The Rose, Operating Instructions

Generally associated with figurines Mattel and universe compact aspirants princesses, pink tries this season a foray in the wardrobe of adults thinking in more contemporary than girly mode. Review of the different podiums spring / summer 2013 which tent rent conf rer to a certain legitimacy fashion pink…

Under the fingers of Raf Simons (Dior), color chre to Hello Kitty fans acquires a dimension of the more modern by as sensual as radical. Be appended on a sheet of acid yellow double top, husband carlate or worked in stripes satin chiffon, – pastel or neon – pink is necessary here obviously. (more…)

The Short Cut to Ulyana Sergeenko

Member undermine the “fash pack” Russian, the creative Ulyana Sergeenko has recently attracted attention the opportunity of Paris Haute Couture week by appearing hair blow s RBM onne. A radical choice for the one who cultivated so far feels a romantic allure…

When we raised the name of Ulyana Sergeenko, difficult not to think about her looks of matryoshka contemporary s immortalis by streetstyle photographers. Best Ambassador of his creations, the companion of the Russian billionaire Danil Khachaturov don’t indeed never misses an opportunity to promote its brand by cultivating a pace m lant Slavic tick aesthetics, grammar rtro and romantic scent. (more…)

Trends Spring / Summer 2014

Between telescopages of influences, folklore revisit, art quotes, Pantone colors, borrowing universe sporty, games of textures, printed graphics, pi these sportswear high-end and mati res infinitely sensual season Spring / summer 2014 allows audacious…

Intr pide, rebellious, espi gle and dilettante, the daughter of the 2014 t…

thinks he’s a work of art share entire crept within dresses, t-shirts and other sweaters not having nothing envy to the paintings of my very contemporary painting (C line, Prada, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac).

his passion for the sport influenced her dress code (Prada, Balenciaga, Gucci, Kenzo, line C). (more…)

The Robes of Elle Fanning

Between mod the Oscar of the Renta and Princess Valentino dress, the young Elle Fanning has recently decided to store in the closet toilet of pr – teenager in favor of long dresses to sublimate his 14 spring…

Nothing could be more difficult for a teenager to confront the formidable style exercise that are appearances on red carpets. A tat in fact perfectly illustrated by Elle Fanning who, after a childhood e through safely (the girl appearing always perfect during the promotion of his films), saw its entry into adolescence spice things up somewhat. (more…)

Printed Camouflage, a New Classic?

Overview recent res seasons on a number of podiums, the camouflage print could well – now like essential graphics l Leopard – leave soon the rank of the trendy reasons to join one of the timeless…

like the stripes of the re marini, the camouflage boasts many advantages likely to open the doors of the intemporalit, namely:

a background anything but mode, which allows it to display a certain authenticity and to bring a twist roots any look

a strong and easily recognizable graphic identity (more…)

Slim Leather: How to Wear?

Well-chosen (knowledge lg slightly stretch and tight sentence), the slim black leather is very effective rera to rock’ no rolliser our winter outfits…

If it is without a doubt one of the pi these prefer are models (see here and l), the slim leather remains adapt most of morphologies. To succeed in reveal the full potential, simply so display a length of minimum leg and appear comfortable in his body.


Swimsuits – Trends 2014

A few weeks of large summer migration, it is time to take stock of the different pension trends currently animating the swimsuit industry. Review of those that are likely to influence significantly the beach code 2014 trends…

The funky Jersey

Are accustomed in recent seasons inject a bit of fancy their looks through printed s r gressifs and messages d cal sweatshirts, fashionistas will be pleased to note that in 2014, humor clothing exports also on the beaches.
After affol street photographers style during the recent fashion week with her “TOMBOY” t-shirts, the young Belgian brand “Girls Dad” attacks indeed today the universe of the swimsuit. Between message pr tentieux – take to the 4th degree – and cut without need, their mod them should have no trouble s reduce the adulescentes. Always pr t d decline all-out its seasonal printed, Kenzo gives us his c t a Jersey covered this irreversible r IP of fish seeming straight from a book of images of course l elementary. An aquatic printed a bit childish that Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have the good taste of twister at the touch of a sexier than casual Cup. (more…)

Hairstyles 2013: Twiggy Effect

If the l legendary hairstyle of the British model Twiggy has lost none of its fashion appeal, it remains a bit radical. In this context, the “soft” proposed by Chlo during his wire spring d version 2013 cannot but cause the intrt…

Between done bun hastily and hair left free, it’s easy to be content with the minimum in matire hair code. Simply yet very often a good source of inspiration and a few minutes pass are in front of the mirror to transform a non-coiffure into something much more exciting… (more…)

Khaki, Operating Instructions

PL biscit all-out within season collections, Khaki comes back once more print gner fall silhouettes. Attention however does not consider the treatment granted this hue, under penalty of pass side of his new nature…

Cornerstone of the strer currente trend army khaki became the seasons a familiar colors of the fashionistas. Who has not already succomb to the call of the parka, the lattice or the military jacket?

