Team Address Book in Your Phone up-to-Date

If you must move, switch mobile number or similar-makes this application sharing of contact information quick and easy.

The introductory phase is approaching which often equals that thousands of students will switch the address and other contact information. Friends and acquaintances must be equipped with the new contact information, it can be done without difficulty in the application our sitet. (more…)

The Media Writes about Mobile Today-Tuesday

OVERVIEW: about the little month starts the presale on the next iPhone, says the rumor. Welcome to today’s overview.

This week starts the school pupils, and there is one in the Pad on the table at many of them, we wrote Monday. Here we also brought a money saving tips on tablets – three reasons why you can do without a 3 g-version of your next tablet.

For those who like to have a cheap mobile Bill, there was also good news, there is no prospect to mobile price-war stops.

How to Get Easy Shortcuts in Notification Area

TIP: do you own an Android mobile without easy access to system shortcuts, so here is a program that can help you.

Many mobiles will be born today with shortcuts in the notification area, but there is still a part cell phones that do not have this easy access to the notification area.

We have found an easy way to get your favorite shortcuts directly into your notification area.

The application is called 1 Tap Quick Bar, and make it easy and fast to create a custom shortcut bar at the top of your notification area, as, for example, can be seen on many Samsung mobiles. (more…)

Now Get Sony Xperia P Android 4.0

Are you one of the lucky owners of Sony Xperia P, you can now download the latest update with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) has begun to spread rapidly, and it is among other things thanks to Sony’s efforts to distribute the software for its devices.

Now it is the turn of Xperia P, middle-class phone in the newer Xperia Xperia S series where is the top model and Xperia U is the smallest model.

The update means among other things that the phone gets extended its standby time up to four times, improved lock screen and scalable widgets.

Not all devices will receive the update at a time, but according to Sony blog’s rollout has already started.

At the same time notify Sony to Xperia, Xperia U Sola and Xperia Go is the next units to receive Android 4.0 update.


How to Get Rid of the Ads in the Top Bar on Your Android Mobile

TIP: you also get irritated advertisements in status-top bar on your Android smartphone? How to reveal you which apps that are behind these.

In between come there maybe advertising in topgardinet (notification bar) on your Android device, and you have no idea where they come from, or how to remove them. Here’s a helping hand.

In the case of advertisements which is broadcast via the company our site. The program that installs the advertisements without pusher you can see it, along with some of the common applications that are downloaded via Google Play Big. (more…)

A Blocked Mobile Work in Some Countries

Have you got stolen a mobile phone can you block it via IMEI number, but works, oddly enough yet in several countries.

If you get your mobile phone stolen, then you know maybe you should block it with the IMEI number, so the thief can’t get access to it and use it. This service has been around since 1996

It is popular belief, but the truth is, however, yet another. The phone works as yet in 90 percent of the world’s countries, even though you have blocked it. It writes our site.  (more…)

Gameloft Announces Two Major News

Gameloft now publishes one of their main goals for 2012, as well as a brand new UNREAL games have been partially previewed.

Gameloft is in advertising mood and releasing now two news for mobile world.

The first news brings the most pleasure for Android fans, as Gameloft now can tell that one of their goals for 2012, is to launch Android and iOS games at the same time, and thus end by favoring one or the other platform. (more…)

Analysis: Android Sits Hard on the Mobile Market

New analysis shows that Android sits hard on the mobile telephony market with a second on the whole 68.1 per cent.

Our site’s latest analysis of the mobile market clearly shows that Google’s Android is clearly dominant in the market for mobile operating systems.

In the second quarter were sent 104.8 million Android devices on the market, which is an increase of 106.5 percent, compared to 2011, where there was 50.8 million units sent out. (more…)

Problems with DSB-Ticket Application

Since its launch, there have been errors with application DSB Ticket, and now the DSB in the process of developing a new version.

Users of Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store has complained about DSB Ticket application, which the company would soon get to work.

DSB has now also admitted that there are too many errors in the application, as up to 5,000 people use every day to buy train tickets via their smartphone.With the application frees you for that go to the ordinary ticket hatch or vending machine. (more…)

Judge Calls on Apple and Samsung to Dialog

The judge in the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung have invited Executive Directors of the two companies, to talk together before the verdict.

The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung is well underway, and now calls on the judge Executive Directors of the two producers, to talk together before falling DOM. It writes our site.

-“It’s time for peace,” States judge Lucy Koh, who has a u.s.-South Korean background.

The nine-man jury is expected to start discussions on the outcome next week, and the decision can turn up and down the entire technology sector.

Lucy Koh has called Apple and Samsung to negotiate directly along and drawn attention outside the courtroom that she sees risks for both parties when the time of judgment comes.

Why Do We Not Have 4 G Phones in Denmark?

Background: they have 4 g LTE phones in the United States, so why is there no 4 g phones in Europe and Denmark. We go behind and gives you the answer.

When you look at our site. United States, so has the 4 g LTE network almost everywhere, and the big companies such as AT & T and Verizon already sells phones with built-in 4 g LTE.

But at home in little Denmark, we have not seen a shred of a 4 g LTE phone yet, and the closest we have come on a 4 g product is Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. (more…)

So Fast Is Qualcomm’s New Quad-Core Processor

Qualcomm’s new quad-core processor beats all current competitors of the S4 car with soaring benchmark results.

