Flashlight Fenix Uc30

If you are looking for a fishing lamp that you minimally loaded, but it afterglow hundreds of meters away, we found her and tested for you in our review. How significant are its qualities? You’ll want to have in your equipment as well as I do.

When I give you six months ago introduced us tested unbreakable flashlight Varta indestructable, many of you asked me if I tip flashlight with similar or even better properties, but instead in a much smaller format, which will not dramatically burden gear fishermen. And I must say that I did not have to search long. My attention was caught by offering manufacturers Fenix, which is rightly competing for the attention of fishermen on fishing fairs. Fenix has had a really wide range of quality lamps intended for civilian as well as professional use and some of the lamps are like tailored just for rybolovce.


Advice – How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

Not sure what the sleeping bag you choose? Check out our tips:

Sleeping bag is one of the most important things in my backpack every traveler and adventurer. Because there are currently on the market, many manufacturers of materials and workmanship sleeping bags, let us us, help you in this little jungle around. After reading, you can choose the appropriate type here

When you choose a sleeping bag, consider the most important:

  • thermal purpose: sleeping bag where you use?
  • The length of sleeping bag: how high your character?
  • Weight: sleeping bag you carry in your backpack, or carry away
  • Maintenance: You have enough information for the care of feather sleeping bag?
  • Shape: quilt, or a mummy?A lot of space or less heat loss?


Stuffing Free Dog Bed

Dog beds are one of the most expensive accessories you can buy your dog. A good bed will run you more than $100. This money can go to much better use as dog food and vet bills if you make your own dog bed.

Things You’ll Need: 
A cloth or towels
Polyfill cushions or
Needle and thread or a sewing machine
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Find some extra fabric around the house that will be durable enough for a dog bed. If you do not have any fabric found some old bath towels. Their measurement to be the size you need for your dog to comfortably lie down and sleep.


Luxury Modern Bedroom Furniture Sets

Thoughts of exquisite design bedroom? We would be useful as offer you some beautiful and stylish ideas for the luxury of the most secluded room in the home. You’ll find a variety of colors applied in poli type styles and solutions.

To sleep like a king or queen is not a bad idea. Nowadays, it is completely feasible task. Here are a few examples:

The combination of turquoise and silver is an excellent solution for luxurious bedroom furniture. Elegance and romance exhale and model with walnut, gilt ornaments and coatings ivory. The processing of this valuable wood and refined details carved into the structure describe actual perfection.


How to Choose the Right Summer Shoes

Want to make new flip flops or slippers, you would have used more or sandals are looking at high heels, wedges or platform? Do not wait, then shoot them! Right now they are available at a great price!

Are you one of those women who love shoes? If you’ve recently seen a few where you felt like a modern-day Cinderella story, but eventually you have denied him because of the price, now trading for him to return peacefully. It had come roughly in half.

How to choose the right

Whether you have a clear idea on what shoes you go to the store, or just peek keep in mind the selection rules.


Shoe Trends: The Heel Sculpture

The heels have always been synonymous with femininity .Although few seasons the flat is back into fashion (from sneakers, the dancers, the lace), from their origin – some say that was the mysterious Mona Lisa to wear them for the first time – have always been a symbol of sensuality par excellence among the accessories designed for the woman according to Iamhigher.com.
spring is finally here, summer is around the corner, but the attention of the fashion world has already moved ahead, autumn / winter 2017 that will give ample space to heels: from style twenties to the seventies, from the Baroque to the futuristic, high heels and platform will be the protagonists of the next season with new proportions, special texture, vertiginous stiletto.

Here are 4 captive models proposed by as many famous designers in the presentations of the collections for next autumn.

The disc with Casadei

The brand that has made the history of Italian footwear offers immersion in the aesthetics of the Seventies: folk, hippie, punk, these adjectives characterize the shoes for the next season, in an atmosphere entirely genderless from the soul and disco . No coincidence return the wedge and the plateau, symbols of the disco period in combination with flared trousers – even in these extremely.