Yes but now, strength to see line e in mode first degree, this tint little bit ended up losing of his interest. such point when the living invite new on the catwalks of fall/winter 2014-2015, we say first of all that he was out of the question to stand one or me times for the “Army surplus” look…  (more…)

Pajamas in Town: We Adopt or Not?

If the appearance very first degree of Marc Jacobs in his Pajamas during the last Louis Vuitton wire d left us puzzled first, the concept put forward by the creator New York in appears no less today right in tune with the times…

After the ann pass’re pl bisciter the concept “of the below on port”, creators today spend superior speed by introducing podiums pr-t – EPS wear these so far exclusively reserved are the bedroom. (more…)

The White Pepper Dresses

Pretending all straight from the wardrobe of a young girl of the year 1900, little dresses of the London nail The White Pepper have to involve easy volumes live and coquetry retro chic…

Launched via Tumblr then distributed on Asos, the claw The White Pepper has since one year his own shop online. And if the pi these vintage there are, are nonetheless little dresses designed by House stylists that attract the most attention. (more…)

The Turban Headband

Mental the silhouette of a suave will be retro, the turban has the gift to inspire chic and l gance any summery look. A tat in fact has notably not chapp actress Eva Mendes, who swears by it now…

Accessory f tront of the Shimmering Catherine Baba, the turban fa we 40 years is recently reached out of his shackles vintage to come s reduce a wide panel of fashionistas. I must say that with her looks very “Paul Poiret”, it didn’t like for chiciser the silhouette. (more…)

The “Eye” of Kenzo Hoodie

If Isabel Marant was long the Queen e incontest of cool Paris, it is now the turn of Carol Lim and of Mr. Leon to dictate their r rules at mati re must have hype.Latest example: the famous hoodie “eye” designed by the duo, who does not turn the t you fashionistas…

Difficult in the world of pr-t – wearing creator of success offer two seasons on a pi this bankable. Yet it is what is managed do the duo American Carol Lim and Humberto Leon who, after making essential sweatshirt ‘tiger’, finds himself again the origin of the fashion of the moment crush: sweat “eye”. (more…)

Printed Leopard + Marini Rel = the Right Mix

Trends encourage us mix the printed and the temp drop temperatures overlay layers of clothes, the duo marini re/printed Leopard appears more than ever relevant…

If the fall of 2012 is an opportunity for the tl Leopard rub brilliantly countless graphics (printed camouflage, peas, florets, animal…), it is indeed once the eternal remarini mix that it appears the more desirable d. Must say between fragrance lines and scratches traditional’, this combination displays an aura classic/chic/preppy particularly irresistible irr. (more…)

Combs Sdor Zara

Since the ultimate collection of Nicolas Ghesquire at Balenciaga, who lives the creator hair its mod the insolent greenhouse-t your sinvers, is impatiently is waiting the release of an ersatz fast fashion worthy of the name. A wish finally buttons by Spanish Zara…

APER us successively at Balenciaga, Eli Saab and Dries Van Noten, dor Fireworks likely to conf rer s a touch of unusual shine hair are more in vogue than ever. It must be said that these, pure s the end me, allow to infuse those that adopt a d lightful contemporary sophistication. (more…)

Cold Great Looks

When snow falls and temp negative temperatures become everyday life, hard not to succumb to the nes of hibernation fashion sir. A de facto state that one should however not hesiter fight, by applying some of the many stylistic tricks that can offer a small supplement to me our winter outfits…

In practice, think thus:

Sophisticated coats pinglant a pin a baroque touch on the back of the neck, on the flap of a pocket or on the chest

D rider our caps in their adjoining a thin veil or opting for a pi this neon cashmere (more…)

Wanted: Zara Spirit Marc Jacobs Sandals

Zara inspired sandals are the Victorian atmosphere of last summer of Marc Jacobs show with their baroque ornamentation and their monochrome tesobri, seem all set to come twister our looks of the moment…

If the printed hawa ens aper us to breast of the Marc Jacobs Spring wire / 2014 have trimmings of ores and invaded already offer fast fashion, stripes and other who is charg rent their conf rera touch of sophistication were not yet descended from the podium in New York so far. (more…)

NYC Streetstyle: Polar Fantasies

Facing eamto of the most frigid, the fashion intelligentsia – currently r United the opportunity of New York wire – has obviously decided to take it with humor. Small review of the sexcentricit funky-warmy having maill landscape streetstyle lately…

The ski mask opts for mirrors lenses and d leaves the black runs for the benefit of the city sidewalks

Teddy in shearling jackets are malicious

The “cat ears” bonnet becomes a possibility fashion

The backpack ultra vitamin to keep his hands warm (more…)

47 Fall 2014 Fashion Commandments

Between trends test places d cover, stylistic gimmicks sulk and must have owning, small passage in review of the few rules respect – or not – to spend a fall fashionably correct…

A shirt eray you well-covered.

