Archos Announces 2016 new Phablets to the MWc

The MWC will start soon and different manufacturers show their new devices. Among them is also the French manufacturer of Archos, which want to convince with low-cost Phablets of its products.

ARCHOS is already known in the mobile market and was able to convince in the past with solid smartphones. After Barcelona they have two interesting devices, which are classified in the order as Phablets.


Fall In Prices On The Iphone: Disappointed Shareholders, Customers Angry And Vouchers As a Consolation Prize

Apple CEO Steve Jobs celebrated the iPhone at the Conference in San Francisco as a huge success story, the millionth unit to be sold soon. Contradictory however: Only barely two months after market launch in the United States a radical price reduction by a third announced at the same time jobs. The phone with eight gigabytes of memory will cost 399 instead of 599 dollars in the future. The admission of defeat? The iPhone as a shopkeeper? Jobs explained the price reductions merely as a courtesy for those interested. You wanted more affordable mobile this holiday season make.


Motorola Razr2 V8

With the V8, Motorola brings the second generation of its cult phones RAZR in the shops. Like the previous models, the first unit of the Razr2 series are characterised by a very slender and robust construction of the housing. The V8 is only 1.2 cm thick and survived the fall and climatic chamber test harmless. However, with 118 grams, it is also quite difficult. This clamshell


Huawei MateBook Officially Unveiled

The Mobile World Congress has begun and many manufacturers of the mobile phone industry have the opportunity to show their products to the world. Huawei is also part of these manufacturers and shows a unique 2-in-1 device in the run-up to the fair.

After Huawei had begun several years ago to offer smartphones on the European market, the company from China has now ventured on a new product category. In advance of the Mobile World Congress, Richard Yu (CEO) shows us the Huawei MateBook. This is a Tablet notebook character in the style of Microsoft Surface Pro.


HP Elite x 3 Windows Mobile 10 Officially Unveiled

HP dares back and just want to convince a top Smartphone buyers. Together with the new Windows one hopes 10 mobile to use enough devices, what appears very thinking value. Here, all the information about the new Windows Mobile 10-Phablet.

HP what has become powerful with the elite x 3 made., whose code name is “Falcon”. His nearly 6-inch wide-screen (5, 96″), which resolves to QHD, it will be even bigger than the Lumia 950 XL. As more hardware processor is used inside the new Snapdragon 820. In addition to 64 GB internal storage, you bought the elite x 3 one 4 GB large memory, which should provide


What We Can Be Happy In 2016 And Already Look Forward

The year 2016 will be exciting. Especially as far as the Smartphone world. We can look forward to many new smartphones, new technologies, and hopefully new designs. Some devices were already being introduced.

Some of the Smartphone trends have emerged in the year 2015. In many models, including the fingerprint scanners were installed. This technology will make the breakthrough but probably until this year. Last year we also saw many interesting Smartphone. The best example of this is the Galaxy S6 edge, which has a rounded display at both edges. Also has been experimenting with materials.


Xiaomi Mi5 Officially Unveiled

At the Mobile World Congress, Xiaomi has officially unveiled the Mi5. That was the first for Xiaomi, launch event that took place in Europe. As expected was a very good Smartphone for a small price presents us.

Even before the Chinese company Xiaomi, the grapevine does not stop. Almost all the details of Mi5 were known in advance of the electronics trade fair in Barcelona. Design and the material of the case were known.


New smartphone Series From Sony

Sony surprised some with the idea of a new series of smartphone at MWC 2016. Here, the X-series first and foremost is mid-range smartphones which are but in the high-end area. See the article for more information.

Sony has unveiled usually always another model of Z-series to the MWC, which was this year but not the case. Rather than draw attention to itself with a possible Xperia Z6, it brought the X-series, which is basically an evolution of the Z series. But come to the individual smartphones before we enter closer to Sony’s strategy.

Sony Xperia XA

The Sony Xperia XA is intended first and foremost as middle-class Smartphone, what you can also quickly see the specs. But the appearance, it can play in the upper class quickly. While placing on plastic processing, what comes across but elegant. We have a 5-inch edge-to-edge display, that with 1280 x 720 pixels resolves (294 ppi). This one has a display/front page ratio of 71.8% due to the edge of the almost missing. Inside works, the mediocre Mediatek Helio P10 an OCTA-core processor with a clocking of 2 GHz.This should be enough for everyday tasks and simple games. To do this, you can get a 2 GB large amounts of RAM and a 16 GB internal memory, which is expandable via microSD card. Sony sets even when this device on a good camera, so you install a 13 strong MP Exmor RS sensor on the back, which comes with a hybrid auto focus. On the front, you get a 8 MP lens, which has 88 degree wide angle thanks to one and can thus capture more.

The Smartphone is also a 2300 mAh large battery that stay two days according to Sony. In addition to Android Marshmallow, we find LTE cat 4, 4.1 Bluetooth and NFC. The mass be 143.6 x 66.8 x 7.9 mm and overall it weighs 137,4 grams. It should come at the price of €299 end of may in the colors white, graphite black, lime gold and Rosé gold in trade.