The History of Shoes With Heels

“I do not know who invented high heels, but surely we women owe him a lot.” These the words of Marilyn Monroe dedicated to one of those irresistible passions involving more or less all womankind: the shoes with heels.

But who really invented the shoes with heels?

I tell you right away that this argument seems to be a matter of discussion for some time immemorial.
We do definitely hard to believe given that the shoes were usually real markers of gender, class, race and ethnicity, and is the foot that the shoe were considered influential and powerful phallic symbols and fertility (not for nothing yet it binds today a pair of shoes on the car of the newlyweds).

With shoes so it opens before us an immense and fascinating world and also full of contradictions: all love the heel 13, but we know that is not friend of our posture and our backs, as also confirmed by doctors and scholars foot, yet we are all attracted and somehow arranged to make us “a little ‘hurt’ while wearing the umpteenth least shoe heel 12 that stole our hearts.


Pointed Shoes with High Heels

A few more days and finally we will leave behind the winter.What does it mean? We have a good excuse to devote to shopping and buy new clothes and accessories to show off with the arrival of summer!

Let’s start with the shoes at http://www.shoe-wiki.com/2015/09/03/armani-women-shoes/ If the answer is yes, it started to point the models pointed as they are one of the big trends of spring-summer 2016.
From the great timeless classics such as black pumps, the news of the new season, like the slingback or-tear up: pointed shoes back to the rescue and prepare to populate our shoe rack! There are pumps with vertiginous heels and those with midi heels, but there are also the flat models that allow us to be at the top without sacrificing comfort!

Undecided on what to choose? That’s what models have in shoe rack to address with the new season in style!


Smart Watches from Asus

Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS (TimeDictionary.com) became the latest technology company after Huawei, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and Motorola, which announces special event for journalists in the days around Berlin exhibition IFA (5 to 10 September 2014). Upcoming products that are expected to be revealed at this event of Asus, are proposals refreshed line of smartphones ZenFone, but more interesting for us would be very likely performance of smart clock managed by Android Wear. The device codenamed Robin will probably be the thinnest proposal among devices with the Google platform for wearable electronics. The smart clock Asus to be the cheapest product, because the expected price e somewhere between $ 99 and $ 149.


Garmin Forerunner 920XT Watch

Garmin unveiled the new Forerunner 920XT, evolution of 910 but with many extra features. The new Garmin product series, which began with the release of Forerunner 620 and 220 and which saw the introduction of the new activity trackers, culminating now with the brand new Forerunner 920XT.

The new color display is the change that jumps right out at you but, in fact, it’s probably also the most marginal. Hard to say what the extra features that would help because the new 920XT seems to have really anything that can make happy a triathlete (but also ski Mountaineer and skyrunner) who wishes to have anything under control. It’s not easy to make a complete list of features without writing a tome, but try to see those who jump to the eye at first glance.

In swimming the new model created by Garmin provides all the data you need: the number strokes, split times, distance travelled until you arrive at swolf: the algorithm that provides the efficiency of swim by crossing the number of strokes, the time to take a bath and the length of the tank itself.


Apple Watch 2 Thinner

In particular, in June is expected announcement of the next-generation smart watch of Apple, while the date for the official market debut of Apple Watch 2 at this stage can not be assumed even approximately.

After thunderous official debut of Apple Watch last year and legendary record growth market of smart watches that followed, probably many look forward to the eventual emergence of the next generation of this wearable device “apples”. And it seems the wait will continue until at June if you can believe the forecast analyst Brian White from the company Drexel Hamilton, who has several justified supposed it of the next generation of Apple Watch and iPhone.


Apple Watch First Impressions

Many have been waiting for months and finally after the presentation in September 2014 – Friday 26 June arrived in Italy the much anticipated Apple Watch. After a few days of use and a couple of racing, time for a quick review with first impressions.

