What to Wear with Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit, overalls, playsuit or Onesie-the iconic one piece which again delights us again this season with fantastic shapes and materials, has many names and speak with as many arguments for themselves: He is mutable, comfortable, stylish and super easy to combine.

Especially fashion lazy have at their pleasure Jumpsuit: Without having to worry too much about combinations must jumpsuit already offers a complete outfit, which must only be supplemented by appropriate accessories. Just jump in and you’re dressed-how convenient !

Whether as an alternative to evening dress, office outfit or cool everyday look-this about stylish swimsuit serve different tastes and occasions, but have you above all the same at first glance as true fashionistas!


Every Third Ready to Buy New iPhone

The result of the vote, as our site, started on Monday, shows one in three are not in doubt – they are ready to buy the new iPhone.

Our site started on Monday a vote on, how many of you users who were ready to buy the new iPhone in advance – in fact, without knowing whether there really comes a iPhone.

There are now more than 2,000 users who voted, and every third replied that they no doubt will buy the new iPhone.

About half of users want to keep their current phone, and the remaining 14 percent do not know if they are buying the new iPhone will retain their current mobile or something else.

Our site keeps you up to date on whether there will be a new iPhone or Apple have something completely different in the pipeline.

Follow Apple’s event and Our site the entire evening here.

Sleeping Bag Thermal Linings

Liners (or meat bags) are ideal for protecting the interior of the sleeping bag soil, avoiding washing too often and thus increasing the lifetime. These inner bags are either cotton or silk, and sometimes fleece.

Silk liners are very light (approximately 130g) and provides a heat gain of 1 to 2 ° C maximum. Cotton meanwhile is heavy (300-350g) and not heat, but it has the advantage of being cheap.


Hottest Swimwear Trends for Summer

Are you a fan of the cult That 70’s Show, or just of the seventies? We have found for you the perfect swimwear for this summer. The headband on the naked back through the bikini, find the one you need to be the sexiest fan are 70 years!

Summer is almost here and the test of the swimsuit arrived! If as the characters of the very cult That 70’s Show you are a fan of the 1970s, this selection of swimwear is made for you! (more…)

Golden Lady Costume

Floral, embroidered, sequined or solid: discover with us the new collection of Golden Lady costumes for summer 2016!

For summer 2016 Golden Lady  presents a collection of really well-assorted costumes, with many models and fantasies different. Golden Lady costumes are treated in detail and offer an air of elegance and refined even suitable for both mothers to daughters, the beach or pool.


How to Style a White T Shirt

An important event, a special evening, a sudden invitation and here l ‘ anxiety outfits axle forcing us to experience everything we have in the closet with all the possible combinations.

The classic scene sees us busy for hours in front of the wardrobe select all the matches, then testing the mirror with a lot of show for advice (which is regularly ignored) to parents and boyfriends, in extreme cases even you have time to make a run downtown to buy that dress that would be seen in the window just perfect for the occasion.


Nokia D1C Smartphone Features

We talked several times of Nokia D1C, a future anticipated smartphone Nokia with Android, but despite the technical picture seemed clear enough, there was a detail, so far failed, that could rewrite what has been seen so far. Nokia D1C rules would be a smartphone, but a tablet.

Geekbench, where D1C had already appeared, but incompletely, reports in fact that it is a 13.8 “full HD, always with CPU Snapdragon 430 and 3 GB of RAM, as seen previously.


LG G5: First Impressions, Materials and UI

Once you’ve tried it on the occasion of the MWC 2016, since yesterday we are using LG G5 in its final version. Unfortunately at the moment no additional module but only box and telephone. A shame though obviously you can still see how the opening system, coupling and uncoupling of battery and lower carriage.

After the case #metalgate, the approach G5 and and materials has been more attentive to us.We must say that LG has made a very interesting choice and smart: the weight is very low, the feeling in your hand is very good, the minimum slip and hardly anyone will say that this is not a device made of aluminum (aluminum but also because it is still applied in a particular process, made by LG itself | LG working on G5 #metalgate: isn’t plastic but primer tied to aluminum |) (more…)

Hairstyles for Short Hair Footsteps

Short hair can be a bit tricky to comb a few times but with creativity and these ideas can discover new ways to fix it without complicate and beautiful look at formal events or normal days.

side chignon

This chignon for short hair is quick to make and very elegant. Riza slightly and gives your hair a little volume at the crown.Begins to twist your hair from the lower left to the right and hold.Place the remaining hair in the same direction, you can do it by sections to be easier.


Types of Watches

Pilot, scuba diver or athlete? Different types of clocks for different people and occasions

Men’s watches are a huge market. Only in 2014 had sales of Swiss watches just over SEK 15 billion. Also, there is a clock that is one-fits-all. It’s all about personal preferences and what men’s watches you prefer. Decide what style you have in General which clock you choose. But even the event, such as wedding, job interview or a night out should decide which clock you choose.


How to Dress in a Heatwave

This summer, do not suffer the disadvantages of heat: we have some tips to help you dress during extreme heat and thus better endure.

If the heat makes you want to live in birthday suit, you are probably less enthusiastic about being arrested in the street for public indecency. Conclusion: you have to wear clothes, even 40 ° C! But history will not be mistaken for reality TV candidate (include wearing a denim shorty, a bikini top and shoes with platform), we give you some tips for dressing in case of heat-and keep your dignity. Types of clothing, materials, colors … here’s what to remember the dresscode summer.


Creative World Map Ideas

Globes, atlases, maps, I gather. My favorite is a vintage old world map that I bought years ago and years. We mounted and it is in my small office. Children put in various places and like to ask: “Have we been there, Mom?”

Last month, when searching for directions on Google Maps and watching pinned point A and B. I had a light bulb moment.What if we had to buy a map and instead of having mounted, finger on a piece of cork board, pinning the location of each city we visit family?

The children are on board and so is my husband. Now, choose a card …

Here are 15 of my favorite cards that are perfect for playing “Pin the country.” They also are great pieces of art and work well with just about any decor, so if you have a library or office, it will be a nice addition.


Affordable Winter Cardigans

Even after the economic crisis of 2008, with sales that drop by 30% and banks considering the bankruptcy of his workshop, lead clings and hanging. He said his brand thatit is only strengthened.

Besides that, true to his vision of the high-end, his son founded a beautiful hotel on the island, which has only a couple of beds8.

Drawing from the lessons of the dangers of mass tourism (low margins despite the volume), they continue to want to preserve the island in him offering a virtuous, respectful tourism for local culture and the environment.


The History of the Leather Jacket

Since the 50’s to today, leather spans the years and knows how to reinvent itself each season to stay trendy accessory. Versatile, it fits both a sleek, contemporary, urban or trend. Moreover it is a living material, which like wine, gets better with time to blend completely with your image.

Major advantage of the dressing of the man and woman together discover the iconic models of leather that have marked the history.


Makeup Tips for Summer

Hello girls,

today I would like to imagine my make up tips for the summer or late summer. You will get info on how you can a great summer look for the face conjure up from me. My tips primarily for the blond guy with lighter skin are suitable, but of course the makeup tips can try also Brunettes. It is important for me that it must be easily and rapidly with make-up. Tried it just, it is ideal to go to!

My favorite make up for the day and evening (more…)