The success of the phenomena don’t #IceBucketChallenge you you fashionably.

By painting one of your bags in leather for a squaw you take (Burberry Prorsum).

SD opening – October 27 – the Foundation Louis Vuitton visit you’re going.

By Meert waffles macaroons and other sprouts the crme you good (shop located at 16 Street Elzevir, 75003 Paris).

You’ll be wearing your overcoat male bare legs. (more…)

Blazer Zara Tennis Stripes

If the Barb tile is currently in vogue among C line, stripe tennis chre to businesswomen of the year are 90 is needed as she at Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Dries Van Noten. What make us look different on our suit jackets…

Who would have thought that the famous ray type blazer “job interview” would one day become a pi this high fashion? Judging from trends prescribers Nicolas Ghesqui re, Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney, it could yet indeed quickly prevail within the wardrobes of fashionistas the sharper.


Halle Berry: Casual Pregnancy

Currently pregnant with her second me child, actress Halle Berry seems to rhyme pregnancy with d dress contraction and pragmatism by opting for an effective wardrobe, casual soberly highlighting its new forms…

If some mothers-to-be prove all the trouble in the world do not make pregnancy a succession of stylistic disasters, others, like the dashing Halle Berry, reach deal with this episode of their lives in any dress simplicity.

In some appearances, that 46 judge her pregnancy “almost miraculous” we indeed dress a small list of basics that all mothers-to-be in what you comfort and “casualness” must have in their wardrobe. (more…)

Hawa Enne Shirt

Difficult, when we raised the shirt hawa enne, to reappear the image of Tom Selleck wearing fi surely this last in the s series “Magnum”. A good background bit exciting has yet no emp ch this famous shirt f Street botanical tropical to inspire creators of the time…

Soberly e blink in black and white at Isabel Marant boldly insolently lush at Kenzo, and e at Kitsun color shirt hawa enne d let this season his eighties tinsel first degree in favor of a new identity 100% hype. (more…)

Zara Plaid Scarf

Between large grids, cozy textures, autumnal colors, scale gn reuse and low prices, the scarf designed by stylists from Zara recently is likely to push more than one fashionista adopt tiles long term…

August 2013, 15: 00. While the sun baked the Parisian spav, my not me lead to display of a Zara store fra. After a quick glance of the pi t c these sold, my gaze is quickly attracted by ouats of a wide scarf caramel cages.

The highlight of this cozy warm colors and perfect graphics ch then meets me the eye: I was facing accessory id al, able to flatter any of my fall outfits. Not to mention its tiles, likely to anchor in the air of time casual and classic looks. (more…)

Women Boots Are Heels Offset Ash

If the port of the well remains often dhibitoire Ugg, it is nonetheless not to succumb a pair of boots women are m lant skillfully comfort and style, like the mod Yahoo Bis of Ash…

When the temp temperature fall and socks are no longer sufficient to keep our feet warm, hard not to fall for a pair of boots women. A fact tat which however must not lead us down the ease in throwing our evolved on the prf boots der’re Pamela Anderson… (more…)

Street Style, Losing Speed?

Saturated looks more ds coordinates that dazzling, more whimsical they are effective, the landscape of street-style of these last days shows of a certain shortness of breath…

Making a point of honor consist of inspiring outfits out of the ordinary, the look professional inhabiting the vicinity of d s wire are for several years are the main providers of innovative stylistic gimmicks, likely to adopt s on the field by the fashionistas.

This season yet, they keep coming extravagances st riles little f d units (see here). As if, suddenly short ID es, the muses of Tommy tone had now to other choices than to push all the sliders in red, in order to succeed attract the eye of photographers. (more…)

Varnished Satchel Cambridge Satchel Company

While the mix and match textures are currently honor within the most advanced collections, varnish accessories appear more than ever d unwanted. We think all particularly this Cambridge Satchel Company scrip, which gives bordeaux upsets positively the academic dimension of this kind of small satchel…

Ultra functional and finely preppy, the satchels at Cambridge Satchel Company have a knack for is d decline in colours in perfect harmony with the trends from the catwalks.


The Flexible Trench

Designed by Phoebe Philo for spring 2013, the famous liquid trench Celine inspires today fast fashion. N o-classic and right in tune with the times, this should not prove too difficult convince the fashionistas to try…

When in September 2012, Phoebe Philo decides to heat its liquid Celong trench line silhouettes DNA oscillating between interior int bathrobe and satin cape, few are those who see in them the IP these likely to take to the streets. It must be said that overcoat c linien said had what leave puzzled with their girdle boudoir and their little easy length live… (more…)