BlackBerry 10 Delayed-Well Pronounce Director

The new mobile OS Blackberry 10 is delayed, but it is only good for the company, says the Director.

BlackbBerry is not a big mobilhit here at home, but in many parts of the world have rhymes, which is behind the Blackberry, previously had great success with the system.

But since Apple and Google took on the smartphone market, it is, like many other manufacturers, passed down by the Hill of BlackBerry.

And the tray is not over yet, for now joins RIM’s Director Thorstein’s that Blackberry 10 is delayed and not come in some units this year.

But it is not all bad believe Thorstein. He tells to Canadian tv that it can benefit the RIM that the system is delayed, it is write our site.

Faithful users

The reason is that producers at the end of the year fighting against each other, and it is thus difficult to be seen, says Thorstein.

He therefore believes that it is the beginning of 2013 battle for consumers must stand, and customers do not disappear due to lack of new.

With 80 million subscriptions to their services, the company has loyal users who would like to wait for a new system turns he fixed.

BlackBerry 10 is a brand new re-designed system that is based on the same platform as the Blackberry Playbook. Below you can see a video of the new system.