Blazer Zara Tennis Stripes

If the Barb tile is currently in vogue among C line, stripe tennis chre to businesswomen of the year are 90 is needed as she at Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Dries Van Noten. What make us look different on our suit jackets…

Who would have thought that the famous ray type blazer “job interview” would one day become a pi this high fashion? Judging from trends prescribers Nicolas Ghesqui re, Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney, it could yet indeed quickly prevail within the wardrobes of fashionistas the sharper.

And if the creators don’t require h cr not treat the scratch mode d complex via overlays, conceptual volumes and formats oversize tennis, it will opt for our part for a mod a bit more wise (like this Zara jacket), in order to familiarize with this type of IP these.


You can mix:

A corolla denim skirt + a rock Black Tee half gliss in skirt + a pair of tennis carbon offset are

A slim blue boyfriend d l g lav surely destroy and roulott on the ankle + eare marini gliss in Navy Blue slim + a pair of New Balance

A skirt size high acid yellow buckets -marcel white loose-a medal of bapt m me + white pumps.

PS: We ravaged associate dress pants, with kitten heels without history, a white shirt or a pair of loafers cirs.