Qualcomm announced back in February, their new Snapdragon S4 processor, however, it was “only” a dual-core processor, and several were therefore sceptical about the new chip.

But the processor got in a test shortly after, high praise for being able to keep up with more of the new quad-core processors.  (more…)

HTC Loses the Entire Investment in OnLive

Mobile manufacturer HTC have lost their entire investment in the streaming service OnLive.

Last year invested HTC about $40 million (equivalent to approx. 240 million Danish kroner) in the cloud-based gaming service Onlive. But now the box empty with Onlive, and all patents, trademarks and equipment is moved into the new company.

This means that for users is good news, because Onlive service lives on, but for HTC, it means they have lost their entire investment. It writes our site.

A portion of the employees will continue in the new company, where server capacity is also reduced.

The rescuer is Lauder Partners, which is owned by a part of the family who is behind the cosmetics group Estee Lauder.


How to Get Fat the Galaxy S III Feature on Your Android Device

Feature that allows video playback while you write a SMS in Galaxy S III is available for all Android devices.

Do you remember the cool video playback feature that will be shown in our first review of the Galaxy S III? If not then check out the video in this article where you approximately eight minutes into the video and see the fat feature.

The feature makes it possible to watch a movie, or other recorded video content while you write a sms, the Web, or playing Angry Birds. (more…)

The Media Writes about Mobile Today-Wednesday

OVERVIEW: Yellow Nokia Lumia with new Windows Phone. Rumor on Surface 2 and names change on the Windows Phone marketplace. Here are Wednesday’s overview.

Our site has the past week received much attention because a customer’s dissatisfaction created a Facebook-storm against the company. On Tuesday, we wrote a discussion paper where we asked if our site were themselves to blame in the ballad.

It was also the day where it came to light that Apple YouTube removes the application from the iPhone, and then there was a warning against a wallpaper for Android, which contains a security threat. (more…)

VISA-Cooperation with iZettle Stopped

VISA has chosen to stop the amarbejdet with the new groundbreaking payment service iZettle.

Many small trader as iZettle, as a gift because the payment service was introduced earlier this year.iZettle made it possible to take against payment with credit card and credit card with an iPhone or iPad. But it is now past tense, since Visa has announced they will no longer accept the Danes use iZettle solution. (more…)

Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition (Product Tests)

Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition rays of quality but lacks content – read the test of Motorola’s newest tablet here.

Motorola Xoom that was known during the CES trade show in 2011, and was the first unit with a tablet operating system from Google Android.

Since then, the design and the content was changed, as well as the Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition have come on the street.

Today, we look more closely at Xoom 2 Media Edition (ME), a tablet that is available both with and without 3 g connectivity. (more…)

Such Was the Google Nexus 7 to-in Just Four Months

It went heavily, since Asus should develop Nexus 7 for Google. ASUS-Chief talks about the challenges in the process.

At the end of July was the so-called Nexus 7-tablet from Google and Asus presented.

Now Asus Chief tells British and Nordic market, Benjamin Yeh, in an interview on, how the product came into being.

It took just four months from the first ideas are exchanged with Google to launch for mass production. They first talk about a tablet-collaboration began during CES in January, and the Nexus 7 went into production in May. (more…)

Tablets Sell Well-But the PC Is Still

There is massive growth in tablet-sales. But Pcs still sells well.

In the second quarter of 2012 were worldwide sold 25 million tablet computers, which corresponds to a growth of 66 percent, compared to the same period in 2011, it writes our site.

PC sales went back in the first half of 2012, compared with 2011. Sales of portable computers has stagnated, while desktop PCs have gone two percent back.

A forecast from IDC Denmark shows a progress in 2012 on five percent of the PCs, and the sale is expected to end around 382 million units sold. Sales of tablets are expected to round 107 million units this year.

Apple’s iPad is sitting on 70 percent of the market, while Samsung has 10 percent.

Perhaps Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S III on August 29

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean announced perhaps officially for Samsung Galaxy S III in late August.

Samsung holds Wednesday the 29th. August event Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 in Berlin. It is two days before to the our site trade fair opens.

There have been rumors about the launch of Galaxy Note 2 with 5.5 inch screen at this event, which would fit nicely with the fact that it is just over a year ago, that the first Galaxy Note was revealed.

But now the rumors that Samsung officially presents their Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S III, at this event. If the date is not known, but keeps follows the case.

In addition, there are released a video out on the Web that supposedly shows the official Jelly Bean on S III together with Samsung’s TouchWiz customizations.

Warning: New Type of SMS Fraud

A new type of Australian SMS scams trying to delude people into thinking that they are going to get killed by an assassin.

You wonder sometimes over networks and telephone svindleres creativity, and other times disgusted one of their cynical behavior.

A new Australian SMS fraud belongs to the last category.

Thousands of Australians have received the death threats via SMS or email from people pretending to be paid assassins. It writes our site. (more…)

The iPhone Is One of the Safest Units

Have you started in secret communications, so is the iPhone one of the safest vehicles on the market.

If you use your mobile to any communications that do not withstand the light of day, so you should immediately have an iPhone in your pocket. It is according to the magazine our site one of the most secure devices in the world. It writes our site.

Back in 2007, when the first iPhone came on the market, it was criticized for failing to protect users ‘ data well enough, but Apple has since then been working on, among other things, to introduce encryption and enhanced password protection. (more…)