HP May Focus on High End iPad Style Tablet

Since the launch of Slate 7 (in 2013), HP has produced a large number of low-end Android tablet, which has always managed to sell quite well.

Nevertheless, it seems that the company wants to change course, because cheap devices are not a profitable market. According to reports from the company Chairman, David Coughlin, HP could soon point to the area of “business mobility”, namely high-end tablet addressed to professionals (and presumably with Windows 10). For this reason, low-cost tablet with Android could soon disappear from the market, leaving room to devices that are positioned on the same price range of iPad.

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According to data from Canalys, combining PC and tablet, HP is currently the third largest producer in the world, behind Lenovo and Apple, but sales are falling. We’ll see if HP will actually just at the high end and whether this strategy will yield the desired results.

NVIDIA Readies The Tablet Version of its Console

On GFXBench appeared an unusual device called NVIDIA Shield X 1 Tablet, which as the name suggests is powered by the Tegra SoC X 1, which we have already had the opportunity to appreciate a lot about SHIELD Android TV.

It is an evolution of the newly arrived Shield Tablet K1, we reviewed a few days ago, going to configure it as the base of the range, and the future Tablets X 1 as a template at the top.


In America The Pre-Order of Acer Predator 8: Soon in Italy?

From the beginning of mass production to the commercialization of a product always passes a few months here is now available to pre-order the Acertablet dedicated to gaming, Predator 8, but currently only for the American market.

Cer Predator 8 has some interesting technical features, particularly for the use of proprietary technologies Predator ColorBlast (for a better rendition of the display), Predator TacSense (to add a vibration feedback to make it even more engaging games) and Predator Precision Plus(to make more precise tactile inputs). Base include:


First Image for I Pad 2 From Xiaomi

There are only a few days to theevent of Xiaomi, during which will be definitely announced Redmi Note 2 Pro and I Pad 2 (and probably some other news), and the latter now appears in a first image, accompanied by an indiscretion rather interesting.

The render, issued directly by the President of Xiaomi Lin Bin on his Weiboaccount, shows the back of Pad 2 Me that, unlike the previous model, is in metal. The curved lines of the houses resemble those of iPad; clearly visible are the microphones, the camera, the volume keys and ignition.

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From a previous indiscretion had got to see that probably the tablet will have a CPU Intel(Atom x 5-Z8500), which would reinforce what has emerged today: I Pad 2 offers dual-bootbet ween Android and Windows 10. There are rumors that the tablet will be sold in two versions (an Android version and a Windows, and no dual-boot?-ED): one to 1,499 Yuan (about 219 euros) and one at 1,799 Yuan (about 263 euros).

Huawei MediaPad M2 10:4 Speaker Harman/Kardon, M-Pen And Reader of Fingerprints

If you fear that the battle in the world of Android tablets to 10 inches had been a battle between a few contenders (we do the name of Samsung, ASUS and Sony) will have to think again. 10 inch Android tablet from the moment seems to be to Huawei.

Huawei MediaPad M2–We talk about the MediaPad 10 inch M2 just presented at the Conference in Las Vegas. Let’s begin by listing the more “rough” specifications:


Football Club Shirt Sponsorship Deals

In professional football and amateur football in almost all clubs a shirt sponsor. For Premier League clubs, this is necessary in order to generate revenue. Until about 1980 Major League clubs had no shirt sponsor. As with other sports like volleyball and basketball, football clubs have also begun placing ads on their jerseys. The first football club in professional football was with Ajax as a sponsor TDK. The cooperation has received much attention in the media in connection with the large amount of Ajax rated this. It was at that time, namely that the 650,000 guilders, which was a huge sum at the time. Other football clubs were interested in this also a sponsor.


Football During The Second World War

Football just went through during World War II, it was even more popular than ever. On 22 June 1941, the German army invaded the Soviet Union. On the same day took place in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, the final of German football site. 90,000 spectators saw Rapid Vienna 4-3 win at Schalke 04. The Nazi leader said afterwards that “the better team had lost. In other countries other than the USSR, football continued. In the Netherlands flourished.Football was in the Netherlands during the occupation more popular than before. Even the opposition regularly calling for boycott doubled visit matches between 1940 and 1945.Whit Monday 1944 there was a run of 30,000 tickets for the championship game between Volewijckers and Heerenveen.Around the arena was a bustling black market for tickets, but police intervened and arrested 150 suppliers. The confiscated tickets distributed them free to spectators. Officially, the Jews were forbidden to arenas, but there are also cases of Jews in hiding who visited the races.


Different Kinds of Abdominal Exercises

Visible abs, which will not she? Everyone wants a flat stomach.You would do anything to get them, but you do not know how to begin or what exercises to do, and how often to do them. Ten crunches a day? Perhaps a hundred? There are several ways to tell. So much, that you can not remember. But in the end come to an end. In this article are five good Mage discussed for men and women and there are a few tips for a better implementation of the exercise! Do not hesitate, and immediately read on! Before the stomach are discussed, you should be sure that you drink enough water every day, and especially eating healthy. Visible abdominal muscles are a “reward” for living a healthy lifestyle.The healthier you live, the more defined your abs get, and the more attractive they will become. Eat well when the time instead of a bag of candy boiled potatoes with vegetables or fruit in the afternoon instead of a sandwich with chocolate paste.


