Firefox Is Now Ready for Android Tablets

Firefox has updated their browser to Android with speed improvements, as well as support for tablets.

Firefox for Android must compete directly against Google’s Chrome browser, as well as Dolphin and Opera browser.

That is precisely why the company also been obliged to support Android platform better and it has now happened with the latest update, which also bring joy to the Tablet’s users. (more…)

Sony Xperia J-a Good Start Mobile

Sony Mobile has at the IFA Exhibition Center presented several new Xperia models. You can meet the Xperia (J) here.

IFA trade fair has just been the stage where Sony introduced their upcoming Hardy high-end smartphone Xperia V, but it was not all Japanese had up his sleeve. Sony also presented to the public for Xperia Xperia T and J.

Xperia (J) is the of the models, which caters to the award proved, which also reflect the specifications. (more…)

Here Are This Summer’s Best Danish Mobile Game

We have found three Danish mobile game which hit this summer. Now we have named our favorite summer-mobile games.

The Danish game developers makes its presence felt in the big world. We’ve seen a closer look at three of the largest Danish mobile game this summer and found our favorite.

The tested games were:

– Hugo The Troll Race
– Chasing Yello
– Subway Surfers  (more…)

Motorola Has Unveiled Three New RAZR Phones

All three new Android phones from Motorola was during Wednesday’s presentation-event.

It is not only Nokia, who have held major event and presented yesterday, it has new smartphones Motorola also under a slightly different event than seen before.

All three new phones in the RAZR series was it from Motorola. The names of the new Motorola phones are: Razr, Razr and Razr HD M HD MAXX.

They are all three Android phones and coming from the outset with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

All have 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera and with screen sizes on 4.3 inch-however, the Razr MAXX a HD screen at 4.7 inch. There are several places on the specifications, where the phones differenticerer from each other.

You can view their entire event in the video below.

Whether we get one or more telephone calls to Denmark is not yet known.

Next “Nexus”-Mobile Only Dual-Core?

If the leaked specifications holds water, so it seems Google’s next Nexus phone is a dual-core phone.

It seems that once again has escaped previous information out about an upcoming Samsung-phone, which has the code name “GT-i9260 Nexus”. Google’s Galaxy Nexus called GT-i9250. It writesour site.

Looking more closely at the specifications for the GT-i9260, which also sounds the name Superior, looks like it also to the screen size on 4.65 inch has been satisfactory. The screen, however, is upgraded to a Super AMOLED HD screen. (more…)

LG Optimus L9-Complete L-Series

Optimus L9 completes LG’s L-series and brings several new features with them and keep the price at a reasonable level.

LG Electronics is ready with the LG Optimus L9, which is a new phone in their L-series.

L9 will be the most powerful model in the series, and is equipped with a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM memory, 4.7 inch IPS display, as well as a larger and more efficient battery than in the other models in the L-series. (more…)

New Prompt Facebook App for iPhone and iPad

There have long been writings about a new Facebook application for the IPhone. Now it is here.

Facebook for iPhone and iPad has come in a new, faster version, which you can download in Apple’s App Store already now.

Version 5.0 is called the new version and change is to discern and brand. The previous version was incredibly slow, to load the news feed and here is the difference significant. (more…)

The Test of the Sony Xperia Acro S-XL, Hardy Smartphone, Is in Progress

Sony has created yet another tough smartphone that can withstand a bit of each-12 MP camera and large screen.

We’ve previously tested Sony’s bid on a rugged smartphone, namely Sony Xperia Go. The phone could keep water, dust, shock, dog bites and much else.

Now we test big brother Sony Xperia Acro S, that can also withstand a bit of each. Everything is just slightly larger in the new model.

Sony Xperia Acro S have a 4.3 inch display, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and a 12 megapixel camera. It’s all just XL compared to Sony Xperia Go.

Here you can see a little teaser from Sony:

We are testing the phone and compare it with Sony Xperia Go – is it worth it to invest in Xperia Acro S rather than Xperia Go?

Soon you will be able to read our test of the product.


Twitter Reveals Ultra Thin HTC Tablet

A user on the social network Twitter, uploaded the entire eight photos of a new thin and HTC tablet.

