Hairstyles with Bangs Beautiful 8

Beautiful, feminine and daring, different and original hairstyles with bangs for any type of hair, choose the bangs that go according to your personality. Dare and try any of these styles!

8. Lazio and loose

The inmortal. Straight hair will never go out of fashion, this is the hairstyles with bangs, simpler but requires good hair care, especially if you have long hair. A good conditioner will be your best friend if you choose this classic hairstyles with bangs.


Jeweler Plastic Bottle

This may be one of the craft more creative and also very cute, because you can then store jewelry. Decorate it as you like and ask your daughters to help you do so, you will surely love and spend a nice time.


  • Plastic bottle or medium can
  • String
  • Scissors
  • pinking shears
  • Felt or fabric
  • Glue
  • accounts


  1. Cut the bottle to 6 cm from the base and fórrala out with fabric or felt.
  2. Cut a strip of felt that is the size of the circumference of the bottle and 15 cm high.
  3. Fold the felt strip into six parts.
  4. Cut the six parties with pinking shears.
  5. Make a hole in each petal paste felt and felt the bottle, leaving the petals stand out.
  6. Pass the string through the holes and close the box bypulling on the string.
  7. Then decorate the box hitting the accounts.

This is a very simple way to create a joyerito and recycle a plastic bottle at a time, decorate it as you wish and give it a special touch.


Hair Trends

You want to change your look? Do not wait more! Today we present the latest trends in Color, cuts and hairstyles ideal for you you adopt a new style, and you ‘ll look and feel more beautiful and sure of yourself.


Add a touch to your cut with a fringe. Use the even at the height of the eyebrows and even or slightly tousled fringe and side. It will make you look younger and beautiful.


Card Decorated with Buttons

The birthday cards are a classic and simple gift we can all do, but to give a special and original twist can use different ideas crafts for birthday. Here we present an idea to decorate your cards with buttons and photos.


  • A cardboard 12 × 12 cm
  • 1 small strip of patterned paper
  • Buttons various colors and sizes
  • 1 photograph of 5 × 7 cm
  • Tape
  • A small index card
  • A black marker
  • A pencil
  • decorative elements such as ribbons, diamond, etc.


  1. Choose a card 12 × 12 cm in a color that matches the paper strip.
  2. Paste this paper down on the side of cardboard.The paper may have some simple pattern, this will give a different touch to your card.
  3. After reviewing with a pencil or marker the inner contours of the role of a somewhat sloppy way (as you see in the picture).This will give a homey feel.
  4. Paste the photograph on the paper strip, letting it stand out a bit.
  5. Tie the ribbon around the picture and paste it on paper.You can make a bow tie with ribbon to serve as decoration. You must attach the tape small index card, it will serve as decoration and to write a small message.
  6. Make a curve that surrounds the photograph, there must stick buttons. Choose buttons that have colors that match the rest of the card, this harpa the detail is subtle.

This is one of the simplest and original to decorate a birthday card ideas. You can choose a special photograph that you appear you with your friend and it will give a very personal touch that surely will value your friend.


Top 12 Hairstyles Casual

Many times we entered the dilemma of how we comb our hair for day to day, so that we see beautiful, original and casual and our hair is in line with our clothes, so we present this top with the best casual hairstyles.

12. Curly and Suelto

If you have curly hair they sported Make the most of your curls naturally, just spend your fingers with a little mousse and looks one of the casual hairstyles that impact.


Top 12 Hairstyles for Girls

And for small a good hairstyle you can not miss as make them look; tender, natural and beautiful. So today we present the top 12 of the best styles for girls look like princesses.

12. Curly Updo

It is one of the most elegant hairstyles for girls, it is perfect if there is any important meeting or for some a little more formal birthday.

11. Simple Braids

If you want your daughter look just tender must give two simple braids are also excellent in summer because they go with the season and avoid having hair on his face.


8 Beautiful Hair with Iron

A hair well groomed makes us feel beautiful and safe so today we present a top 8 of the hairstyles most beautiful that you can do with indispensable; the hair iron. Do not miss it !

8. Fleco long, soft curls

In this example hairstyles boards, the top of your hair will remain straight, all the action takes place on the side where you do light curls that fall from your ears. The fringe enchínalo out of the points.


10 Best Hair Straighteners

One aspect of our appearance in which more attention is put on the hair as a nice, healthy hair always makes us look more beautiful. If you like ironing your hair, here we leave the best options for good results.

10. Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static

This version of  Remington is one of the options for the new plates hair, has antistatic technology and manages a dual voltage.

9. Andis 67095 1-Inch Ceramic Clamp

The Andis is one of the best choices in hair straighteners as it fits almost any type and style, and conserves natural oils and seals the cuticle.


WordPress Launches Service for Small and Medium Enterprises to Create Their Blogs

Create a blog for your small business is not easy, even if you do not exactly literate in the arcane arts of server configurations and personal facilities WordPress. For facilitating the lives of these entrepreneurs, WordPress has launched a service that allows not only to create your blog on the tool with very little technical knowledge, but also provide hosting, support and other resources. (more…)

Nail Fashion

Our hands are one of the smallest details that manage to give a picture of us. That’s why today we present the latest trends in textures and finishes for nail design and look so spectacular hands.

Decorating techniques

There are a variety of techniques to decorate our nails, some are simple and some very complicated. Discover the latest decoration techniques and give it a cool touch to your nails!


Galactic Nails

All the magic of the universe will be reflected in your nails with these simple steps. You do not need much time or money to give them a different and original tone.


  • black, bench and blue, pink and purple enamel.
  • A glaze glitter, preferably silver but any color you like could work.
  • transparent glaze
  • A small sponge
  • A stick or a large needle


Nail for Summer

The nails are an important accessory for women as it reflects personality and gives them a very attractive touch our hands. That’s why we give you some ideas for decorating your nails this summer. Do not miss out!

5. Nails Marineras

If these summer vacation you plan on traveling to the beach, you’re nails are ideal for you, you just need:

  •  red enamel
  • blue enamel
  • transparent glaze
  • Thin brush tip
  • white enamel


“Law Against Piracy is Waste of Money,” Says French Minister

Because of a terrible coincidence, after Nikolas Sarzoky, political and lucky husband of former model and singer Carla Bruni left his post as president of France, the country’s policies on the piracy network suffered a slight twist. If before the fight against illegal downloads was hard, with Francois Hollande in charge of the land of the Gauls, the fight against illegal downloads was seen as a “waste of money” by local authorities. (more…)

Decorated with Nails Cintilla

The nails are a very important part for women, we always want to be clean and the perfect opportunity, so today we bring you 8 ways to decorate with cintilla.


If you do not have much time, but want to see your beautiful nails this form of wear nail is right for you, with a simple touch, just paint your nails with enamel transparent and ring finger placed a small stone, that seem to be a ring and will look spectacular.


Man Questions Trademark “Google” in the American Justice

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