Bison Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Skin buffalo has found wide application in modern fashion industry. Are produced from various models of shoes, clothes and accessories. But the most widely known are stylish leather jackets leather bison.

Features on the Material

Buffalo skin much prized designers and buyers for its high consumer qualities. First, buffalo – one of the largest animals in cattle, which means that it can obtain the large size of leather. Indeed, any skin can reach sizes 2-3 meters, which allows thereof patterns of different length and configuration. Secondly, this skin is very thick and dense, making it almost different disabilities. Third, it is resistant jackets made of such fur to serve their masters than one year and not one decade. And finally, despite greater thickness and space which can be felt to the touch, the skin buffalo has an elegant appearance and noble glitter jackets leather bison seem expensive and rich. Moreover, it should be remembered that the models made of this material are quite cheap compared to other forms of skin that allows each girl to buy this beautiful and elegant object of the closet.

Models of Leather Jackets

Most often can meet jackets-pilot from the skin of bison. They are named by analogy with the MA-1 jacket American pilots 50s. Since then, this model has gone through some changes and went from the category of purely male things unisex, garnished with wardrobes shopping site. Usually this is short jacket from the skin of a buffalo in form reminiscent of the bomber, with mehovыmi otrochkami sleeves, leather same collar. Collar has a larger area and beautiful lies on their shoulders. Furthermore, it is most often performed by leather white or light in color, while both jackets are black, brown, dark gray, which is still broadcast this model among other leather jackets. Sometimes these jackets ukrashayutsya stripes, reminiscent of army or are performed in non-traditional colors such as red skin.

Jackets pilots look good with jeans, pants-skin and leggings, as well as massive platform shoes or current.
If the same model pilot is not your taste, you can choose another type jacket skin, in any case it would be a good buy that will serve not one season and will be well sogrevaty on cold days.