Are you a fan of the design on the HTC One X and you seem well on HTC or Android tablets, then here come an eye-opener, in the form of a new tablet from HTC.

Someone has on Twitter created a user, solely for the purpose to reveal the entire eight photos, of a so far unknown HTC tablet with Android system. (more…)

Here Is This Fall’s New Features for Navigon-iOS and Android

NAVIGON will not only guide motorists. Now the navigation-app must also include public transport.

Several companies have already tyvstartet this year’s IFA exhibition with product announcements. This applies, among other things, Garmin, which bought Navigon last year.

Navigation giant has unveiled a new feature called “Urban Guidance”, involving public transport as bus, train and metro. (more…)

Huawei D1 Quad XL Coming to Denmark

Ascend D1 Quad XL, the top model from the Chinese Huawei, will be available on the Danish market.

The top model, the Ascend D1 Quad XL, from the Chinese Huawei comes to Denmark. It confirms Huawei Denmark opposite

There has been a little confusion about Huaweis top model and it has previously been referred to as Ascend D Quad XL, but according to Huawei Denmark will be the name i.e. Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL.

Our site has previously made a comparison between Samsung Galaxy S III, which is “the King of Android” and Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL.

Exactly when Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL hit the Danish market remains to be seen.

Bad Piggies-New Game Soon Clear from Rovio

There have long been teaset for a game with the Green pigs from Angry Birds. Now the date was finally announced.

The Green pigs, which we know from the successful game Angry Birds, teaset for time through something that they were going with a brand new game where they had the lead role.

Now has the Green pigs so long last announced that played “The Bad Piggies” is ready for download on the 27th. September.

The game comes to Android, iOS and Mac from the start and later will also be a Windows 8 and PC version.

Whether the game will get a free version like Angry Birds or what price possibly will be remains to be seen.

Google Gets Patent on Face-to-Unlock for Multiple Users

Android may be on the road with support for multiple user accounts, so that each user has his own profile.

Google has won a patent for Face-to-unlock, that supports the use of multiple accounts, so that each user has his own profile, writes our site.

This allows multiple people easier sharing a unit, as is the case with an ordinary computer. Each user has his own profile and thus access to his own files.

The technology is perhaps most aimed at tablets, since phones are most often not shared by several people.

There are still only in the case of a patent, and not about a specific feature, which is coming on the market. However, it gives the impression that the support of multiple-user accounts maybe under construction for Android.

“Bonde Ass” can Get Mobile Bill to Explode

Customers with all-in-one subscription to the smart phone runs the risk of extra expense for data usage-the so-called “data trap”. Two sections of the “peasant’s ass” can send the price up.

Customers with all-in-one subscription to the smart phone runs the risk of extra expense for data usage-the so-called “data trap”-two episodes of the “peasant’s ass” can send the price up.

All-in-one packages with free talk time, sms and data has been very popular in tact with the proliferation of smartphones. But not all packages are alike, and customers must take good care of data usage. (more…)

Adobe Reader Ready for Windows Phone

Adobe Reader for Windows Phone has been out for some time, but now is a great update the country in the Market Place.

Adobe Reader is available for both iOS and Android, and a short time ago, also came to the Windows Phone platform.

Now is there so come a great update to the application, which inform the vast majority of errors that users saw when they used Adobe Reader.

The update contains among other bug fixes for file-handling, the ability to search, select ok, copy text from a document, bookmark files and, last but not least, the ability to open password-protected documents.

Download Adobe Reader for Windows Phone in the marketplace, for Android in Google Play and to iOS in App Store.

Future: Track Tablets and Smartphones with the Eyes

A new technology to make it possible to control the tablets and smartphones simply by use of the eyes. View the concept as some Danes are behind.

In the future we may need to get used to, just to look at our gadgets when they operate.

The Danish company The Eye Tribe, who are behind the technology, has just raised five million dollars, which will be used to bring eye management software out to mobile devices.

The Danes are in dialogue with mobile manufacturers worldwide, and the goal is clear; Eye Tribe must be brought out to the next generation of smartphones.

Here below you can see a video that shows the concept.