Sony Xperia X

The more upscale middle class is represented by the Sony Xperia X. Here, you can get much time as when the XA, including a higher resolution in the same display size. The full-HD resolution increases the pixel density on 441 ppi, with the front page display ratio slightly to 69.6%. Also inside is set to a more powerful processor, namely the Snapdragon 650. This consists of six cores, which are clocked at 1.8 or 1.4 GHz. The memory is increased to 3 GB and also the internal memory is 32 GB single SIM version. The dual-SIM version comes with 64 GB, where both models are extensible.

When the camera is which solves 23 megapixels, where it has made an improvement in the auto focus while like when the Xperia Z5 on the same sensor,. Predictive hybrid auto focus should together with the Sony alpha DSLR engineers developed were his and ensures faster focusing for objects that move. Also on the front of the camera has been upgraded; you installed a 13 MP lens one to provide significantly better Selfies. The 2620 mAh powerful battery should arrange for 2 days duration, where one uses a new technology, which will double the battery life (Qnovo’s Adaptive charging technology). In addition to the latest Android version, we find Bluetooth 4.2 NFC. LTE CAT 6 and hi-res audio again in or DNC (digital noise cancellation. The Smartphone with 142.7 x 69.4 x 7.9 mm has nearly the same mass as the XA weighs but due to the back of the metal and the significant materials 153 grams. It will appear in the same colors as the XA for a price of €599 in the trade.

Sony Xperia X performance

Basically taken the differences between the Xperia X and X do not are big performance. We have a much more powerful processor with the Snapdragon 820, whose 4 kerne maximum 2.2 GHz are clocked.Otherwise, we have an IP68 certification, which is missing from the other devices. In addition to a slightly larger battery (2700 mAh) it has LTE Cat 9 instead of CAT 6. The colours white and graphite black is the rear panel made of brushed metal and actually the differences are. Unfortunately, this model not in Germany is available. Here again the official video:


LG G5 Officially Unveiled

Is the cat out of the bag, the LG G5 was officially launched. In addition to numerous renovations, you finally get back again to see a bit of innovation. We tell you what can the LG G5.

At 14: 00 it was time; LG introduced its flagship for the year 2016, and despite numerous rumors in advance can provide quite a bit of surprise. One day before Samsung’s idea is to draw attention to a lot and could surpass even the Galaxy S7/S7 edge. Let’s come to the Smartphone itself.


Magic Slot And Other Accessories From Lg

LG has shown not only its new flagship on the MWC 2016, but also modules for its Smartphone and other extras such as a VR headset, 360 ° cam or the new rolling bot. See the article for more information.

You can most likely you say that LG has gotten the most attention at MWC in 2016. This has to do the LG G5, not only with his new flagship but also because of the other products that extend the LG universe.Our article on the LG G5 had briefly entered on some features, be these but elaborate.


HTC Vive -Price For Germany Unveiled [Update]

The HTC is one of the virtual reality goggles which were the most convincing Vive. The message that the product will not come this year on the market was so sad. The Taiwanese manufacturer would still take your time, to the end customer.

best possible experience to offer. This is at least the official opinion. Now the Vive there but finally more details about the release. It is expected to be available in the February 2016 and will be delivered in April.The new HTC Vive will of course be available with us. Since so keen on interesting offers.


Tips And Tricks That Will Make You Life With The Iphone Easier

Actually, yes pretty much anyone can use a Smartphone without problems. But there are still a few tweaks that the default user haven’t. Here are five of these tricks with instructions.

Organize your Inbox

Who does not know it? Your Inbox is overflowing and you totally lost the overview about its mails. In our video, we will show how to install order in your Inbox:

imessage & News: Attachments at a glance

To find this a specific video or that a certain image, many chat history from below were durchgescrollt upwards. But it can be made is also somewhat simpler: top right click in the chat history next to the contact name details, sees the sent and received attachments clearly listed.


New Mid-Range Tablet Spotted

With the new Huawei MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro, Huawei presents an exciting medium tablet with LTE.Primarily price-conscious customers may feel addressed, who want to give up anything. Learn more about the Huawei Tablet here with us

The Tablet from the home Huawei boasts a 10.1-inch IPS display and a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.The clock there is a Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor on. This is supported by 2 GB of RAM and an internal memory of 16 GB. This 16 GB are


The Storage Giant Saygus V2

Saygus has unveiled a Smartphone that stands out a little of the usual smartphones these days.Because the device contains not one, but two, micro-SD card slots as well as a dual-SIM functionality.

The device was presented by 2015 before one year at CeBit. Since, the team behind Saygus has made a few changes. Now it’s time, and the Smartphone will come on the market. First, the Vorbesteller_innen are supplied with equipment, then other batches are produced for Neukund_innen.


Samsung Galaxy S7 | S7 Edge-Summed Up All The Info

Finally, it is so far! Samsung has officially unveiled the new flagships Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. We have summarized all the information for you.