The aesthetics of the Apple smartwatch is definitely the most striking element: every single detail is designed and built to be perfect and – as a whole – conveys a feeling of modernity without being necessarily feel Michael Knight calling KITT talking to a futuristic clock. Indeed, in some ways, the steel version (http://www.jibin123.com/2015/12/womens-watches-from-hamper/) has a very retro taste and you realize to wear a design object that will not go out of fashion, because it is he himself who define fashion. In short, Jony Ive did a great job once again.


Fashion Tips for Plus Size Ladies

If you own a large amount of clothing, then I think often read on the Internet or in fashion magazines tips on how to dress. So with all the basics you probably know. So I will not repeat them in this article. In fact, I want to say that all so-called “rules for the fuller figure” – a very big generalization because each digit (thin or full) is very individual, and complete people can also distinguish different types and develop them quite different advice in choosing clothes.

Therefore, in any fashion rules only choose those that suit you and improve your own style. Today I want to offer you a few tips that will suit to someone, someone perhaps not, they will refer mostly what fashion trends this summer are most suitable for girls with forms.


How to Dress for Plus Size Body

Finding flattering clothes can be a little frustrating to many plus size women. As a plus size woman I learned through trial and error how best flatter my body shape. This article will tell you what is flattering for older women to wear, and where you can find the right clothes.


  • Find the shape. Not all plus size women have the same shape! It is important to find the form. I am a pear shaped (small waist, big bottom/thighs) and having a tough time finding pants that don’t gap at the back waist. Some women are apple shaped (small on top and bottom, big in the middle) and need some pants that don’t sag at the bottom.


Women Boots Fashion Tips

When you search a dictionary of terms you can find this formulation boots are a special kind of protective footwear that is primarily intended to protect against water and mud! This was true in times past, when protect, fishermen, workers in the fields and construction workers. Boots, galoshes or rubber boots, say these shoes as you want, one fact remains certain – today they are very popular and trendy!

In the current fashion boots are a great fashion accessory! Especially in damp and rainy days, of which there were many. Fashion designers to accurately hit the weather forecast. Whether it is spring, summer or fall, boots are always helpful.

Although doctors warn against this rubber boots, this trend is not diminishing and is seen increasingly! Stylish boots found in normal commercial network, but also luxury and designer shoe shops.


Plus Size Fashion Tips and Advice

Not all women are blessed by mother nature with a perfect body, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. Even if your gown is large, L, XL and XXL, be nice wearing it, if chosen carefully.

No matter how many fashion shows on TV, a few dealing with large clothes, so we give some tips to help you to choose wisely and be beautiful.

Tops and bottoms suitable for curvy women. To have a nice look in a suit you don’t have to be very lean, you simply must know how to mix and match the clothes so they hide what’s to hide. Stylists recommend curvy women to avoid first skinny trousers, which are very tight on the ankles and the feet, but also high-neck shirts that make you look fuller. Choose in exchange for blouses with v-neck, stretching your torso and make him look thinner. For the choice of shirt prints, been reserved, in terms of horizontal stripes, especially the cheap xxl.


Wonderful Rings for Every Occasion

Jewellery Buráň are amazing and designer jewelry that will delight anyone who loves stunning jewelry.

Rings are a beautiful gift for any woman in ages. Beautiful fingers perfectly adorn your hand and gives you a charm. Ring, also one of the important days like engagements, weddings.

You find rings, for every occasion. Our rings are made of different materials. We offer rings of gold, silver rings, very desirable and popular bands of surgical steel, titanium rings or original Swarowski rings.


Plus Size Clothing Stores

Knowing how to enhance

Any physical category you belong, to dress well first you must try to focus on what are the strengths and weaknesses of one’s own body. Then you can start looking for the right clothing, having a clear idea of what denominations prefer. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for, the market also will meet us with specific proposals. For all, some tips to make its mark.