Galaxy S III with 4 G Allows Frequency-Chaos for Mobile Clients

Samsung Galaxy S (III) comes in 4 g LTE version. But beware! You run the risk of purchasing an edition that does not function optimally if you change your company.

As our site could tell yesterday, so rates Samsung big on 4 g LTE with a series of 4 g compatible models. Among the models that will be sold forward in Denmark with 4 g LTE, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III and Note 10.1. (more…)

Popular iOS App Now out for Android

Application Weather HD that has had incredible success on iOS platform, now has an app ready for Android users.

Weather HD has through his time on the iOS platform received words of praise, and huge numbers of downloads worldwide.

Now, the popular application, however, took a swing, and developed an app for Android devices, smartphones, as well as tablets.

The application offers very nice weather experiences directly on your screen, where you can easily add an unlimited number of cities.

There are seven-a 24-hour weather forecasts as well as “by the hour”-prospects, and flip easily between your favorite cities, by dragging your finger across the screen.

Weather HD for Android is available for download in Google Play in a free version and a pay version. Payment-version costing six kroner.


Chasing Our Site-Goldfish on the Run (Game Testing)

TEST: Chasing our site can become “the new black”. The Danish-developed game is already a big hit in Apple’s App Store. We have tested it.

In the game Chasing our site, you control the little goldfish, which must avoid being caught by the seven-year-old Mathilda.

The game reminds in his form on several of the known games such as Temple Run and it just declared Hugo Retro Mania. Autorun-genre is here to stay on the mobile platform. (more…)

Sony Xperia T-Sony’s New Top Model

Sony unveiled yesterday a series of new products including their latest top model in the smartphone market. Meet the here.

Xperia V from Sony is a hardy high-end smartphone, but the Japanese had more with at the IFA Exhibition Centre and presented also Sony Xperia T, there is the new flagship of the Xperia family.

It comes with a 4.6 inch HD display with Sony’s Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2, which we have also seen in several of the previous Xperia products. Xperia T has a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor. (more…)

Google Recommends Apps for You

Google has come up with a new initiative in Google Play to make it easier to explore new apps customized for you.

Google has taken a new initiative in the use of Google Play, feature should get you to try new apps customized for you.

The new feature is called “recommended for you”, which does just what it says, namely that recommend you applications.

The applications that will be selected based on several factors, such as previous searches, previous downloads, interests, etc.

It is possible to remove the proposal, even as it is also possible to read more about the apps that will be selected, and Furthermore, it is possible to download them directly.

Feature you will find on the front page of Google Play, whether it’s on your phone or computer. Here you can click on to a longer list of proposals.

Millions of Apple Users’ ID Codes Stolen

There’s just a million Apple users who have had their unique id codes stolen and published on the Internet.

It seems that Apple has been hit by yet another big data scandal. Hacker Association AntiSec, which is part of Anonymous, has been intercepted 12 million unique id codes (UDID’er) from Apple’s products. UDID’erne is used to identify the individual Apple products. And out of these 12 million codes are a million of them have now been published on the Internet. It writes our site. (more…)

Is Your Apple ID Been Compromised?

More than 12 million iOS devices can be subjected to a security breach, read here how to check whether you are affected.

Only a few days before Apple’s predicted the launch of the next iPhone now pops up a scandal that spread day by day.

The case is about some unique ID codes that each iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices is assigned, which contains a number of personal information, which can make it possible to trace the unit to the owner’s address or phone number. (more…)

Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III Maybe Ready Next Week

Rumor has it that Samsung is in the final testing of the Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III, a release could soon be ready.

With our site claims to have come into possession of information that tells that Samsung has begun the final tests of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, for the top model Galaxy S III.

According to the website is the source someone familiar with Samsung’s release plans for the update.  (more…)

Did You Purchase a Nokia Smartphone Too Early?

Web TV: it was too early to jump on the Nokia and Windows Phone, by purchasing a Lumia 800 or 900 Lumia?

Nokia has been part of positive attention for products like Lumia 800 and 900 Lumia. But since Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 8, the new version of the operating system, it was clear that the current Lumia-smartphones cannot be upgraded.

Instead, Lumia-owners settle with Windows Phone 7, that does not contain quite as many new features as version 8.