As already expected, the design of the new devices very strongly geared to the predecessors. This Samsung has tried small defects to improve as, for example, the protruding camera. This while always still not completely flush with the housing, however, regarding the depth significantly shrunk (0.64 mm). The S7 is more compact than the edge size variant, which is larger but at the same time also minimal lean with 150,9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 millimeters. The S7 and S7 edge appear rounder and thus more elegantly. The transitions between the metal frame and glass are seamless. So very convincing. In ourreview find out more about, how the new phones from Samsung actually feel in the hands.



The Keynote von Apple took place on March 21. It has shown us a new iPhone, a new iPad and new wristbands for the Apple Watch, but that was not all yet. We summarize the keynote presentation for you.

Yesterday evening (German time) took place a presentation of new products in Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. The slogan of the official invitation was “Let US loop you in”. First, Tim Cook throwing with a number to sign up. He said that there are more than 1 billion devices by Apple. Also they announced with pride on April 1 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the company’s history. But let’s start with the essential.


So the Iphone-Turbo Fire

His iPhones animation speed is too slow function mostly the “reduced movement”. However, there’s a way to increase the speed to another level. Takes her nothing more than your iPhone and a little skill.

With this trick you can let in extremely short time launching apps on your iPhone . This is because, that unnecessary animations to the show or hide applications completely disabled. However the desired effect lasts not forever, but only your iPhone until your new starts.


Apple’s Latest Update To iOS 9.3

Apple announced the update on iOS 9.3. The operating system of the iPhone and iPad has been improved in many places and bugs have been fixed. Also, also new features will be added. Here, everything about iOS learn 9.3.

With the new update of the operating system, including notes, health, news, and Apple music be improved. In addition, a new feature is available with night shift. Thus you can change at night the colors of the display, so that can affect more pleasant on the eyes and on the sleep. The following learn now about all the news and changes of the new updates.


Ipad Pro (9.7 Inches) Officially Unveiled

Last year, Apple introduced the iPad Pro us and updated the iPad mini series on the 4th generation. The iPad air got no successor. As shown in the Apple event on March 21, the company has decided to leave the air line belong to the past.

The successor of the iPad air 2, if you want to see it, is a smaller iPad Pro. Apple showed us the Tablet last night during the keynote. We have summarized all the information for you.


Convenient Site Features For Facebook

Facebook offers many features that you don’t know that you don’t know how they work or what they actually are. We have the function “Close friends”, “Places in the vicinity” and “Place tips” scrutinized and show these can be convenient.

Meet friends in the vicinity

The function “Close friends” shows you whether your nearby friends stop and where exactly they are. The function is available only with the Facebook app for iPhone or Android. You activate the function, you can see the exact area or town where your


IPHONE SE – Battery Power Better Than The Iphone 6s

Many users can the size of the new iPhones not friends with and a 4-inch smartphone from the home Apple would like back. Latest rumored Apple will honor this request. The model should under the name iPhone 5e and come in two memory variants.

Just now, Apple has unveiled his new 4-inch Smartphone for the year 2016 for which many users have already eagerly waited. With the introduction of the iPhone 6 much away a compact display size, so that one with an older model, which had to settle for iPhone 5S. The iPhone SE should solve this problem, which in fact is a successor to the iPhone 5 S. At first glance, the two smartphones are identical, what but at least no longer is the case with the data sheet. Here is the latest Apple hardware. which is also in the iPhone 6 S & 6s plus used.


Coming Soon The Galaxy s7 Active On The Market?

Last week we have received information about the new outdoor smartphone from Samsung. Now, it was announced that the device is internally arguably called “Poseidon”. Many are so far still not known.

Since the beginning of last week, it is clear that the Galaxy S6 active Gets a successor. The professional Leaker Evan Blass announced on Twitter that the heavy-duty outdoor phone internally has the name Poseidon. What is the name?


Presented Meizu Pro 6

The new arrival from China, the Meizu Pro 6, finally arrives on the market. It features a large pressure-sensitive display and a 21 megapixel camera with an impressive ring Flash from ten LEDs, but that’s not all still a long way. We are presenting the Meizu Pro 6.

Of the really strong-equipped smartphones, most know only the big names such as Samsung, LG andHTC. But also many other smaller and lesser-known brands can keep loose technically, as well as with the design of their high end smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer Meizu includes with his Pro 6 in any case.


Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) vs. Galaxy S6 (Edge)

The Galaxy S series has now its 7 offshoot, which belongs also to the best smartphones this year. With theGalaxy S7 / S7 edge Samsung has shown to have taken the criticism that was still to be heard at the edge of the Galaxy S6/S6 seriously. Has deleted the model Galaxy S6 edge and presents the Galaxy S7 edge as the successor of the S6 edge +. Thus, you have a “normal” Galaxy S7 and a S7 edge with the curved display, which is greater than in the S7. For the reason, we will compare only the S6 and S6 edge + models, as well as the S7 and S7 edge models.


The 7 Best Apps For The Apple Pencil

The Apple pencil was presented with the large iPad Pro from last year. Now some apps highlighted in the app store is by their quality. that we imagine.

The Apple pencil is the answer Apple’s products from Wacom or the surface area tool from Microsoft. Not only the larger iPad Pro, but the recently introduced, smaller iPad Pro (we reported) is compatible. We imagine the seven best apps that promise a great productivity with the Apple pencil.