  • Remember that wearing one color helps. Better to choose dark shades. Total black is definitely the favorite of many women, but you can also choose the midnight blue, plum, forest green;
  • Vertical lines create an illusion that makes it sound like the highest and slender physique. Don’t forget that the horizontal lines have the opposite effect;
  • The right fit: i.e. never wear clothes too tight but not with clothes too broad. So no to nylons if you have strong legs, but no even the pants too large or maxi skirts;
  • Choose the materials with care: better light at the expense of fabrics and textiles slipped thinking how very coarse wool or tweed or corduroy;
  • Remember your weaknesses: the dress first must give yourselves, then, if possible, be fashionable. None of us can follow all the guidelines dictated by the seasons trends, better to choose what news are for ours.


Plus Size Clothing Buying Guide

Clothing for plus sizes is a very sensitive subject to deal with, since they concern a group of people who have a hard time finding the right clothing, because of their sizes. In stores, in fact, often are not suitable for all sizes and most importantly, not all physical conformations.

Bigger sizes to 44

Define what the plus sizes is not simple: it is a non-unique or definitive definition, depending on market trends and choices of fashion houses. If we try to take a ride around the shops of clothing brands more or less known, we observe that the distribution of some sizes is greater, at the expense of others, which are rare or even unobtainable.

If we take as an example the ladies’ trousers, we can easily understand that the sizes between the 38 and 44 are always available. Starting from 46, however, we see that the number of animals decreases for forays abruptly if it concerns a 48. If we seek a 50, probably not going to find her at all. In truth, many fashion brands would rather not produce large sizes for business and marketing reasons. Thus we conclude that large sizes are the sizes not manufactured by all companies of clothing because it considered too large for the models.

But we see specifically what sizes we speak. Surely the sizes starting from 50, but not only. Today, the plus size is also the 48 and, according to some, also 46. Let’s say the woman wearing a larger size to 44 begins to have difficulty in dressing, and must be for the plus size category, if you want to find models that sock well on your body. In this guide we will see how to orient ourselves in the market, if we bring a higher size to 44.


Beautiful Earrings Will Become Your Grace

Beautiful earrings will become your grace

Accentuate your beauty timeless wearing jewelry made from precious metals modern and decorated with beautiful gemstones. Earrings are among the most popular jewelry at all, perfectly highlights the delicate facial features or vice versa diverting attention from other parts of the body. Earrings can be purchased in a variety of attractive designs. They are produced in various shapes and in a variety of decorating.


The Brazilian Swimwear

In view of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, several brands offer Brazilian swimwear (visit here) inspired event, bikinis and trikini in one of the most popular forms by fashion victims around the world, the origin of which, as the name itself suggests, it is in the country hosting the football games most anticipated. This kind of seductive and intriguing bikini has been around the world for its sparkling style as well, but let’s take a look together to the coolest models of the moment.

The bikini with Brazilian briefs are a real widespread craze among Hollywood celebrities and VIPs of our house, suitable costumes actually both lean silhouette to the more round, this because the briefs from the narrower rectangular cut than a wraparound slip redefines b side giving it a firmer look.

Why all the specialized brands in this sector have thought of Brazilian costumes models to suit all tastes. In its proposal for the Summer 2014 Parah has entered bikini top with solid range, with cups or triangle by the Brazilian briefs in versions low waist with belts or with adjustable straps, a choice that also characterizes the collection Oysho : in this line in bikinis space with fancy plain in pastel shades or muted, in models with range or triangle in the press etiquette paintings.


It’s Time to Get Dressed in Swimwear

Summer is knocking on the door! Maybe this summer we’ll get lucky and we’ll be able to spend in bikini beautiful sunny days and enjoy sunbathing. It does not matter whether you go to the sea, to the swimming pool, or in the thermal waters of the pond. Your swimsuit should in any case, IN. What are the swimsuit trends for the 2016 season?

Surprising combinations of patterns and colors!

