Colors for Your Home

To give you that sense of personality and convey what you want to each space, it is important to choose the right tone. In this article we orient on how you can make combinations so you know what reflex when painting a room .


It transmits positivism and represents purity and cleanliness; besides reflecting amplitude and innocence. A whole room painted white is usually very dramatic, so we recommend to combine it with other colors.


Flowers for Decorating Gifts

These flowers are very useful for decorating gifts or to clothing, if you learn to make sure you will be many fun ideas to use, you will see that is one of the crafts most versatile of all.


  • Garland of flowers
  • Buttons
  • Thread
  • Yarn needle
  • Gift Wrap
  • Card


  1. First you must disarm the wreath, taking two of flowers and placing them one upon another without their petals match. The joke is that the plastic flower hard part is not there so you can use it on other things.
  2. Then, sew a button to thecenter of the flowers, this flower will not disarm and give a decorative touch.
  3. You can hold the button a little card that says the gift recipient or a message that you write.
  4. Finally tie a knot so that the flower and card are not separated and ready.

This craft can serve you to personalize your gifts and give them a special decorative touch also such ornaments with flowers can serve for many other things as decoration for your clothes or school maualidades.


8 Tips for Decoration of Tables

Decoration of tables it must be adapted to the occasion, season and personal taste, but there are aspects that you should always take into account. So here are some some basic tips to make your table decor and be surprised your guests.

8. less is more

When you talk about decoration of tables, you must think of that elegant tables do not have too many embellishments. Decoration of tables It should be simple, for reasons of aesthetics and practicality. Minimalism is also fashionable.

7 clears the view

Very uncomfortable is that decoration of tables will not allow you to see the diner from in front. Food It is a time to share and is essential to the decoration of tables let you see the face of the person in front to be an actual connection. (more…)

Chongos Casual for Summer

Sometimes think of the perfect hairstyle for this season can be a bit complicated, but a bun makes us look beautiful, it’s fast and saves us from any situation, so here we leave some simple choices!

6. twisted Chongo

Comb your hair making a ponytail and divide it into two parts, then make two braids, wrapped one around the league and secure it with pins, then do the same with the other and voila !


Felt Bag

A bag can be a good gift for our daughters to look very coquettish, also can serve as a lunchbox or backpack to carry supplies. It is a craft simple that allows us to customize the bags used in our daughters.


  • Colored felt
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • pipe cleaners
  • plastic gems
  • Pompons
  • Thread
  • Needle


12 Excellent Elegant Hairstyles

If you have a special event or just you look like one of these elegant hairstyles you have excellent options for hairstyles for long hair, updos and other modern hairstyles.

  1. Picked up Casual

One of the most simple and elegant hairstyles that look perfect hang time are collected casual, seems difficult? because it is not only your hair flutters with the help of an iron and then collect the hair naturally.


10 Tips for Rustic Decor

If these interiors of your home and you are thinking of a rustic decoration give you some tips that will be useful if you opt for this decoration.

10 floors and roof

In the rustic floors are of sum importance opts for usa finished wood or imitation stone floors, roofing there is nothing better than wood.

9 walls

No doubt the walls are an important part of the decor rustic, opts to choose just type bricks, rocks or smooth walls in neutral, beige, yellow and white colors. (more…)

12 Best Hairstyles Simple

The fashion today is to look natural but nice style. So today we present the 12 best hairstyles that can easily, are hairstyles step by step to become a practical way and do not require much effort.

  1. diadem

The easy hairstyles the home can do without us removed a long time, simply use a headband with the style or manner of our choice in her hair, collected, semirecogido, with waves among others.


Sachet Recycled Denim

This is another simple and good ideas to recycle clothes, because for this craft just need a pair of jeans you no longer use and the procedure is very fast and simple.


  • old jeans
  • Thread
  • points
  • Scissors
  • Cintas
  • Cierreo velcro


  1. Cut the back pocket of jean following their natural shape and covering both sides of the pants.
  2. Sew the sides to unite them, remember toleave one side open.
  3. Cose in the upper part or Velcro closure.
  4. Finally you can make a strap so you canimagine, a tie, a nice bar, etc.

This bag is convenient to use and simple to make, also will take advantage jeans that otherwise would have had to shoot. Combine it with all, remember that the denim goes with whatever.


10 Best Hairstyles Kids

A small also like to be fashionable, so today we present a top 10 with the easiest hairstyles for your children, so they can look cool, comfortable and certainly at the forefront. Do not miss it !

10. Peinado natural waves

For children with curly hair, baby have a means of cutting and when you wear these beautiful waves must be accompanied by a moisturizer or cream to comb to define curls and wear a cool hairstyle. It is one of the freshest and comfortable children’s hairstyles.


