Birkenstock Sandals Trend

Why actually only at home with comfortable shoes running around? The question Heidi Klum already years ago turned and collection brought out so their own Birkenstock sandals and missed a new, stylish touch to the Birkenstock brand. She has Birkenstock trend technically pretty “revamped”. Other celebrities such as Tom Cruise or Madonna wear Birkenstock.

But the Birkenstock-look hot or not?

Birkenstock sandal: Healthy shoe and at the same time cool

Long it took until the “Gesundheitslatsche” could claim. Of course, we are on cool design, brilliant pebbles, great, trendy colors and fashionable buckles or straps. Long time not more about is to wear trendy shoes. We want it convenient and relaxing.

The legendary Sandals feature a high-quality footbed that is ergonomic and flexible. These shoes are really for comfort and cosiness. And behold, we can have it both ways: beautiful design and wellness for the feet – is better but not.

Way with the constraints with the trendy Birkenstock sandal

.. And purely at the pleasure of the shoe! The Birkenstock-style is not for everyone. So slowly but surely but more and more the trend Sandals ladies dare approach. There are them with modern colors and beautiful applications. Basically there are now the right shoe for every taste. But be careful, that is health sandal in the Office out of place. Combining them according to your great casual outfits in plus size.

Today as ever – fashionable customized

What was previously inconceivable, now has occurred: Birkenstock or the variant form of it looks pretty chic.

Recently, I couldn’t get my eyes by this designer sandal. Attracted, felt good and bought. Summer shoe is indeed not a Birkenstock, but with the wide strap and Golden buckle sandal reminds me of the Birkenstock sandal, only in different, stylish form.

The fine leather, the Bordeaux color, the wide belt with Golden buckle have addressed literally me: totally cool and trendy, but also super convenient.

And so the decision was clear: take, even though I had to nibble something at a price (in spite of sale). Paid I have about €120 and that – if you think too much – just for a pair of sandals – designer sandals. Well, sometimes such purchases are just right…

Now I’m waiting however eagerly that the summer can be properly look and I can wear this comfortable treads in the Birkenstock-look to my Maxikleidern, skirts or casual jeans.

With the trend sandal we put signs and set up our own “relaxed” rules. I find it fascinating and lovable the trend.

So you kombinirst the Birkenstock trend. Images and inspiration to look at.

What do you think the trend of Birkenstock or health Sandals – hot or not?