Steroids Crossfit and Crossfit Games

Crossfit is not just to be an effective way to keep fit, there is also a strong competitive element. During training, you will be prompted to set the fastest time or doing the most repetitions. The competition goes a step further in the form of the CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Games are held annually in California, United States. To compete for the title of Fittest?? person on Earth? You should consider yourself very well prepared to take the tough obstacles before the tournament. What is CrossFit, what is CrossFit Games and how you can prepare yourself for this contest?


According to Dior Sequins

Slowly but surely, Raf Simons continues to merge its own grammar to the lexical field of Dior. A merger giving birth this season of EPS these iridescent Audacity l elegant, futuristic twist and flavor sportswear…

PR feels Tokyo goal December, the locker room Dior pre-fall 2015 offers in dimension called the disco glitter. Abandoning their “Diana Ross” look to the benefit of pi these more casual than retro, these latest is yrv slow indeed much more inspiring than the pass. On the podium, the sous-pulls with reflections both trslips so aluminium load thus to gayer aust res coats and long dresses in leather 7/8, while combinations in mesh e iris to inject need fancy little dresses for hero of manga. (more…)

The Perfect Sweater Dress

The good basics are the wardrobe of the fashionista that the organic market is the toil: indispensable. Impossible to imagine without the Green brain column that constitute these pi these as indestructible as timeless. On the menu of the day: the perfect sweater dress…

The concept of the sweater dress has beautiful simple tre, succeed  nest a perfect d variation of the said dress remains a daunting task. Must say words sweaters dresses are in trade seem less pens are like dresses part whole as sweaters that we’d happy to add 15 cm. (more…)

Brown, Manual Chromatic

Stepchild of pr-t – porter, Brown is part of these colours that inspire generally little the gent creative. Often relegu in the leather goods Department, this color ranging from chocolate pigments and cappucino variations so rarely has the opportunity to shine on the catwalks. An observation that doesn’t apply nonetheless not this season, which has seen good number of cr creators are interested to close this organic hue…

Brown + Black

Long point the finger for its lack of shine, the duo brown + black out this season in the category “fashion faux pas”. ttention however not associate way harmless black carbon and greedy Brown, these two colors that can to tarnish each other. In order to avoid the homepage of the bland look, think thus inspired Christopher Kane and Hedi Slimane, who dop rent their contact with an iridescent dark brown.
In other words, to succeed make the most of the Black/Brown association, we don’t h site not mix textures and play on the opposition Matt/bright.


Adidas Superstar: the New Stan Smith?

If 2014 was undoubtedly the year of the Stan Smith, 2015 could well see this latest steal the show by the Superstar, another mod the mythical German transporters who is appr you FB 45 years…


Designed originally to provide comfort and protection to the basketball players (via the shell located the tip of the shoe rubber), the Superstar first took his weapons on the grounds of sneakers. Massively plebiscit by professional basketball players, this road up to 75 percent of the players in the NBA. (more…)

Felt Brooches

These felt brooches are a craft easy and quick to make, with them we can decorate bags or clothing of children, can also give them away or sell them.


  • Felt different colors
  • Buttons
  • pins
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Needle
  • Sewing thread
  • Molds of various figures
  • Glue


  1. First we put the pan on the felt and using the pencil calcamos figure mold.
  2. After wecut the picture that we have done in the felt.
  3. Decorate with buttons, ribbons and what you want.
  4. Paste the figure to the outside of the brooch or pin.

You can make any figure from animals, flowers, cars, etc. It all depends on your imagination and the tastes of your children. If you want you can do a lot and even sell them.


Finger Puppets Foami

This type of craft represents fun and entertainment from being made to the final result, you can do with your children and then play with them, it’s a nice way to spend a good time with them.


  • Snatches of foami
  • wiggle eyes
  • Colored pipe cleaners, markers, etc.to decorate
  • Paper strips
  • Feathers
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Draw a rectangle 4 cm wide and the same length as circumference of your finger, leaving an extra half centimeter in length.
  2. Cut outthe rectangle and wrap it on your finger and make a mark for pasting.
  3. Glue so involving your finger and can be removed easily.
  4. In drawing pieces of foami parts of the heads of the puppets, can make animals, princesses and knights, whatever your imagination tells you.
  5. Cut outthe figures and decorate with pipe cleaners, markers, etc. Adds details such as eyes, hair, spots or stripes.
  6. Paste the figures at the top of the cylinder you made to fit one of your fingers and go.

It is a very simple craft that can be used to play with your kids and exploit their creativity, they can even make a small theater with a cardboard box and perform works for the family.