Black and White Bathroom Design

Decoration, black and white is a timeless classic. More reason to adopt it in the bathroom for a touch resolutely chic. Focus on our most beautiful black and white bathrooms!

A bathroom design, all right. But a black and white design bathroom is even better! And what is this design style? Clean lines, neutral and elegant colors, and a creed: “less is more”. Through these black and white images of inspirations of bathrooms, we prove to you that while this type of bathroom has character, but he can associate the chic and sober.

Black and white bathroom design, how?

First of all, be sure that the design style of the black and white bathroom stands, to focus on simplicity. It starts with the choice of shower or bathtub (shower, tub Island, corner bath,…), the idea is to get to the point and adopt sobriety that will make possible the most elegant space. Then, we leave the sink for the minimalist cauldron that will blend in with the décor, and ideally to marry the same lines as the chosen or the shower. Finally side colors, black and white mix is a great value that allows to give character to the bathroom without making it too. To accentuate the style “bathroom design”, we opt for a key piece that will make a difference via foodanddrinkjournal: a rocking Eames, Verner Panton, a suspension Artemide Chair Chair,…

Black and white bathroom design, how well married colors?

You have decided to go on the black and white for your salle design bathroom, in the idea of creating a timeless and sophisticated relaxation area. Be aware that the white and black do not have the same pace based on selected materials. In both cases, we have of course the painting that celebrates the black and the white, that especially for the bathroom wall covering will be used. Then, on the ground, the legacy can change: tile, painted floor and vinyl will not give the same color to black and white. You must choose a strong and intense black and bright white which will not tarnish over time. So be sure to choose the right materials. Side bathroom furniture, shower and bath, to highlight the white Corian® has all good. For a perfect harmony of black and white, we think of the mosaic which will perfectly combine these two shades, on the ground and on the walls of the bathroom black and white. Focus on our most beautiful inspirations in black and white, of course!