8 Tips Double Bedroom Decoration

Decorate your master bedroom taking into account both practicality and romance. The fourth should be a comfortable place for both, choose an elegant decoration , rustic, among others.

8 limits the ornaments

Less is more in the matrimonial bedroom decoration, you can place pictures, small pictures, but avoid excess decorations of porcelain, stuffed animals bears, so will keep the room uncluttered and easy to clean.

7. warm colors

To choose the color of the walls and furniture, best bedroom decoration for marriage are the colors warm and romantic as the Browns, golds and cream colors. (more…)

8 Beautiful Wavy Styles

Hairstyles with waves give you a more natural look. So today we present the best ideals styles for long or depending on the cut of hair you have hair. Do not miss these 8 amazing hairstyles made for you.

8. Style bob

Ideal for women with short hair, this example of hairstyles waves is very simple to do, just need to straighten your hair well, I split it in half and undulate side have more hair. Remember to use very large waves.


How to Wear Stocking with Garter Belt

Stockings always associated with true femininity. This piece of clothing has undergone many transformations and now we see it at its best – finest fabric resembling pautinku, beautiful gum decorated lace and many variations of finishing. But if you want to fully comply with all laws of seduction, then you need to take and belt for cultivation. Stylists say that women’s stockings with a belt look much more elegant, but a combination of fine garters and growing image make maximum feminine and seductive.


Best Tablets for Kids

Tablet for kids, the best models for all ages to learn and have fun! Children today are very attracted to tablets, because these objects of latest technology offer the opportunity to navigate, watch videos, but also draw and play thanks to applications and fun games!

The new tablet for kids are designed for different age groups and emphasize not only fun, but also to education and learning. The educational tablets, for example, are designed to be child-resistant and their contents are perfect for children from 3 to 6 years. There are children’s models on the market today or currently outbound. However, when you choose a tablet for children, we must always think of the age and purpose of use and remember that the use of these devices can bring the baby to see inappropriate content at his age, so it is always important to parental control. (more…)

How to Choose Swimwear

Each year by finding the perfect swimsuit to show off at the beach is a real dilemma, and the reasons are many, for example the piece above is too large, while the one below is too tight, or vice versa. How many times have you already happened?

But do not despair, the solution to find out what is the right costume for you is just around the corner: yes, because for each physical is the right costume, able to camouflage those little flaws and instead emphasizing the strengths. Good resolution to end the fear and frustration that occurs during the purchase of the swimsuit.

But to find out which is a perfect swimsuit for your body, first let us see what your physique. The female body is usually divided into four main types: apple, pear, hourglass and breadstick.


10 Pin Up Hairstyles

Retro details have always been in fashion, this time the Pin up style returns with great force. If you love  simple hairstyles but very sophisticated and elegant, then you will love these amazing styles.

10. Lateral Coleta with Fringing Rulo

This type of hair pin up are very simple to make and look very feminine and retro, first split your hair into four sections, a front for lateral loop, two side (as if you were to do a half tail) and the last part , which should be the thickest, it is for the queue, attach them, and finally curl the ends.


What Is the Best Fabric for Sleepwear

Choose from shirts to sleep – a simple question because nothing should prevent us safely pass into the realm of Morpheus: tissue should be pleasant for the body seams should not rub. Yes and design is essential. Think of the most popular types of women’s nightshirts.


Silk Nightgowns for Women

Perhaps the most sexy and feminine option. Shirt from smooth, beautiful natural or artificial silk look very good, especially decorated with delicate lace and a variety of satin ribbons. Such bats better suited for warm weather of the year or for homes and apartments with good heating. Even in the hot silk stays cool cloth that breathes well, and that means donating your body comfort and relaxation. Shirts rayon – less good option as this matter is bad and airtight. Models of artificial silk is not suitable nor excessive heat or cold. A variety of models such nightshirts marvel: young girls can select a short thin models and older ladies can accommodate long silk shirts, fitted sleeves and supplemented in tone.


Just Cavalli Leather Mini Skirt

The new collection Just Cavalli for spring summer 2013 has just staged at Milan fashion week , presenting an idea of female, rock and very glamorous, replacing the classic black with white achieving new experiments with accessories and combinations with vibrant hues. The Milan fashion week is now in its third day that began in the best possible way with a jaunty collection and a little retro signed Moschino, which you could see in live streaming on our website, and is continuing with many proposals aimed primarily at a younger audience, very easygoing and attentive to the look and the latest trends. Here is the proposal of Just Cavalli for the hot season.

