths which combine to give a white light, generally red + green + blue. (more…)

OSMOS HD Comes to Android to Absorb Our Leisure Hours

Those who follow the indie games scene possibly know OSMOS. A game of skill where we take the role of a microorganism that must be absorbed by osmosis to other, smaller, to pass each level. A simple proposition that has engaged in many users and now comes to Android to continue succeeding.

That said, it may sound simple-minded and even boring. On the contrary, OSMOS employs a curious system of physics Why have to move with great precision and choosing well our movements, since when we move we lose part of our mass. (more…)

Night Light for Baby

The first time where our little heart has arrived at home, he fell asleep very easily. After the feeding of the night, a small hug was enough for what he falls asleep in my arms. I had to put it into bed, turn out the lights and let him sleep. Then little by little, he woke up and no longer wanted to be left alone in his room at night. He cried as soon as we turned the light and demanded arms. It was then that cradle and sing him lullabies… The purchase of a night light is then imposed on us. We thought that it would be more effective than us, and that if it could help baby fall asleep easier then it would be worth investing in one of them! But which one to choose? Nowadays there are so many on the market!


Tiki Kart 3D, a Clone Quite Gotten Super Mario Kart

Eventually we find adaptations of video games mechanics to touch and mobile format. Sometimes they do not end Jell because the implementation is not very good. However, there are exceptions and sometimes these approaches they adapted well capabilities offered by these devices.

Within this second group we have games like Tiki Kart 3D. A title that, starting from the idea of Super Mario Kart and company, brings us a driving with three dimensional graphic game quite fun. Nothing new under the Sun, is true, but no less interesting.

Tiki Kart 3D is a driving game set in the tribal culture haiwana. Painted wooden masks, volcanoes, jungle, in short: the image that has sold us the current audiovisual culture than it is this island in the Pacific. Visually it works pretty well and the characters are very charismatic. (more…)

DIY Christmas Candles

In the House decked out for Christmas, a place of honor belongs definitely to the candles. And if candles are homemade, the party will be even more beautiful. Candles of each color, made of wax that fits perfectly with orange slices and berries, leaves and petals to invent more perfumed candles but also candles made with the help of ice that will serve to make holes or sponged effect that will make them so special and they definitely have the right atmosphere to our House.


Hamster Cannon, a Fun Game of Skill by Rodents

Hamsters, small rodents that have been pets of many children during their childhood. Now Big Blue, the creators of Burn the Rope and Fling a Thing, have decided to virtualize these friendly animals and give you a more intense and fun life in Hamster Cannon.

The proposal of the game is simple: throwing hamsters with the help of a canon and our aim so, overcoming a series of obstacles, to get the maximum number of meal (called nom) as possible. An idea that other games that have triumphed in the mobile format as Angry Birds but with enough charisma as to not consider it as a copy cheap. (more…)

Decorating with Pillows Ideas


When you have a whole new House, there is always a desire to furnish it in an original and unique. Furnishing a home is really fun, but you must always follow a certain type of style if you do not want to pair together a series of elements that jar completely. One of the best ideas for decorating the House, is to insert the pillows. In this guide we will show you 10 special ideas for decorating your home with these elements. (more…)

The Dark Knight and His Legend Reborn on 20 July on Android

There is little for the premiere of the third installment of The Dark Knight. While the latest Batman film directed by Nolan warms Gameloft is doing the same with a video game for mobile. It is not that the games based on films are titles of high quality but sometimes there are exceptions, and in this case, we give the benefit of the doubt.

The French company has released a video where we can see a little in what will be the game. For those who have played a the pair of Arkham You may find many similarities. So, it seems that Gameloft have decided to learn from Rocksteady to bring us a mixture of the mechanics of the versions of desktop with the particular universe of film. (more…)