Black Cigarette Pants: the Ideal Piece in the Wardrobe


Everyone is already tired of hearing about how black pants are an essential item in any woman’s closet. Now there is a new option in fashion: the cigarette pants. She is a type of pants that leaves the body more defined because it is grab and has a thinner mouth. Despite being similar to the skinny pants it is made of varied fabrics and it is worth investing in some models, especially the joker color: the black.

Cigarette pants are a great choice for any type of style or body, so it’s good to learn how to wear them with a few examples of combinations for this type of attire through

Cigarette+Jump Pants

Heels are a great way to give that bold look and look great for any party or outing.Combine a shorter black cigarette pants, it can be with the bar folded to give a charm, and a black or colorful heel to get ready for anything.

When you want to use this type of look for more formal situations like work or job interview use a shirt without prints and more discreet in a white, brown or nude tone. Also pay close attention to the makeup that can not stand out from the rest of the look.

Cigarette Pants+Social Shirt

Did you think that a social shirt was only used at work? Bet on the black cigarette and a wider social shirt looks wonderful! Try putting it into the pants at the front and letting that tail of the t-shirt behind, it’s super trendy and a comfortable combination.

It is possible to dress like that to go out, go to the movies and obviously also to work. What defines the type of place where you will go are the accessories and the shoe. Something more neutral and behave is to work, when it comes to abuse colors and style and ruin.

Cigarette Pants+Jacket Or Blazer

The cold weather has not yet arrived, but it’s good to be preparing for it. In winter you can enjoy and combine the black cigarette with a blazer or a jacket. Vary in the colors of the blouses so as not to look like the one who is going to a funeral and covered in black.

Colorful and printed jackets and blazers are also fashionable so you can wear and abuse them. Remember that in this case it is good to put a more discreet basic blouse underneath not to draw so much attention and handle in the colors of the accessories if the blazer is very colorful.

Some More Tips To Sweep The Look

The advantage of the cigarette is that it helps you to correct any defects that bother you in the body. Very tall women, for example, can bend the bar so their legs look shorter. The little ones can give preference to longer models and jumping shoes to lengthen the silhouette and to be very elegant.

Who has a wide hip and is afraid that the cigarette just looks bad, no need to worry. Buy a model with a number above yours to get wider and also wear long and loose shirts to disguise the size of the hip.

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