The Milan fashion week is one of the most anticipated event dedicated to fashion and follow the world and certainly not wrong. In these first three days we witnessed the presentation of some really amazing collections such as Emporio Armani, dedicated to a woman who wants to show that you have style without wearing eccentric outfits and bizarre. But even Alberta Ferretti, with its sublime evening dresses inspired by the marine world made us dream with your eyes wide open. But now it is the turn of Just Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli’s fashion more youthful brand, who has proposed his own version of a rocker that appears to be from the very near future. (more…)

12 Wedding Hairstyles

If you’re about to get married or attend a wedding, surely some of these hairstyles for weddings will be of great help, there updos, modern hairstyles  and assumptions prom hairstyles to show off sensational.

Loose Waves

If you want to look youthful and carefree in this celebration a good idea hairstyles for weddings is to wear my hair with waves and garnish with a pin that will give a touch of elegance.


How to Wear a Skirt of Lace

It is not the kind of leader who wears even to go to the grocery store and I certainly do not choose it when you’re in a hurry and you stick the first thing that happens to you, but, if combined in the right way, a lace skirt can show off also in everyday life. It seems too demanding boss that only suits elegant occasions, but, for some time, we see wearing the skirt of lace even with sports clothing such as T-shirts and sneakers and these combinations make it perfect even for the day.

Who can wear a skirt of lace? All! The important thing is to choose the model best suited to their physical: If you are tall and thin, you can opt for skirts and pencil skirt ; but if you have a Mediterranean and physical do not want too much value to your forms, you can choose larger models and wide as the midi skirt and long skirts.

Match a skirt of lace in the right way is easier than you might think, and who better than the most famous fashion bloggers can help us in this mission? Here are 10 different combinations to be tested as soon as possible!


8 Tips on How to Straighten Hair

Does every morning with your hair struggles to make it perfectly straight? Here are tips on how to straighten your hair, you will know how to have a healthy hair and straightening curly, iron, hair products and others.

8. Straightening hair naturally

You need to mix 30 grams of olive oil, 1 capsule of jasmine oil, 30 grams cream to straighten hair that does not contain ammonia, apply this recipe to wash hair without conditioner and leave for 20 minutes and comb your hair as usual, but without the dryer.


Leggings Push Up Calzedonia

The leggings drama is that the physical wearing it should really be toned and wiry. The leggings, leggings second skin that is cut to the ankle, it envelops and thus stands out every little imperfection, depression and failure. And so, in my opinion, is suitable only to the teen or, for the more curvy girls and women, only if worn with over sweaters and oversize tee, so that the effect is to wear opaque tights.Banned absolutely, at all ages and for all types of silhouettes, the leggings worn as pants. It’s vulgar and little taste walking in the street with no mesh or sweater that covers the B-side (and in some cases even the A): the disasters that in this way you see on the street are so many!


How to Fish Moray Eel

The Mediterranean Moray, whose scientific name is Muraena Helena, is a saltwater fish and belongs to the family Muraenidae. The body of the moray eel-like, long and sturdy is. The Moray does not possess the pectoral fin, and has a low dorsal fin. Moray eel skin, smooth and free of flakes, is dark brown, mottled yellow spots and whitish. The fish is widespread in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic. The maximum length of the moray eel is a half-meter (but this length can also be sometimes superseded) and weigh 15 pounds. The moray is a snake-like fish known for its extreme aggression: presents, in fact, long teeth and sharp and extensible that allows her throat swallowing large prey. The bite of the moray is painful and cause lacerations. That heal slowly. It is a sedentary species which lives mainly in rocky habitats, known and appreciated by many fishermen for the quality of its meat. If you want to undermine this predator, please read this guide and you will discover how to fish the moray eel.

Be sure to have on hand:

150 gr 100 meters 4-barrel

reel 8000

nylon 0.40-0.50

steel cables-ami number 1

swivel 30 lb


10 Beautiful Hairstyles Celebs

Chongos, braids, ponytails and more are some of the trendy hairstyles that celebrities wear. So today we present the 10 most beautiful hairstyles that have worn the famous. Copy one of these styles and looks great!

10. Chongo with Braids

This is one of the hairstyles of young celebrities who most used red carpets or gala events, as the bun is one of the most elegant and sophisticated hairstyles, but leave loose hair and braiding some areas, gives a more informal touch and chic.


Victoria’s Secret, the Lingerie Collection Christmas 2015

Victoria’s Secret presents the new collection of lingerie 2015 designed to celebrate so sexy and cheeky Christmas. A Christmas line that focuses on cult highlighted by a themed color palette where they couldn’t come with neither red nor black. Between body, pajamas and balconette there is an embarrassment of choice.

Christmas is a special occasion to prepare something good, to beautify home and to do some shopping and renew your wardrobe by buying just something to wear on Christmas Eve. And a new suit certainly needs brand new lingerie that is perfectly in keeping with the Christmas spirit, that’s why today we have decided to show you the lingerie collection launched by Victoria’s Secret on the occasion of Christmas 2015. Between petticoats, pajamas, bodysuits, balconette and slip by very specific cuts there is an embarrassment of choice. (more…)