Fashion designers again this year did not disappoint. Showcased the collection of swimsuits that amaze his original combinations of designs, colors as well as styles. Fashion world this summer will be dominated by the colors and no exception is in the case of swimwear (see here). So the first rule is – if you choose swimwear , bet on the color and bold! IN will be particularly rich and gaudy colors simultaneously. As for the designs, you can let off steam. Error thing with polka dots and stripes, or a combination thereof. Will be a big hit with animal patterns in various colors – what you need gepardní pattern in turquoise blue? Trends are also a variety of prints, mainly with floral motifs.


Women’s Leather/Fur Winter Coats

Outside, there is already pretty damn cold, but I still would like to draw the middle of winter kamoja raised. I realized that there actually were listed all the things why I like recycled fur and what you can do about them. Genuine fur is gorgeous material. Unethical, regardless of origin, it is a piece of clothing, which well-maintained lasts up to four generations. Thermal insulation is at its peak, and the wind do not go through the fur. Fur is very resistant to rain and will keep you warm and dry even though winter is wet. Recycling sewing smaller parts of the coat may be utilized and recycled, so that its reuse is excellent.

All of these factors into account, I find the recycling of fur as an excellent alternative to clothing during the cold season. Below are a few ideas on how to yard sale found on the coats can be modified to better suit the present day. Turkey can be sewn and glued by hand yourself, but if you suspect that your skills enough to take the jacket furriers. With a little sewing operations as part of repairs are not expensive, but the bigger changes may be yes to shell out for a decent price. Fortunately, the fur coat is worth it. We are talking about garment, which can be used for decades. Remember that the fur should always be stored baggy, dry place, and plastic bags so that the bugs can not access them.


Round Table Christmas Tablecloth

Tablecloth with a diameter of 150 cm and is suitable for medium-sized round table.

Basic white, green, red, and golden yellow for decorative elements tablecloth is made in typical Christmas colors. The motives are: candles decorated Christmas tree, a Christmas wreath and delicate snowflakes, stars of luxury. The arrangement of the table, you can use white, red, green plates, glasses in different tablecloth here suitable utensils and napkins. Red candles are best when they are classics.

Why we chose to present this Christmas tablecloth for round table in front of you.


Eyeliner Makeup Trend 2016

Loved and hated, the line on the eyes is back in fashion with very original solutions and in some cases even trail-blazing. Let’s eyeliner trends for winter 2013.

Look for bad girl who marries a few hints of pure retro from “lines” just bon ton. Comeback among the season’s must the eyeliner: makeup dark contours, welcome magnetic lines and seductive look.

A very interesting trend for Eye makeup and originating from 2013 fall winter fashion shows, which have revived an evergreen so appreciated by women but often downright immoderate use beautypically.com which makes it anything but bewitching the eyes of those who uses it in a literally rambles. (more…)

Lightweight Jackets to Face The Unexpected Rainy Days

By now we should have learned the lesson: never trust completely because of the weather, even in late summer, it is easy to come across sudden downpours, and water bombs!
In these cases, not to be taken by surprise and be ready for all eventualities, better always keep on hand the outerwear: not get rid of them at the first opportunity, may prove essential during the summer season!

Do not think that we are accustomed to classic jackets to wear at the end of winter, what we need are bomber, blazer, denim jackets and windproof jackets: all garments lightweight, space-saving and perfect to deal with jokes that the weather likes in store!

Ready to find out what not to miss in your summer wardrobe? Take note!


How to Wear Backpacks

Fashion launches and re-launches trends, but let’s face it, are not always comfortable as they are beautiful. I do not know, I think of those weird shoes with high wedges without the heel with which practically has to go around on tiptoe. And I always wondered how that had not tumbled to the ground.


Each, however, so much the fashion you remember that comfort is important and therefore allows us to wear beautiful things but beautifully comfortable, like travel backpacks. That way, it immediately comes to mind school, backpacks and seven eastpak, long gone (at least for me), instead of the backpack is more relevant than ever and wear it will be a real feast for the eyes.